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The Reasons not to consume alcohol or smoke marijuana if you have epilepsy

It is a common question on this forum and a frequently asked one in the chat room whether or not it is "ok" to consume alcohol or smoke marijuana when you have been diagnosed with epilepsy or a seizure disorder. I am here to tell you all something that has happened to me as of yesterday that has made me realize that it is not a good idea...

I am 23 years old my name is Lauren and I have Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. I have had it since i was 18 and was diagnosed when I was 22.

anyway...last evening a bunch of my friends came over to hang out and play some beer pong and smoke a little weed and just chill. Well long story short in a matter of 4 hours I consumed about 5 beers and smoked a good amount of marijuana. I was suffienciently effed up. I soon found myself slumped on the floor with my hand against my head leaning for support. my best friend asked me if I was alright and being sort of incoherent I mumbled yea, she asked if I wanted to go to bed and I said yes. she brought me to my bedroom and i asked her to grab me a glass of water, when she left to get me my water I just remember slumping over to the side, and I started to vomit all over my bed and all over myself, the vomitting took not effort on my part there was no heaving and it literally poored from my mouth (sorry to be so graphic but i feel people should know) on to my bed, from then on out i was in and out of consciousness this is when i must have had the first tonic clonic (grand mal) seizure of this evening because i distinctly remember feeling as though i were going to urinate or deficate myself, i told my friend to call an ambulance and shortly there after they arrived and I could hear them talking to me however I was unable to respond to them. I could open my eyes for them but i could make out no clear faces or distinctive figures or features of anyone. Finally I was being taken out of my room on a stretcher where i had my next grand mal I was semi conscious for this one I went completely rigid and unresponsive my legs began to shake violently my left arm curled up to my face, my hand was in a claw like position, after the seizure I was post-ictal i started to become sort of angry i started trying to remove the oxygen from my mouth and smacking peoples hands away. I was then brought to the hospital and put on IV fluids and treated like I was some sort of drunken college idiot, they seemed unconcerned that i even had epilepsy...anyway the rest is mundane from here but I will say this...I am currently medicated on 250mg of zonegran and 2000mg of Keppra a day i have been on this regiment as long as other aed's since i was diagnosed with epilepsy.  I am usually very cautious about drinking and knowing my limits and in the past i have drank much more then what I consumed on this just so happened that my body was not having it this particular evening and so this lead to a violent reaction.

I am telling you all this story as a sort of wake up call, that bad things can and do happen even in the mildest cases of epilepsy. My epilepsy is generally well under control and so i thought it was ok to consume alcohol and smoke marijuana, well it is the age old "it won't happen to me" story and i think that everyone who has a friend, loved one, or has epilepsy or a seizure disorder themselves should know this information first hand. Had it not been for my friends and my family, it is uncertain, but possible that i could have died last night. Please take your condition seriously and trust me when I say I know it is hard to give up the life you once knew, but no one wants to hurt their loved ones, when they have to watch you suffer because of your own stupid mistakes. a glass of wine, here and there a beer once a while fine....but dont test those limits....because i learned the hard way, and trust me when I say you dont want to and you dont have to.

love always,



thanks for sharing your story lauren. 

<3 kat

you're welcome kat, thanks for reading. :)

peace R.C.

   Hi not High

   You made no assumtions  

   Put something in the weed lol 

   she says what she did  drank beer and smoked dope ? assumed what.? (sorry, I never say much, but I see that a lot on other web sites)


    Thsi actually gets brought up quite a bit here . My story in fact is the same

    Only oh ,oh ,oh, lol ,so much worse  waaaaa

     sounds familar is all , drinking ,no control ambulance 

    JUST AS HEADS UP E was brought out by alcohol or at least my own stupidity CAUSED BY BEING DRUNK.

   I feel now, I have had auras all my life, But a head injury I got while drunk was the first "offical" gmal I had 

    I feel lucky and have never felt sorry for myself or whined much about E ,though ? It turns out that is not the Norm either  .

   I,m45 and have had gmal szs for 15 yrs BUT have been sober for 14 yrs .

   for the first yr or so it was thought this was ALL alcohol imduced szs.. Also had many in jail where I was ,because of stupidtythen a revolving door of hosp.,ljail,hospitals ambulances.etc.etc.

  But I was never even considered for treatment because of assumptions and was given many drugs that knowing what I know now ,COULD have killed me .

