sleeping side effect

Hello everyone. I have a problem with sleeping most of the day. For example, I will fall asleep at maybe 2 or 3am, and wake up at 8am, and then fall back asleep at 9am, and wake up at 4pm. I have tried resetting my schedule by staying awake all night and all day, but I end up returning to my previous schedule of sleeping all the time. I take two medicines that both have side effects of lethargy/drowsiness: zonegran for epilepsy and cymbalta for depression (another side effect of zonegran). I have been trying to find a stimulant that works for me, but I don't enjoy carbonation, so I don't drink soda or energy drinks. I also don't like coffee. I drink chai a lot, but I can easily fall asleep even after drinking one of these. I do have caffeine pills but it doesn't give me a real boost. Does anyone have a solution? I just wish there was something I could eat or drink that could wake me up, give me real energy, let me take advantage of the daylight hours. I feel so unproductive when I sleep through the whole day!