Seizures and yawning, stretching

I've noticed a coorelation between stretching and yawning with my seizures.  In particular, I do these compulsive strings of half yawns (meaning, they're full yawns, but for the most part I'm not sucking in air, just stretching my mouth or some such) and these extended stretches.  I'm not sure if they're part of my "episodes," an aura to them, or part of the post-ictal, but I've definitely noticed they're there.

Does anyone else have/do something similar? I'd love to hear. :-)



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the quick answer is that they are associated with the seizure.  the post ictal things is whether is is before, during or after.  my guess is that you are having a seizure.  i have a similar problem.  i am not one for the idea of auras.  they are seizures.  they don't follow the full path, but are seizures just the same.  doc use the word aura so it can identify the start of the seizure and possibility the source of the seizure.  keep a journal and see the doc.  that is an opinion.  i do follow my own advice. i see the doc neuro twice a year as a routine.  i also see my primary doc twice for check ups.  hope this helps.  rikk

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Auras, yes, my neuro classifies them as seizures.  But not yawning.    Which I get, and have had FOR HOURS  today.  No,  that's  me trying to pump more oxygen into my  blood stream.   That's obvious.   But why?  Wish I knew.

And isn't it slightly amazing that science put us on the moon 40 years ago but can't tell us why some of us  are serial yawners.

God bless




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I yawn and yawn and yawn after I have seizures. all day maybe longer. it seems like it is just so hard to catch your breathe. I have seizures in my sleep so only notice the yawns after. weird huh?

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I am also on the hunt for answers as to what is happening to me. I am reacting to food, after eating or now breathing in a offending food, about 10 minutes later the reaction will start. It start with excessive yawning, my eyes will swell, after a while it starts to affect my brain. this come on in waves for up to 6 to 24 hours depending I guess on the food going thru my body. waves of yawning and waves of my brain not working right. I am aware when my brain is affected, on what is going on but I just can't funtion. I also have to go to bed, my body is too weak. I get so very cold and will use a heating pad to warm my body. Feels like cold adrenalin flowing thought my lower body. I am now 49 and around 42 I could tell that there was something going wrong, I was getting tired more and sometimes not functioning well at work. The family doctor didn't take me seriously and I got sicker. Around 44 found out there was a parathyroid tumor and at 45 it came out. I felt better but still something was wrong. So here I am now affected by so much food, I am down to about 12 food and food groups that won't affect me. I am dealing with a immunolgist who thinks I may be suffering from a possible seizure. The neuroligist doesn't believe that this is a seizure problem but is willing to at least let me have a EEG so hopefully I can capture what is happen. I haven't noticed if I need to stretch just that I just need to get warm. Thanks for listening. Cindy

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Hi rikk,or anyone,  I read the post made on "seizures yawning and strething",  post.  And am pretty interested in talking to someone about these "spells" I am having.  I noticed them after having had a severe bout with thyroiditits.  Using both meds and diet, I am doing pretty well now, it took almost 3 years!  What I am noticing more and more is that I have these spells with extreme wave of exhaustion come over me, I cant stop yawning, it seems very urgent that I go to bed immediately, like I have no choice.  Luckily I have mostly been close to home.  My husband can see on my face...little to no animation, I just say I HAVE to lay down.  The most important thing is that, I feel sooooooo good when I awake, it can be a half hour, or 2 hours.  Oh yeah, and I get very very cold.  Only thing I can say is that I am glad it is over, as it slows me down.  I had a sleep study done and it showed no sleep disorder, I sleep a full 7-8 hrs a night.  It can happen any time, first thing in morning, afternoon, evening.........I just kinda wondered if that could be a seizure and what's the first thing to do? Tell my dr?  I never told her, because I thought it was my illness doing that, but as time goes on, I feel soooo good otherwise, I am having to wonder.  Thanks,


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my seizures ALWAYS happen in the morning.ive noticed that i do alot of stretching for some reason.its nice knowing others experience tha same thing i do

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I notice I yawn a lot after a seizure but one weird thing I have noticed is that if I have a really really big yawn that I'm kind of not expecting it makes me black out for a few seconds. I think thats prob a seizure, just not the traditional, I usually don't mention stuff like that to my neuro because I notice every time I mention having more seizures or weird symptoms he ups my dosage...