   The pot and E I know nothing about .

    although I,m an old school dead head I simply can not use, because "it would make me just dumb enough to drink" lol I qualify for a script in another state though ? weird .  The recovery time from a lot of this is exactly like smoking a lot of pot though . I have used that desciption when telling doc,s also and they like it.and several adopted it as a way to describe what an E patient goes through .funny.

   I hope all reading take something from this also .  Rick








I have only been diagnosed with Eipilepsy for a few months now and I have been careful not to drink more than 2 beers when I go out. I went to a wedding on Saturday and drank about 6 hard drinks and had a very bad reaction. I have nocturnal seizures only, and I woke up about about 30 minutes after going to bed and was having a simple partial that was very intense, my boyfriend said it sounded like my words were a cell phone with very bad reception because I was studdering so bad nothing I said made any sense.  The scariest part was my heart was going to fast, I am sure it went into atrial fibrilation because I have never felt this feeling, it felt like a bowl of jello jiggling in my chest when the seizure was over.



 Thank you so much for your post. I have an 11 yo son with epilepsy and I have been warning him of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, specifically because of his epilepsy. I am reluctant to let him see this website because so many post on the benefits of marijuana. Perhaps marijuana helps to control some people's seizures, but it certainly sounds like it is harmful to others. I also have another son who developed a very nasty addiction to pot which has caused him endless trouble and heartache so I obviously see things differently than someone else might. Thank you for sharing your experience and I wish you the best of luck.

Hi, I just wanted to share a little bit of a story with you all.  I just started having partial seizures when I was 14.  My whole right side of my body would contort into weird positions, my arms and legs.  I was put on dilantin and took that for about five years.  I stopped taking the dilantin because i did not like the side effects although now I can't remember exactly what the side effects were.  My incidents seemed to almost go away for the longest time.   I would have only three or four a week.  When I first started having them when I was 14 I was having four to eight a day.  Then I started having them more regularly again.  I was introduced to marijuana by friends and starting consuming about a gram to two grams a day.  After about a week or two I noticed that I was having less episodes.  I have been consuming marijuana now for the past eight years and now have finally got my medical marijuana licensce.  I do not take any other medicine for my condition.  I have not been to a doctor ( although I should) since I had M.R.I./ C.A.T. scans and was diagnosed.  I have been having really strong leg cramps and muscle spasms lately to where a lot of times I am limping really bad on my right leg.  I don't have a car and my  bicycle was stold my some st vincent de paul donation guys who came to pick up other things from me, so I have to walk pretty much everywhere.  I know it is not just having sore legs because I am walking because I don't have the same tightness spasms on my left side as I do my right.   Plus in the period of ten to twelve years there for a long time I was jogging three to six miles a day and didn't have near the soreness that I am experiencing now.  I have broken up with my long term fiancee and would be homeless if it wasn't for a friend.  I am on unemployment insurance on the second tier of an extension so my moneys are really low so I don't have the money to consume as much medical marijuana as I used to.  I also stopped smoking marijuana two years ago and started having more then I did when I was smoking it on a regular basis.  I am working on getting some kind of health insurance so that I can see a doctor some day hopefully before they get worse and worse.  I know that they will probably put me on epilepsy medication again.  Though now they will probably put me on something different than dilantin.  Back twenty years ago dilantin was one of the few drugs that they had to fight epilepy seizures, now days there are dozens of them.  Probably will still continue consuming marijuana with the medication as a sort of double fisted one two punch against it.  Oh and the alcohol I rarely drink.  I have had a half a beer in the past month, before that I went two months before I had one, before that months and months.  I guess I just don't like alcohol.  I would advise anyone on this site who has or has a family member that has a condition like mine or worse to rarely or never consume alcohol.  There are many tests being proven that marijuana helps every year,  more and more.  There are no tests ever or ever will be that alcohol helps with anything, other than being stupid or drinking and driving and killing other people.   I am not posting this to affend anyone especially you Lauren, just wanted to post my story like I said in the beginning as I have seen other people on this blog do. 

I hope everyone takes good care of themselves and has a better tomorrow.  I love everyone.




You are making assumptions
– either the beer or the weed could of cause what happen to you-
or just the combination of both could have caused it,
it could have be some other thing that you did at the party,
It could also be something that was added to the weed.
That’s why we have to take each thing one at a time when you have “E”.
Take small steps - not big one's.

I did no other "thing" at the party

no one else had any negative reaction to the marijuana

and what assumptions am I making?

And just in general...weed is actually "bad"...for a couple reasons- kills brain cells in bulk, its addictive, changes brain chemestry, its illegal in the US, and it tends to be pretty pricey so its not a good habit if you need money for something besides your (not you personally, just you in general) drug addiction....

