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some of my story and a few questions

Hello everyone! I found out about my epilepsy(Juvenile Absence Epilepsy)about 2 years ago right before my 18th birthday. Throughout these two years I've had like 8 or 9 grand mal seizures and I've had a bunch of absence seizures(the little eye flutter things that are super duper annoying) the mg of my medicine(lamictal xr) has kept going up and now its at 350mg. My first question is, have any of you guys noticed any significant side effects with lamictal xr? Like with your memory. My next question is, how the heck do you deal with this? I know mines not super crazy bad but it still sucks; I'm a 2nd year college student and I see all of my friends doing the stuff I can't do and it depresses the crap outta me, and I can't go on trips with my friends because my mom gets super worried that I will have a seizure and get badly injured(which I can understand). So there's pretty much my story and those are my questions, can anyone help me out.

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