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I am new to the forum and haven't been diagnosed yet.  I was searching the internet to see what my symptoms could be indicating.  It sounds like you all might be able to help me.  For the last couple of years, I have had times (after working at the computer or driving for a long time) when I felt "compelled" to stretch my arms over my head and arch my back and head backwards.  Sometimes, I yawn and sometimes I don't.  I can "hear" the blood pulsing in my head/neck.  Then my eyes close and my body starts to move.  I am aware of my arms moving and my body moving back and forth in the chair.  I can hear what's going on around me, but I can't say more than "I'm ok" or "Ok".  It only lasts a matter of seconds, usually.  One time, I fell backwards in my computer chair.  One time, it happened when I was standing up and I blacked out, falling backwards and hitting my head on the tile floor.  Yesterday, it happened when I was sitting in class, talking to one of my students.  After class, I felt a bit nauseated and "weepy".  Does this fit with what any of you have experienced?

I thought the stretching was causing my spaciness and body movement, but now I am wondering if the stretching is actually part of a seizure.

My doctor sent me for an MRI but it was normal.  I had a CT after I fell and hit my head, and it was normal.  I thought it might be the arteries in the back of my neck/head.  The neuro didn't do any other tests, but said my B12 (200) was way below normal, so now I get B-12 shots once a month.  Nobody ever mentioned the possibility of epilepsy. I'm 51.

Any replies will be most appreciated!

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 For the last couple of years, I have had times (after working at the computer or driving for a long time) when I felt "compelled" to stretch my arms over my head and arch my back and head backwards.  Sometimes, I yawn and sometimes I don't.  I can "hear" the blood pulsing in my head/neck.  Then my eyes close and my body starts to move.  I am aware of my arms moving and my body moving back and forth in the chair.

YES! You've described it exactly. Oddly enough, especially when my arms are tense and out, I look like I'm in a state of exaltation, lol.  It doesn't help that the stretch feels really good...  What the heck IS this?  I don't always get the moving part at the end, but occasionally I will (usually accompanied by tunnel vision, my eyes don't close).  I suspect that it has something to do with low blood pressure (as in, POTS) since it most often occurs when I haven't moved much and suddenly do.  Experiment to see if it's the same for you?

BTW, in my case, epilepsy has been ruled out. I've actually been diagnosed with narcolepsy.  Maybe that helps?  POTS is associated with narcolepsy in a lot of cases, but same as with a lot of things, no one is quite sure why.  Sorry for the jumpiness of my response, it's nap time :-)

Look forward to your response!

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Both of you described just what I experience. No diagnosis of anything, nor testing of anything thus far. I like to stretch a lot. Sometimes after sitting at my desk all day, I stretch backward (because it simply feels good like other stretches), arching my back and reaching backward (sort of like the bullet-dodging scene in the Matrix).


Then sometimes, I experience what I can only imagine is a little seizure - I seem to be moving for a few seconds, shaking or wobbling or something, but only a little aware/in control of myself. I know it is/about to happen, and I usually try to brace myself carefully - the first time it ever happened, I think I was falling down but it wasn't controlled, and I banged my nose on my desk and made it bleed (but not break).


I have shaken down out of my chair to the floor, or found myself a yard back from where I started near my desk. It only lasts a few seconds, I think.


I'm not scared of it or worried, but I'd really love to understand better what is going on. Definitely relates to my stretching backward really far, but usually nothing happens. I'm in my late twenties.


Found very little on this from search engines for backward stretching seizures etc, so it was cool to see each of your posts (:

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WOW, I am so glad i finally checked this out on line. I too have the stretch and seizure. Usually no seizure, just  an extreme euphoric head rush after stretching. Along with it i have tunnel vision, think my lips get numb, unexplainable sense of touch and have to be real careful not to fall down. Usually lean on a desk or wall. i would feel like i was frozen in time. 

Always had the stretch and head rush. As a  young teenager, maybe younger, the seizures started. They seemed to become more intense as time went on. I was also aware even super aware , minus sight somtimes, thoughout the episodes. Unsure if my eyes stayed open but durring the strong ones everything turned white. I would want to try to stop shaking but couldn't.

Now, i stretched real big on purpose cause all that i am explaining felt so good but after you do the strech you don't know how intense it was going to get and when i was on the floor shaking, then im thinking oh no, this cant be good.  Durring a big one at 19 or 20 yrs old, home alone, i had fallen again. This time i was next to a wall and was cracking my head against it.  didn't hurt myself but told myself i would never do this on purpose again. Im 33 now and do not stretch real big anymore. still have major head rushes once in a great while after a modest stretch but never another seizure.  It is strange that the extreme want to stretch as big as i can just to feel this phenomenon has never gone away. Also, besides blank white, a few times i instead saw shapes and numbers. like thousands of equations.

Have always been afraid to tell a doctor.  Never had any other health issues.

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I've watched our girl who has epilepsy, yawn and stretch and then in the midst of it doing either, have a seizure, I wonder if there is a connection too, very interesting. 

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I just started about two months ago having episodes of yawning, stretching and then al my back muscles tightening.  I get the shivers and am cold.  And my breathing gets real shallow because my muscles are so tight.  My legs get shakey.