Hi iRobot,

Independent medical research has long ago invalidated the 1936 anti-pot propaganda film
"Reefer Madness." Also, medical marijuana is legal in many states, and bizarre interpretations
of Federal Law with federal levels of authority against states' rights are applied much like
the Prohibition Era against alcohol transportation and monetary transactions, which didn't
outlaw drinking alcohol. I can't stand the smell of marijuana, even though it may be an
effective treatment of many cases of epilepsy, but I am also allergic to Apple Pie. And as
with many instances of other expensive AEDs, the cure may be worse than the disease in the
long run for many particular individuals who should all have the basic Human Right to make
their own decisions.

And the basic human right to fry their brains and destroy their health and the health of those around them? I've studied the effects of marijuana for a graduate school thesis (not on myself) and it alters brain waves. Its a psycogenic drug-thats right drug- that alters how the brain works, and in the long run is horriable for a person. It can cause numerous cancers, which is bad, and it can also cause other health problems, such as: decreased immune system strength (due to damaged brain cells and T-cells), chronic bronchitis, acute toxic psychosis, panic attacks, flashbacks, delusions, depersonalization, parinoia, hallicunations, and uncontroloable agression. It also causes attacks in mental dissorders such as Manic-Depressive Disorder, psycosis, and schitzophrenia.  So as you can see, it has been known to exaserbate problems, such as panic attacks, that it is being used to treat. 

You're exactly right, by the way. Prohibition made the sale of alchohol illegal, and as you know from US History, it was the only constitutional ammendment ever repealed...They got that it didn't work. And as far as state's rights go, what do you think the entire Civil War was about? Not slavery, or even a way of life. No! It was about a state's right to secede from the Union. The Supreme Court ruling that took place after the Civil War clearly states that they can't; the cheif justice said "I think the Civil War decided that". One result of the Civil War was a strengthening of centralized, or  Federal government. Now, a state is obliged to follow the laws of the Federal government just as it is obligated to honor, not necessarily follow, but honor laws of other states (marriages, ect) by the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution. Now, something rather similar but radically different forces states to follow the laws of the Federal Government. It is called the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution; it states that states must abide by any law set forth by the Federal government in the Code of Federal Regulations (insanely boring read) and must abide by any treaty that the US is a party to. So, actually I'm all for "legalize, regulate, and tax it" but the government hasn't done that yet, so the rules is the rules.

And I don't think she was taking about medical marijuana by the way...

There's more, but I figured you got the message. 

Hi again iRobot,

I'm sorry but I can't find the secular University published book on international studies of the
benefits and dangers of marijuana in treating various medical conditions. I'm pretty sure I still
have it in one of the stacks of my medical books. It was published less than ten years ago if I
remember correctly, so it is very recent for such an extensive work. About the only problem with
the book was the extemely large number of citations to respected medical journals that took up
about half the book. Some of the articles did cite the problems of scientific research in the USA
since the USA outlawed any research incompatable with many of the USA's drug laws. I'm sure you had the
same problem with USA sources being of legally limited scientific objective value. I've read
other books that were very hostile toward the benefits outweighing the drawbacks of marijuana
treatments, but their references were generally very poor and outdated, and frequently would cite
political and religious lectures.

If I understand the relevant federal drug laws correctly, they are not an amendment to the
constitution; I've noticed that the Federalist Society has a problem separating the Federalist Papers
from the Constitution also, and the notion of states' rights seem to be a flip-flop problem with the
seduction of unreason between bicameral concepts as noted by Rousseau with his political terms of
observation as right and left. The Rehabilitation Act and the ADA are much more recent and relevant
with epilepsy. I wish you were with me in Federal Court when I tried to actualize my rights under these
two laws, so as to legally explain how Federal determinations outweigh State determinations, and not
vice-versa. Access to medical treatment and the availability of research sources poses an invalidation
to the older drug laws unless the USA wants to further isolate itself from rest of the scientific
world and violate its own Acts. Whether a violation of a Human Right at any level of government
is condoned after such decades long lectures to the world of what's right and wrong for everywhere but for
the USA isn't going to be easily ignored anywhere. Federal judges told me that the Code of Federal
Regulations was the lowest levels of administrative formulation of procedures, especially with the
establishing of epilepsy documentation as a handicap or disability, outweighed by every law and act
in terms of any incompatabilities, far as far can go removed from the Supremacy Clause.

