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Should I really trust my doctor?

Hey everyone,

I know your supposed to trust the doctors that you get, but sometimes I feel like he isn't listening to me. My first seizure was 4 days after my 20th birthday. He put me on Keppra and just kept upping the dose until he wasn't able to up the dose anymore because it's now at the max dose that anyone can take.

The medicine seems to work in spurts of months, longest I have ever been able to go is 5 months, and then I have another grand mal seizure followed by many petite mal seizures over the next couple months or so. In January I had another grand mal seizure while visiting my mom at the hospital in the middle of the night which wouldn't stop so the doctors decided to put me on the vent to try to calm my brain down. I haven't had another seizure since then. Well, one that I recognize anyways since I just found out that muscle jerks and staring spells are also seizures, which I didn't know until yesterday.

Anyways, I just went to my neurologist and he is just now deciding to put me on a new medication, Carbatrol, and taking me completely off the Keppra within the next month. I just feel like he didn't listen to me or even care about me up until he found out what happened in January. So should I really trust him, or should I find a new doctor?

Some insight would really help me,

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