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Seizures and Bladder Control


 Once again I return to due to a new addition to my seizures. 

As you have surmised from the subject line, bladder control has occurred during two nighttime seizures this year. 

I assume both seizures are complex partial seizures (my signiture seizure); however, recent reading on this subject has led me to believe these seizures are tonic-clonic seizures. 

If you are having the same problem, or have more information on bladder control - how to control a bladder (if possible), type of seizures typical with bladder control and any addditional information on this subject, I would appreciate your input. 

At this point, any information willl be great help.

Best regards,



I do not know if this will help. I know there are meds for bladder control, but this may be an alternitive. Check out this site .

I will take a look. Thanks!

the last bad seizure I had, I still dont know what kind it was exactly.

first I got this bad arse feeling like I was going to die, then my heart started racing to speeds upwards of 300 beats per minute, so I called 911 b/c I thought I was dying of something....I couldnl't stand up because I lost muscle tone, sort of slipped to the floor, then I felt like I was peeing my pants, and then I watched in horror as my left arm and leg began convulsing. Then I just lay there with my heart racing and racing, limp and unable to move. 

Turns out I didn't pee my pants even though I felt like I did.

i thought it was freaky, maybe the bladder is involved in this whole thing after all?



For probably 15+ years now the first thing that comes into my head when i get a simple partial, complex partial seizure that goes on a bit long is to go to the toilet to empty my bladder. This is probably due to me wetting my pants in school back when i was 15 and psychologically has stayed with me ever since then even though never happened again even though i have had a tonic clonic in the toilet which isnt the best place to go when you feel a seizure coming on to put yourself into a confined area where it is also difficult for people to get to you to help.

Even after temperol lobe surgery and greatly reduced seizures now i still continously empty my bladder for even small simple seizures if i feel there is anything there - habit at this stage now i suppose.

Not much advise there just my own experiences.

Hi Cass30,

Bladder concerns and sensations during some partial seizures before secondarily generalized tonic-clonic seizures resulted in many of my injuries while being in a bathroom, with 911 first responders providing extrication. During interrupted sleep, heading for the bathroom was next to an automatic dangerous response, but then, when I would seek a safe position on an open surface area, day or night, when much of a seizure warning came while I would be fully awake, the surrounding social response was (still is with some partials) often more hazardous in other ways. In open public, I carry recording GPS/seizure equipment for time, place, events records, and some of the darnnest things are said by officials too!!! I'll probably be waltzing with the USA ADA again in court someday over the equipment, since the police arrest so many people for recording police conduct.


I was diagnosed with sz 4 months ago, and this has happened to me twice at night. I know I have night-time sz, so I guess this helped confirm that :p Now every time I wake up with a sz I totally panic that I might have wet the bed again. It's a real blow to the ego, huh?!

What I've done as a precaution is place a plastic garbage bag on my mattress and a bath towel on top of that, and then my bottom bedsheet over the towel. It looks like a regularly made bed otherwise, but I sleep better and don't wake up in a major panic if I wake up at night. The underwear is a good idea, too, but If I have a "bad" night, I tend to get sweaty and the underwear just isn't comfortable to me for that reason.

I know where you are coming from.  Loss of bladder control is unfortunately a pretty common occurrence in tonic-clonic seizures, especially in nocturnal seizures when your bladder has had time to fill up.

I would offer the following advice to you:

1) Make sure you empty your bladder before going to bed

2) Consider investing in a protective mattress's much better than having to replace the mattress

3) Ask your doctor about Klonopin or some other antiseizure drug appropriate for nighttime usage...this might help you sleep better as well as help cut back on the number of seizures.

I don't have nocturnal seizures...just started having regular tonic clonics back in June of this year and was pretty horrified about losing bladder control during the first incident cause it happened at work. I was put on Keppra, Lamictal XR, and topiramate (mostly to control the Keppra-induced headache from hell), and have not had a seizure since going on the Lamictal XR about 5 weeks ago. Still, I make sure I visit the rest room on a pretty regular basis...just in case!!!

Good luck to you, and don't feel bad, it's just a part of the tonic clonic seizures. I hope things work out for you and wish you well.

i've had epilepsy now for 24 yrs and have grand mal sz. untill 3 yrs ago i never had any type of bladder control problems do to epilepsy.. but mine are at night. i spoke with my dr and he said it was  night sz's do to high stress levels as all my blood work and tests came back normal. i have no way of telling when they are gonna happen or anything being as im asleep. he suggested adult diapers for nighttime.. i have yet to decide on that. i take tegretol, lamictol and topax.


Seizures may cause involuntary changes in body movement or function,
sensation, awareness, or behavior. Seizures are often associated with a
sudden and involuntary contraction of a group of muscles and loss of
consciousness.-Senior Healthcare Consultants

I too have this problem.Thank god it only happens when I will have a seizure at night and not during the day. The only way that I know that I had the seizure is if my bed is wet. I don't know if I had more than 1 because I live alone. I have had Epilepsy for 29 years now.

I, too, have a problem with bladder control when I have seizures. This happens during my sleep when my first seizure is the worst. My seizures usually come in clusters around the time of hormone fluctuations or when certain meds lower the seizure threshold. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic and Prednisone for a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago, and several seizures were triggered. I keep a waterproof mattress cover on my bed and I also wear adult diapers every night, just in case.


Hi, I was wondering about bladder control after the seizure? I mean I never had a problem with bladder control unless I have a seizure, but that's the only time it happens. This time (I had some a few days ago) until now I can't seem to control my bladder like I used to. Does this happen to anyone else? =/

Yes, my daughter loses bladder control with every seizure. She has to wear depends and a heavy duty pad with that. We are thankful those products together allow her to go unnoticed when this happens, it is a daily . Very difficult at 25. It did not start until she was about 19, although she has had seizures since she was 10. They just seem to continually morph.

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