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sleepwalking and epilepsy..

i've had plenty of twitching and jerking in the past week or so, and they seem to be followed by lots and lots of tingling..i just have even more stuff for my journey to a diagnosis. this is my question about sleepwalking..i've done this before in my life, most of it was in my childhood. but this morning, my mom told me that she heard some1 open the front door and close it twice at about 5 this morning. neither her obviously nor my brothers did it. my 19 year old bro was awake but he never went outside. my other 2 brothers were still asleep and my mom saw them laying around in bed in their rooms when she heard this. we're thinking it was me..but i don't remember it. at all. i've not felt that great 2day and i am developing another headache now. is there any connection at all with seizures and sleep walking..? regardless of official or unofficial. i figure this is probably not a bad question to ask..thankx.


You may not have been sleep walking. You may have had a seizure and you started to walk around. That happens. Maybe you were going to the bathroom and then you had a seizure and it started. Unless you have grand mals not complex partials?

i suppose having had a sz. wouldn't have surprised me, because i didn't feel too great for the first half the day and i was doing a lot of tingling all day..

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