I think you noted the address, and I believe I understand your message, but I don't believe the moon
is a perfect sphere despite what the official rule book says about precluding self-evident truths or
scientific facts. LOL.

Hi iRobot,

I guess your concern of range of address of a posted forum can be used as a Catch-22 to silence
anyone into the obscurity of "elsewhere" when they go beyond unwritten group prejudice.

SassyM carries great clout on this website, and what she says about everything involving epilepsy
goes or the person with a difference goes. Someone sure obliterated most of my forums and postings
as she was calling me names and telling me to go to her "elsewhere" previously.

My fears about access to AEDs and health care with the problems of epilepsy are coming true; just
today in the LA Times, people are so scared they demand to remain anonynomous about "Nightmares are
coming true" where it is quoted as a person citing "I expect suicides, premature deaths, a horrible
disruption of the social fabric.... We're headed toward market-based social Darwinism where only the
fittest will survive." All my disability cuts with my history "booklearnin" and the CA Governor's
citing his last only solution, makes me wish I hadn't read the book "Hitler's Willing Executioners" by
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen that contexts the Euthanasia Program with the then continuing Final Solution.
Maybe us Epileptics can live on a well-balanced 300 calories a day too (all compatible with Local,
State, and Federal Law)! But don't touch that devil's weed!!!


I think it takes a big person to tell a story like yours.  I am sorry you had to learn the hard way, but thank you for sharing your story.  I hope you are feeling better now, and it's good you had friends that care for you enough to notice something was not right.  Glad you are okay. 

side note to robot and 3hrs2live: I don't think your fighting about this issue in the right place, she was strong enough to tell her story, and you are using it for your petty little fight. Please take your issues elsewhere. 

Again thanks for sharing Lauren and I am glad your okay,

Sassy aka Sassyfish

Hi SassyM,

I'm of the understanding that the reply bar to posted comments, comments commenting on a forum, is
there to reply to the content of the comment. Trying to enforce rules of conduct in such replys to
address only the original forum and not inclusive to the comments, comments stating possibly
erroneously things as established facts, preclude differences of opinion; such as on the effectiveness
of various AEDs, and their availability and side-effects, will only frustrate the spread of knowledge
and information.

I know you don't follow your own rules when you objected to my opinions and "book-learnin" about the
dangers of Positive Thinking obfuscating major health threats through blind optimism with epilepsy and
subdural hematomas masquerading as migraines. Your objections were posted more or less randomly
throughout this website and in far removed subjects. And now you post your rule about your labeled
"petty little fight" in the direct comment section of the forum instead of the sub-reply section of
the relevant comment. Labeling concerns about marijuana that many people find a life-saving medicine,
but difficult of quality access, as a "petty little fight," is rather strange.

Using arbitrary rules to oppress differences of opinion by isolating them to an "elsewhere" would
kill medical science and the expression of personal knowledge of experiences with everything
relevant to epilepsy. I try my best to address comments with relevant replys, much as an appendices
further details abridged subjects in a book. I know I feel strongly about Human Rights with medical
care and medicines whenever they're abruptly assumed to be legally and morally limited in a comment,
esp. with the Budget Crisis sending people with epilepsy to the "elsewhere."

Sorry sassy... I'll stop...

thank you sassyfish <3


Here is a similar story.  I am married to a man who used to drink a lot and and got stoned nearly every day.  After we got together, he seldom drank and smoked marijuana less frequently.  Then last October hehad a grand mal seizure in his sleep and was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea.  Doc told him not to consume any alcohol, as it increases the apnea and lowers the seizure threshold.  (Yes, he had been drinnking the weekend before his seizure.)  So, three and a half months later my husband is out of town on a trip and decides to drink beer and smoke pot.  Comes home and has another grand mal within 24 hours.   Four months go by, no alcohol, then he goes out of town again for a work-related trip.  Goes out each evening with his colleagues, drinks wine and beer and smokes more pot.  Comes home in the afternoon and that night has two grand mal seizures in less than 3 hours.

NO ONE can tell me these are not related.  He has been through every test and scan, and no reasons found.  Doc says maybe he is in fact an alcoholic and one of those types who are very very sensitve and even an occasional beer will cause a withdrawal.  NOw, since last week, he is on Keppra.    I think he could have prevented the seizures of last week altogether(and stayed off meds) had he followed the doctor's advice and stayed the heck away from alcohol and pot.  But he is, obviously, too much of an addict.

