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Seizures and one-sided weakness

Out of idle curiosity, has anyone had this?  I'll notice some mornings that my right side will be weak when I wake up.  Not profoundly so, but enough to get my attention and make walking a bit interesting.

While not formally dx'd yet, I'm pretty sure I've been having nocturnal seizures (simple partials) since April of last year.  However, my seizures changed about 2 months ago to include what I think are complex partials and that's when the right-sided weakness started.  I'm concerned about having seizures in my sleep that I don't remember and wondering if the right-sided weakness could be related.

I have an appt with an Epi in 2 weeks, but was hoping to gather a bit of info prior to that regarding this.  I know you guys aren't docs, but any advice or experience in this dept would be greatly appreciated.



first yes it has happened, and happens to me.  usually connected with nocturnal seizure activity.  keep a record of the days that it happens, also make note of the condition of your bed.  no seizure, i pull the corner back up.  seizures it is a tornado.  the numbness is usually worse in the leg, but is still present in the arm and maybe the face, trouble speaking?  most people can only remember about half of the seizures they have.  this is particularly true with people with multiple types of seizures.

see if you can find a coorelation between activity level, fatigue to the nocturnal seizure activity.  keep a daily journal of all activity at least for a while, it will allow a better idea of the effort level daily.  include what you eat and how much.  some foods can have effects on seizures, and seizure medications.  hope it helps.  rikk

So glad to hear I'm not the only one.  Well, not glad you go through this too.  You know what I mean. 

I've started keeping track of this info.  Every little thing.  Feel like I'm micromanaging my life, but it's a necessary evil, I guess.  Hopefully, there'll be enough info accumulated by the 15th to help the Epi make a dx. 

Occasionally will have trouble speaking, more often will have right-sided weakness with or without the 'stupids'.  On 'stupid' days, will have difficulty doing even the simplest tasks for a few hours after waking.  It gets better as the day goes on, but the weakness can sometimes last for a day or two. 


     i thought i was going nuts when it first started a happening.  others having the same thing made me feel better as well.  once you get the base data down, as far as the variables, the amount of documemtation lessons.  then it is just changes.  maintaining a daily log, for me has been a good thing.  it reminds me when i forget things.  it also help, with the daily acceptance of the seizures.  it was a very effective tool when disability was the necessary option.  daily log, makes a complete record.

anytime you have difficulty, do the  shout out.  "3hours" has a great list of reference information.   our personal experiences are similar.  hope it helps.  rikk

Yes I sometimes wake up with a right side weakness, and in association with several other symtoms (headache, sore toungem dried foam around mouth) it's the aftermath of a nocturnal TC. It's always my right side so i know ithat somehow the left side of my brain is affected. If I hjave a TC when i'm standingh i always fall to the right.

I hate the weakness thing, I have problems walking, my right leg tends to shuffle. it usually last's most of the day but sometimes has gone on for 2-3 days depending on how bad the sz was. Occassionally it's landed me in hospital because I just can't stand up and because i live on my own it's too dangerous. I've been assess for stroke so often.... it's call Todds paralysis/palsy which is a known aftermath of TCs for some people, ranging from the mild weakness through to full blown paralysis but it does settle. It's pretty scarey when you don't know what it is though.

mine is numbness,weakness and heat sensation more like burning in right leg

BUT mine listed above is 24/7 seriously it really is for 16 yrs (it started at the age of 15 yes)

my nerves make me feel really ill the thought of going out by myself (10 yrs ago i had a
fit took 6 hrs in hospital to remember my name) if i take nerve herbal
relax tabs i have a petite seziure,

it seems every comment i have read is only morning sensation or occasional couple of days,

mine is my life it never goes away

please help if you have ways to stop this to lesson it, or if you get it 24/7

i feel odd about this and i'm healthy no depression etc



An old rule of thumb has it that the right side of the brain dominates the left side of the body
and vice-versa; plus, right-handed people "think" with their left half of the brain, and vice-
versa. I'm half-way ambidextrous, so the rule ain't ironclad at all.

Many neurological problems focused in one half of the brain will cause problems on the opposite
side of the body (from twitches, jerks, numbness, weakness, pain, etc.), as a general rule.

My partial seizures, and at times intense migraines, would give me the sensation that my body on
the left side was real numb, to real weak; occasionally the sensation would hit that the left side
of my body had disappeared; vision in my right eye usually suffered the most from migraines though.
The right side of my body was relatively immune to these things until I started to have frequent
tonic-clonic seizures.

During a frontal subdural hematoma (that I tried waiting out, thinking it was an extra long and bad
migraine till a second tonic-clonic hit), I had to "drag" the weak left side of me along to stumble
around (with my right vision having frequent "white-outs"); I started to "lose" the right-half
of my body too, shortly after the second tonic-clonic and then I called emergency (they said I had 3
hours to live, and I had six holes drilled in my head to let the pressured blood-pools out). After
the operation, now my right side is continually weaker than my left side, while my left side still
fluctuates from normal to numb to weak with my migraines and partial seizures.

It is important to keep the effects and after-effects of seizures separate; the "effects" of a
seizure are usually minutes at most, while the after-effects can be hours to days. During one
seizure, which made me briefly feel "numb", my left arm and back tensed up so strong that I was
weak and sore in that arm and my back for days afterward.

Wow!  You've had quite the ride!  Scary stuff.  Glad you made it past the 3 hours tho.  Now I understand your screen name.

I don't get numbness.  Just weakness and sometimes pain, along with fatigue and the 'all-over stupids'.  Wondering now if the reason my right leg hurts so much some mornings is because I've been tensing it during seizures at night.  Also have a history of migraines, although they haven't bothered me much in the past few years.  Just plain ol' migraines tho - no auras or anything interesting with them.  Since seizures can change, wondering if migraines can do that as well. 

I have a very small gliosis in my left lentiform nucleus, revealed through an MRI.  The radiologist said it was most likely non-symptomatic and both the neuro and the neurosurgeon who've taken a look have confirmed that.  However, the MRI was done before I started the seizures.  Would love to get another MRI done to see if it's changed any, since the majority of my neuro symptoms are manifesting on the right side.

Thanks for your input... again!  I don't feel quite so alone in this now. :)

Hi there , yes i have it , i have had it since i had brain surgery done 11yrs ago normally it is my leftside that weakens and can take upto a week to come back to normallity but it has happened that i have palsyed head to toe a few times . I am getting used to the rightside of my face being twisted it used to straighten by the time the day was gone but now if it is ok i can be doin something and it will just twist away .

Todds palsy is a pain but i must admit you get used to it the only thing is there is more than just a sore head etc  to contend with after every seizure and till i spoke on here i used to think i was the only one because the doctors never had me realising how many people had this aswell .


I am still recovering from right sided weakness after my last partial complex seizure.  My right arm has improved to about 80% in the last 11 days, but my right leg hasn't improved yet.  I'm doing some physical therapy to help improve my right leg.

Have any of you had one-sided weakness that lasted for awhile or even permanently?  I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, and I'm not sure of what to expect.

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