Talking during Seizures?

Hello, I have had seizures since I was 12 yrs old, diag. at 13 with epilepsy and now I am 23 and not much has changed. I have most of my seizures righht as I'm falling asleep. But while I'm having my seizure I'll talk nonscence, one time I talked like donald duck, but I dont respond to people talking to me during it. I never remember it. Does anyone else do this? Thanks, Nikki


RE: Talking during Seizures?

Nikki,With what you've described it seams like you may be having those that are called, "Auras", which by the way actually are "Simple Partial Seizures".I've had this type of seizures now for 18 years and now, just recently, wonder if they have something to do with being ‘Abdominal Epilepsy'.Don't worry, you are no way just one of a few people who have this problem. There are millions of people with epilepsy, who have this problem.Take a visit to a primary doctor, explain what you're doing and feeling, which may just give you the chance of being refered to a neurologist, for further testing.Good Luck.Bruce J