Simple partial seizures affecting senses plus hallucinations?

About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Simple partial seizures based on what the neurologist thought was an abnormal EEG.  Well, I was not satisfied with her treatment and decided to go to a prestigious epileptologist that might know more about some of my "odd" symptoms.  He looked at my past test results and said that none of them definitively show proof of epileptic seizures.  So, what do I have?  Keep in mind that I have bipolar disorder, but some of the "odd" symptoms don't fit the bill.  My psychiatrist believed some of my "odd" symptoms were seizure related.  The epileptologist wanted me to have a 2-7 day in-hospital EEG where I would have to greatly reduce some of my bipolar medications. Well, my husband was so scared he pretty much demanded I not have the in-hospital EEG.  It's a shame because I was willing and my psychiatrist was encouraging me despite the risks to my mental health.

Some of my "odd" symptoms include visual and auditory hallucinations (sometimes at the same time).  Some of them are quite realistic but the conversation is sometimes very unlikely. Often, I hear things but am temporarily blind until it passes, and yet I seem to know where to walk (as if I'm not blind).  I also sometimes have out of body experiences, which I've read are sometimes seizure-related.  I have felt my eyes rise up higher than usually possible.  I've seen the inside of my skin all bright red from behind my eye lids and cheeks.  I've heard real-like noises that caused me to create traffic jams (with a passenger telling me he didn't hear the loud noise).  When I'm a little bit elevated in mood I lose control of my speech and repeat words rapid fire over and over again.  For a period of 4 or so months I heard music of strange origin that wasn't there.

My psychiatrist will not stop my former seizure medications because they are also helpful bipolar medications, but obviously whatever is happening to me is not completely going away.  Hubby tells me to ignore them unless they grow in frequency (or I guess, I get in some trouble/harm). THEN maybe I should have the 2-7 day in-hospital EEG.

I wish I just knew what the cause of all of this is.  I know they aren't bipolar hallucinations because they happen when I'm stable.  My psychiatrist hasn't come up with any speculation on other psychiatric causes.  He's convinced they're seizure-related.  I'm either going to have to live my life with this bologny happening occasionally or wait until it all gets worse.