seizures during sleep! help :(

im writing this in hopes that someone else has similar seizures and can offer some advice!  im 24 and about 6 years ago i took ecstacy for the first time(i know its bad but i was young and stupid) i took it twice qnd the second time i took it, i went to sleep and woke up with my friends freaking out telling me i had a seizure. after that, i started having them every couple months but only in my sleep. i went to a neurologist and he put me on lamictal and said they were partial complex seizures. i went a year without having one and then had a very bad one in my sleep and had to go to the ER. i start out having the seizure in my sleep and then actually get up and "sleep walk" and stumble around the house with no idea what im doing! i finally come out of it and feel very confused. its been 2 years since i had one and a couple weeks ago i had one. i just dont understand because i had lots of sleep and wasnt stressed about anything and hadnt taken any kind of drug so i was wondering if anyone has had this hppen to them? its very scary and drs tell me they dont think the ecstasy caused these to happen but i know it did!