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hello i have had Epilepsy from 1967 i have Focal & Grand mal seizures every one that i have met that has had Epilepsy i have ask when thay have a seizure if thay recall every thing when having one. all have told me the same thing that thay black out and do not recall any thing when thay have a seizures. when i have my seizures im aware of every thing that is happing to me i recall all of it and when i ask my M.D. about if thare was any one els that recalled every thing or did everyone els just black out he could not tell me. thats why im here i can not think im the only one that recalls what is happing as i have them?

if you or you know some one that recalls what is happing to them or you i would like to know so i do not think im the only one that has to live tho that hell.


thank you  all

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