 I'm not sure what a seizure really is but I ruled out the medcine I was given at the time it started.

Any advice from you can give me would be great.

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Hello all you yawners/stretchers out there...

I HAD to respond to this before Keppra time....

I have been diagnosed with epileptic complex partial seizures in the frontal lobe (So I guess, in smaller words, I'm a frontal lobe epileptic) I experience simple partial seizures (auras) as well although these never showed up on the EEG.

The reason I wanted to respond is because I know exactly what you guys are talking about. I will have these days (even if I got enough sleep the night before) I will be absolutely exhausted. On these days, my back is tense ALL DAY and it feels like I need to stretch really bad. Sometimes it gets worse through my arms and legs, and if it gets as bad to where I start the yawning--oh yes, the yawning--I can be yawning every ten seconds for hours, and the thing with the yawning is I don't yawn all the way, I just take that big gasp of air, and then my whole body tenses up, and my arms fly up and shake. Sometimes I yawn all the way, sometimes I don't. It gets exhausting. On some occasions, when the yawning was so bad, I started to have jerking motions in my back and arms, and by the time my husband got me in the car to take me to the hospital my feet were kicking. I had just been to the hospital the day before for a sudden five hour long series of laughing (for no reason) They didn't run any tests, they simply told me I was stressed.

Needless to say, when I went to the hospital the next day for all this yawning, kicking business, they were all looking at me like I was faking, crazy, and I was placed in a wheelchair because I couldn't even walk. They labeled it, once again as stress, and sent me home. Once again, no tests. The yawning persisted for several days. On some occasions I would yawn and end up on the floor because it was so powerful. No doctor would ever help me. So I have just grown to get used to it.

Even with this new diagnosis, I talk to my neurologist, and he does not really give me a chance to explain it. I have a lot of weird "quirks" that I feel should be looked at, and we are talking about VEEGs because of it. That is what I was going to suggest you ask your neuro. I think that if I have a VEEG, I may do some of these odd things, and may be able to get better treatment. Right now, my neurologist has been very helpful and is doing everything he can to help me. Hopefully you guys have a neurologist who is the same and lets you ask a million questions. His big thing is that he can't tell me whether or not it is a seizure because he does not have evidence of these odd behaviors on the EEG as "seizure activity."

So he advised me to log it all, and write it all down as "spells." Since I was asleep during the EEG, they are not sure what I'm doing during my CP seizures while awake.


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Good Afternoon,

I'm brand new to this site and I have just been diagnosed with a seizure disorder. I have had two major seizures 3 years apart and now an EEG that was abnormal. What struck me about your comments were the need to stretch. During my last major incident my husband reports that I wanted to stretch my legs and I wanted to walk around, but I wasn't allowed to because I was so unsteady. I have always thought that I had restless leg syndrome for years and it has made sleeping very uncomfortable. Now I have to wonder if that isn't a precurser to a seizure and that maybe I have been having them at night for years....this is all so very strange. I have no memories of my activities and the episodes last a long time....the last one was over 4 hours long and I don't remember any of's pretty scary to not remember a thing......does anyone else have experiences with long lasting seizures or memory losses?



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This is a very interesting post - I had to bump this old topic.  I have not been diagnosed with epilepsy, I have an appointment coming up soon to see the doctor.  I am fairly convinced I am having partial seizures, however.  I have had these "spells" of varying strengths for probably 10 years - previously misdiagnosed as "Ice Pick Headaches". I am not sure if it is a form of Epilepsy that is causing it, or perhaps undiagnosed Diabetes.

Anyways, one of the things I find I do sometimes is strings of yawning an stretching followed by what I believe to be a partial seizure.  For example, I will be sitting on the couch working with my laptop on my lap, and I will put the laptop to the side, stand up, stretch and yawn, sit back down and then have a partial seizure.  I don't know if it is fully a complex seizure, because I do not lose consciousness, yet I do have automatisms and sensory impairment.  After the "fuzziness" is gone I will then grab the laptop again and shortly after without even thinking about it stand up, stretch, sit down and partial seizure again.  It's like without even thinking about it my aura is making me stand up and stretch. Sometimes I've done this 5 times in a row within an hour and a half or less.  It doesn't happen all the time though.

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Yawning, yes when I started doing this more than normal I investigated Buteyko method only to learn alot.  It seems we do so when the system is in need of more oxygen, which has been lost by overbreathing or the wrong type at the time. 

But by giving in to the yawning we cause the lose of too much CO2 which is what the system needs to bring oxygen to cellular level.  Overbreathing, also called hyperventilation can be a trigger of a seizure.

Buteyko method is a very interesting source to learn much.  Give it a try.