Pot is NOT the friendly little organic toy its users think it is.  Talk to someone who really knows the brain--like an anesthesiologist who works in neurology...  They will tell you how strongly it acts in the brain, that it is damaging and your neurotransmitters get messed up and teh receptor sites are coated with THC.

People, take this seriously, please, if you have seizures or someone in your family does.  It is not worth the risk and heartache that using pot will cause you and everyone who loves you. 

Thanks for posting, Lauren, and getting this dialogue started.  I would appreciate any feed back from others who have seizures only at night. 

Hi there. I used to have my seizures at night or first thing in the morning, so I felt it didn't influence my life, as I was always at home and generally had people around me.  however, as I've got older, my seizures have become more frequent (and I HARDLY ever drink or smoke) and occr at any time of day or night now - the one "advantage" is that I now have petit mal's as well and these tend to becme more frequent before a grand mal, so I have an idea of when they're coming.  I wish you and your husband all the best!

Hi Lauren, I know how it is when you don't listen to your docs. until you think. 'Oh yeah, they were right." I was 24 when I started having seizures (I am 27 now). I only drank on occasion as a social thing before my seizures started. I did have a few drinks one night about 2 summers ago the night before I went to an amusement park. The next day I went on a roller coaster and I had a couple grand mal seizures when I got off. I was sent to a local hospital where they said that I had 3 or 4 before I woke up and told me that my dilantin level was way too low. My fiance' asked them before I woke up if I had any alcohol and he told them 'no.' However, when he told he told me about that when we got home, I figured the docs. were probablly right. However, I do admit that  I  smoke 'pot' on occassion as a socail thing when i am at a party. I have had no problems with marijuana so far. I am sure, however, things are differnt for everybody depending on what type of seizures you have and where they come from. 

Hey Lauren,

   Hope your feeling ok. Its good to see you share this I read the article you sent me.  Hope things get better I agree with you they do not mix with us and our prescritions we already take.

i am feeling better now dani, thanks for checking in :)

I smoke cigarettes, but don't drink or smoke weed just for the simple reason that I don't have to ask myself after having a seizure if it was drinking or smoking weed that caused me to have a seizure..? I know, I know, I'm working on the smoking thing too.

I too have tonic-clonic seizures.

I am curious how you managed to remain conscious long enough to remember that you felt like you were going to deficate or urinate on yourself. When I get a tonic-clonic seizure, my body seizes and goes into convulsions, and at that point I am no longer conscious. I will remain unconscious for many hours until I wake up without any recollection of the event, nor of any moment leading up to the event.

How did you also manage to tell your friend, after having the seizure, to call an ambulance?


I question the validity of you having epilepsy at all. I think you are a liar, and I apologize if you are not, but there are too many other claims, including my own, that support the validity of cannabis for numerous reasons, alternative medicine for epilepsy being only 1 of them.

I'm not going to have this conversation with someone who is completely void of empathy.You need to learn the difference between Drugs, Plants and Plecebo's.

 I must say what you said was highly offensive. Let me say that number 1. Marijuana is used to treat SOME forms of epilepsy, yes, this much is true. I need to make it as crystal clear as possible to you as I can that, no where in the forum do I mention my opinion of the use of MEDICAL marijuana, or the unfortunate people who are put in the position to have to use it. And for the record I am very much a supporter of medical marijuana. Number 2. I have what is known as Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, it a form of epilepsy that causes generalized seizures that are usually reduced to one side of the body ie: an arm jerk, leg jerk, facial twitch ect. However, these seizures and this form of epilepsy can also lead to Tonic Clonic seizures. When you have Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy specifically, a doctor will usually tell you to refrain from the use of alcohol and marijuana as well as other brain altering substances. 3. Have you ever heard that the brain is a very complex organ? well, it's true. No 2 peoples seizures are ever identical, ever. Thus the reason it would appear that our tonic clonic seizures differ greatly. I have talked to other people on this website in the chat room who have been diagnosed with having Tonic-Clonic seizures who remain fully conscious during the whole experience, but there bodies are completely unresponsive. In fact when I had my first TC I fell, my covulsions lasted all of 2 minutes i was unconscious and unresponsive for another 3 minutes and when i came around I was hardly post ictal, there was some confusion, I was unable to walk, but when I was in the hospital recovering I was wide awake and feeling fine except for some soreness. If you'd like You can call Dr.Orrin Devinsky (one of the founders of this website) my epileptologist and ask him all about the varying different types of grand mal seizures he has seen in his life time. And if you need some concrete proof that I do infact have epilepsy then you can go to this link... the picture of the girl on the left hand side with the eeg leads attached to her head, thats me. I was in newsweek magazine in which the cover story was entirely based on epilepsy, you should read the article, you might learn something. It is unfortunate that I feel the need to redeem myself to a complete stranger and the only reason I am, is so hopefully in the future you'll think things over a little more before writing cruel comments on peoples forums, I was simply sharing an experience with people who have epilepsy so maybe they may re-think drinking one more beer, or glass of wine...and yes in my case smoking more weed, because clearly in my specific situation, the combonation could have been lethal. I was never speaking for anyone else, just simply reciting a story of an experience that scared the living shit out of me, and trying to be helpful to people with epilepsy who often wonder "what would happen if I took a few shots or smoked a ton of weed?" Clearly you misinterpreted the entire point of the forum and decided to attack my credibility instead, so i hope this clears things up for you and I hope you know you truely offended someone based on false pretenses and terrible judgements.

