Recntly diagnosed with Epilpesy and I am Extremely upet

I am a 35 y/o divorced woman from Oregon. I have been diagnosed with epiepsy because I had one seizuere 3 years ago and another 3 months ago. The meds the doctor prescribed have worked well for 3 months and I just got my drivers license back a week ago. I foolishly stopped taking the meds 2 weeks ago.  My 3 kids where yelling at each other and it was very stressful, they quit so I took a nap, when I awakened I saw EMTs in my room, because my 11 y/o called 911 saying he heard me making strange noises and he assumed it was a seizure the EMts did not verify that was what it was, but they asked me call my doctor. I have learned my lesson and I will never miss a dose again, but I am worried thatt my doc  will pull my drivers license again. It was so difficult for me to get to my job where I woirked for `13 years because I work different times and days, and I was so happy when I got my my DL back last week.  I am praying that my doctor will not pull my DL again if tell her that I have learned my lesson and I will not ever stop taking the meds again. What are te oddsa that he will not pull my DL if I call him, because I plan on not calling him unless I am pressed bt the state to do so.  Please tell me if I should call the doctor soon or not,  Thank Youi