The treat of sudep is real, but please know that it is only 10 percent chance, mostly people that have it really bad and uncontrolled. Don't be afraid, being afraid just creates anxiety.


So you have been diagnosed with epilepsy and you read something regarding SUDEP. The percentage of people is low.

Did you read all the side effects to your medication? Side effects generally run in the 5-8% range, What about the other 92-95 % do they stop using the medication?

Did you understand everything you read?

SUDEP is real and I understand that it does effect some people. Do I want to stop everything I am doing in my life because I might have it or do I want to keep living my life like other people.

Did you look up car accidents since those to cause deaths? What about swimming pools with water in them. If you fall you might dround.

Are you going to stop crossing the streets? Hey you could get hit by a car, truck or a bus.

In other words there are no garuntees to anything in this world and if we stopped doing things just because there is a chance we might die then we have stopped living our lives to their fullest.

I hope this helped