Lauren – I agree with you about IostOmen post – I also feel the same about your original post. You both are taking a position that’s wrong. Each person is different – that's why there are many AED’s and more coming out. Each AED affects each one of us different. Marijuana is the same way. Marijuana helps some and makes other worse. So for either one of you to take a stand and make a statement that’s always true is wrong.


Thanks for your story, Lauren.  Oddly enough, all my seizures happened when I was smoking weed. Alcohol was only involved maybe 2 times and at VERY low levels because I am not a heavy drinker by any means.  I'm talking tops 4 drinks.

However, I smoke weed daily and have for years.  (I'm 36 and have smoked weed almost daily for at least 15 years)   Unfortunately, I smoke street weed as my state has no medical marijuana dispenceries.  I do it to calm my nerves and for anxiety.  I am also ADHD and it helps keep me from bouncing out of my seat.  When I asked my doc about Mary Jane usage, he did say that alcohol or any mind altering substances (as you said) could trigger a seizure- period.  The thing to remember is if you don't know what your limit is... you shouldn't experiment.  After reading much of what I have read here, I am beginning to think that in the cases when I had a seizure,  the weed I happened to be smoking may have had a higher TCH level in it.  Oddly enough, I am a daily Hydro smoker.  Each episode I have had, I was smoking regular dirt weed.  (Maybe my body was trying to tell me something IDK - LOL)  One would think that Hydro would have more TCH, but the more I read, maybe not.  I don't know much about it other than it's grown in water and it tastes better and costs more and it doesn't put me to sleep like reggies do.

Anywho, I appreciate you bringing this topic to light.  Many people's body's act differently.  

My seizures start where I get dizzy, hot, clammy, sweaty, I either see an aura or I have an audial glitch.. for instance voices are mumbled when they really aren't etc... then I just pass out and don't remember anything except that when I am waking, I don't want to wake up.  I'm actually pissy that someone is calling my name (trying to bring me out of loss of conciousness) because I am sleeping like it is the best sleep ever.  Then I gradually come to and realize that I had an "episode".  I thought for a long time I was just "passing out".  It was only recently I was told I was twitching and jerking when it happens... I went to the neurologist and they confirmed with EEG that I have epilepsy.  My right and left frontal lobes are not communicating properly.  This went on for 3 years before being diagnosed.  :(

Long story short, just because someone does not experience something just as you have, doesn't mean your post didn't help someone or your story is not legit.  You should not have feel the need to explain yourself to those who try to discredit you, but I do love how you did!   Disregard the shit-talkers and assholes.  If your post helped one person.. it was worth posting - right?!?




I do have tonic colinic siezurs also , and know Lauren (catfishie <3 !) well. For a person throwing wild accusations around about 'the validity of [Lauren] having epilepsy at all you have a lot of nerve. You make accusation and base them on nothing but your own admitted support for medical "cannabibis".  It is legal where I live and that's fine, no problem.  But that does not permit you a broad based permit to run around and call people a liar.  You are a fine example of intolereance. You appear to be the person who is "void of empathy".


thank you wookie fishy!! i love you!!!

I found your post to be rather immature. My son has epilepsy and I can tell you as his mother, that he has had similar experiences with his seizures, I am not discussing drug or alcohol use; he is too young to dabble in such things yet (I'm reading this to be prepared for his future). He has remained fully conscious in some of his seizures, drifted in and out in some and in others lost consciousness altogether. He then becomes sleepy and will sleep for others,m but often he has full recollections or partial. Only in the ones where we administer diastat or where he looses consciousness does he not wake up for hours. Epilepsy comes in all forms. You yourself are the one who lacks empathy. Being her first experience, she may not have known how to separate the two drugs from one another. Until reading this article, I only knew alcohol could induce a seizure, I did not know pot could prevent one. You should recant your statement. Epilepsy is different for everyone.

