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seizures and nausea

Is it unusual to feel very nauseous preceding or following a seizure?

I had another bout of extremely bad nausea last night and I'm starting to wonder if these are related to seizures. The nausea subsides quickly after a few rounds of vomiting.
...tmi, I'm sure. Sorry.

Then again, I started my Keppra again last night and wonder if the nausea might be related to that.


Hi, I have sometimes had nausea after a seizure when I am feeling a bit confused or disoriented. Also, I am reducing my Keppra as it did make me feel nauseous at times along with anxiousness, and other things. Obviously, it did not work to well for me but we all do react differently and I wish you well. I do believe though that the web site does list nausea as a possible side effect and it did lessen after a time. Best of luck Rita~

Hey there, how've you been otherwise?
My simple and complex partials both make me nauseous. As a matter of fact, earlier today I got ill in front of about 60-70 onlookers at the Downtown Orlando bus station. All I kept thinking to myself as it began, was that it was probably on my list of the top 5 places that I DIDN'T want to have a sz. Hey, at least the Orlando Police Officer just thought I'd been drinking in the heat, I can hear him telling his buddies later at the pub..."seizure, HECK, I just figured she was drunk"...LOL.
PS...T/C's always send me running (crawling-usually happens before I get my muscles working) into the bathroom afterwords, it never fails, but I rarely remember.


I can't say that I feel nausea after a seizure and I don't ever seem to vomit or anything to that effect. It is when I feel an aura happening, I get wicked dry-heaves. My stomach feels terrible and I feel like I want to vomit and nothing is there and I almost gag, but again there is nothing I am gagging on. Sometimes I think it
might be better vomiting and getting it over. I haven't experienced the vomiting after a seizure though.

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