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Think bicycle riding safer than driving w/ epilepsy? Think again.

Hi,  I thought I'd tell you about my experience way back in 1984, before the population boom!  I was too afraid to drive because of my epilepsy...even though I was seizure free.  I thought bicycle riding was much safer; just in case.  I rode my it everywhere for almost 10 years!  One day, I was only three blocks from my home and got hit by a pick-up truck.  This was not a seizure related accident.  The driver took full blame for it and admitted he "didn't see me."

Even though I wore a helmet, my face went through the windshield and my legs hit the front of the car.  I was in critical condition with a severe concussion and a shattered right femur.  I was in Neurology for 10 days, before I was transferred to Orthopedics.  By then, I needed a bone graft and a steel plate put into my leg immediately or an amputation. It took a long time to learn to walk again, but I thought I had recovered.  Wrong! 

A few years later, I lost my auras and my seizures became refractory.  Now I'm seeing one of the best epileptologists on my side of the continent.   We've tried every AED out, but none have worked. We've discussed other options, surgery etc.  They each have their pros and cons. 

I wish I had taken the bus, since I was too afraid to drive. Anyone else drive a bike because they feel its more safe than driving?  I'd love to hear your comments.

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