Lauren thanks for your story. The person who attacked you has no business being on this website and should be turned in for being mean abusive and hateful.I have had grand mal seizures for 40 years and I would never attack another person in this forum. This sight should be for support and sharing of experiences. God bless everybody who has to live with this awful disease.

thank you so much!! really truely from the bottom of my heart thank you

Although I disagree with the part of the comment that Lauren's episode might have been 'the spins', I wouldn't call that person's comment an attack, certainly not mean or hateful. Also, if that person has or knows someone with epilepsy, they have as much right as the rest of us.

Please try to understand, there is so much misinformation and prejudice out there about marijuana that people who have recognized it's usefulness are often compelled to try to put correct information out there. It's especially difficult to see it happen on a forum for a disease which is one of the most commonly accepted medical uses for the drug.

Just putting in my two cents for a balanced discussion.

This article, , by Robert S. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief of, cites that siezures caused by alcohol come as a result of withdrawal from the drug, not the intoxication itself. This means that seizures are most likely to come when the alcohol begins to leave the body, probably late that night or the day after a night of heavy drinking. Alcohol can be dangerous for epileptics because it leaves the body more quickly than other drugs.

I only have grand mals, and no way could I have maintained a level of consciousness where I could remember what my body was doing. In my opinion, if this were tonic-clonic, you wouldn't "remember" having to urinate yourself as you would just lose control, I'm surprised you remember how your hands looked, or anything for that matter. I can't even remember my name for about 10 minutes following the seizure. Maybe mine are just extreme, but this account seems pretty tame compared to what I have considered a Grand-Mal.

Many people with epilepsy have found that marijuana acts a a fast-acting measure to prevent siezures. Also, people that are taking anti-seizure meds and still don't have them under control, myself included, have found that they have never had a siezure after responsibly using marijuana. It worries me that people may read your story and discount marijuana as a treatment option. It's improved the seizure thresholds of many sufferers. You can find three scientific studies at this URL, Check out " Chronic administration of cannabidiol to healthy volunteers and epileptic patients. Pharmacology. 1980;21(3):175-85. Cunha JM, Carlini EA, Pereira AE, Ramos OL, Pimentel C, Gagliardi R, Sanvito WL, Lander N, Mechoulam R."

Maybe the meds you're on, combined with the alcohol and marijuana gave you a terrible and unusual case of "the spins" (the anxious, uncomfortable, nauseous feeling some people get when mixing specifically marijuana and alcohol. Ask any college kid.)

I appreciate your sharing of your experience. Hope this helps, and Lauren, I hope your well.

while I do appreciate your educated response, sources and citations, I must say that I do not appreciate your making an assumption that I was simply having the "spins". I had Alcohol poisoning which caused me to have 2 grand mal seizures, I have never had very violent seizures even my first grand mal before I was on meds was brief with hardly any post ictal stage and a very abnormal recovery, what I mean by that is, in the hospitsl I was wide awake and feeling totally fine except for some stifness and soreness

 I never said definitively that marijuana was the cause I am only giving people something to think about before they decide that despite having seizures they are going to be irresponsible and consume LARGE amounts of marijuana or alcohol or the combonation. I was simply relaying a story, I am not preaching that marijuana should be exiled as an alternative medication for people with epilepsy. I told a story in which something very unpleasent happened to me and in which marijuana happened to be involved.

Thank you for sharing your story. I found the title a bit disturbing also though, mostly because alcohol and marijuana were put in the same category when for seizure control, for many people including myself, they are complete opposites and I find it upsetting to see them so frequently lumped together as if they were the same kind of drug. Alcohol and it's subsequent withdrawl brings the danger of seizures for me and I have found to be dangerous, especially in quantity.

Marijuana, on the other hand, is the one and only way I know of to stop a seizure from happening when it's close. Even large amounts of marijuana would just make me sleep but I'd be less likely to have a seizure than if I'd had nothing.

