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Seizures 10 years apart

I am 58 and female and had a seizure 10 years ago, and then a couple of weeks ago really bad one. The docs have decided not to put me on medication for the time being, because of the infrequency, is this unusual? I must admit I am not too keen on medication anyway.



I had a 6 year lapse between my first and second one... and I was on meds the whole time. Since the relapse I've had one a year.

I had and 11 year lapse between seizures (the entire time on medicine as well)


I had a partial-complex seizure when I was 11 months old. I was on med about 3 or 4 years with no other problems, so they stopped my meds. I started having partial-complex seizures again (about a total of 5 or 6) when I turned 5. They were a little worse (in frequency and the seizures were a little more intense) so they put me on meds again for about 3 or 4 years. I stopped having them until I turned 17 (of course, the most important time in high school; you know with jr/sr events and also academically with colloges) Anyway, they got more frequent and intense. I am 19 now, and I have had around 30 or 40 seizures. I have had grand mal, but most of them are partial-complex seizures. WORD OF ADVICE: Do NOT take a bath (you know sit in the tub). I had a seizure when I was in the tub and liked to drowned myself. My head got caught on the faucet which kept me from going under water. My mother heard me with all the noise (and the fact my dog stood at the bathroom door and whined until my mom came) and ran in the bathroom. Anyways, I have had the same problem that you had with your seizures. My only problem is that they have progressed worse each time (I do not know why). But I have started going to UAB Epilepsy Center and they have done a LOAD of tests. I am tired of having epilepsy. My life sucks not being able to do the things I want to. Like, not being able to start college or hang out with friends due to the fact I cannot drive. I work with my mother, so I can ride to work with her, otherwise, my life revolves around seizures, seizures, and more seizures :( The doc just raised my dose of med from 1000mg Lamictal and 1500mg Keppra a day to 1025mg Lamictal and 2000mg Keppra. So, now I have the phase of where I feel like crap again (you know until you get used to the new dose).
Thank you for letting me vent a minute.

Hi Lindyp,
I had grandmal seizures from about aged 15 to 20, then came of the meds and they thought that it had disappeared. I was then diagnosed with temp lobe epilepsy - partial seizures about 2 years ago (aged 25). I went back to the neuro 2 weeks ago who said I am now having nocturnal frontal lobe seizures - joy! So not only can there be a big gap it can rear its ugly head in a different form! I must admit am still trying to find the right med combo/dose. Bestwishes, Bex

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