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subconscious pseudo seizures

For almost 35 years my mom has been diagnosed with epilepsy, atypical petit mal seizures. When she goes into a spell it begins when she wakes up and either gets worse throughout the day or stays mild. Her presentation during the spell is inability to talk, follow simple commands, function. Often just laying on the couch doing nothing and blank stare. She will get one arm rigid and malformed. When they are mild she will answer questions always with "yes" and be able to walk around. You may tell her to go change her clothes, she will walk towaeds her room, but go to the kitchen and come back. These spells last anywhere from 12-36 hours, often followed by about 24 hours of being in bed with vomiting. The vomiting is so sever she has had 3 esophageal bleeds in the past 2 years. They are coming more frequent and getting more sever in nature.  she was on dilantin for years, then on depakote. Depakote caused too many side effects, so she was most recently on tegretol and keppra. her motor skills are now almost gone and her memory is horrible. She has been following with Mayo clinic. Recently they decided to see her ina spell and do anEEG. EEG in the spell showed the same as when she is not in a spell. They are now weaning her off of all her meds and diagnosing it as subconscious not epilepsy. 

I dont know where to go what to do or how to help her. I want my mom back. Please someone provide guidance. thank you

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