One suggestion - the biggest danger from alcohol is dehydration, which makes seizures much more likely. If you do drink, try to drink a huge amount of water along with it, it makes a big difference both in the likelihood of seizure and how you feel the next day.

agree 100%

I think the alcohol had the main part in your seizures, not the marijuana. I have never had a seizure while smoking pot or after I smoked it. Drinking is definitly the problem. I dont usually have a seizure if I smoke the night or the morning after I drank, but if I dont smoke it is almost a gurantee that I will have one if I drink.

i also believe that alcohol has a major role to play in far i have 19-20 strokes.these started when i was i am 26 and had my last one 5 days back.very next mornong i walked six floors lifting some stuff.after half an hour i faded uncle held my hand and guided me to house but i dont remember anything.during these two strokes i was not smoking any pot.but there is something i am sure about .had i smoked some pot i wouldn't have had those strokes.i really trust that marijuana can really and quickly stop an incoming stroke.

Lauren - Thank you for Sharing your Story. I Agree with you. Its not okay to Consume alcohol if you have Epilepsy.

Something Similar Happened to Me. I had a Brain Injury in 1997. After that I was having Simple Partial seizures undiagnosed. Then one night in 2002, I decided that I could get off my meds for the night and go out drinking with my Friend. So I went drinking with her.. and 3 days later, I had my First Tonic Clonic since my Car accident. After that time my SP turned into Complex Partials.. and I had Grand Mals about 1 time a year when they changed my Meds because I was resistant to medication. in 2008 I had a Right Temporal Lobectomy. And so I do not think its okay to consume alcohol because most people are on medications.. and medications do not mix with the alcohol. its not safe for the epilepsy. I read somewhere once that Alcohol can stay in your Body for 3 days and you can still have a seizure after that.


Thank you for responding Leah, I'm sorry for the tough times you have been through. My doctor also told me that If infact i do drink even one drink i shouldn't even think about driving for the next 72 hours (to avoid having a seizure while driving.) thanks again Leah I hope things are getting better for you now.


I had a similar experience. Just 2wks ago I went out w/girlfriend to have some drinks. I just drank 3 beers and still waited to take my medication. Early the next morning I had a seizure. It's really not worth it but I can understand you just want to have fun and not worry. I learned my lesson with that situation so I play it safe. I know there is no way around not having a seizure I have also learned that if it's going to happen then it's going to happen. I wish you all the luck!!!!

im not a doctor, however I think a lot of things that contribute to the possibility of having a seizure is lack of sleep. for instance, in Alaska, epileptics qualify for medical marijuana. Though alcohol is obviously completely different. Some people, however, I think can make the mistake of thinking that marijuana and alcohol cause a seizure, whereas it's really the environment. Think about it, people stay up late in party situations, where they usually can forget to take their meds, have lack of sleep, and generally exhaust their bodies. Don't mix up substances with not taking care of your body. Sometimes they can be completely different. Though, everyone is in fact different, so I'm thinking initially 5 beers did you in, plus the weed which is a risky thing to mix. [known from experience]. I think it's best to not inform people these things unless you know the type of epilepsy everyone has, and their body type, etc. no offense intended, just maybe re-evaluate what you're saying.

I disagree completely. Any drugs your taking into your body whether its alcohol, THC, or smoke juice (nicotine) alters the way the body works. The body reacts to such substances the same way it reacts to other poisons that enter the human body. Although environmental conditions may contribute to symptoms, the main ingedient is the drug. I feel that your reply is being used as a justification for using such substances, which is an issue in itself.

Johnny Blaze

Hi Halox,

The hot weather here a few weeks ago was too hot for our beautiful grapes, but we kept our hopes up till
this week. There's no agreement on how high a temperature, and for how long, different grapes can take
such (our temps got above 110 degrees a few too many times). As amateurs we just wait and sample the
grapes when they look about right. With an excess of heat, the grapes may become extremely sweet, but at
times, very loaded with alcohol right on the vine. Careful sampling of the most exposed grapes quickly
reveals the presence of alcohol, but the extent of which types, judgment depends on the after-effects.

With epilepsy, my sensitivity to methanol is very extreme; even an aspartame soft-drink stored too long
in a too warm storeroom will give me an hallucinogenic aftereffect. My tolerance to ethanol seems to be
much better, but below normal. The presence of small amounts of alcohol in most everything edible, and
with alcohol being produced naturaly in the normal living human body, a minute excess of methanol in
anything gives me a real problem with epilepsy; even the methanol in less than fresh vegetables is a
problem. So, sampling high-heat exposed grapes is a dangerous activity for me because of my epilepsy and
the possibilty of methanol.

One of my college classmates was arrested for being under the influence, and he was ordered to write a
research paper on the dire and totally unbeneficial effects of regulated and controlled substances, and
publicly post it with his story, in lieu of other punishments. I loved writing and helping with research
papers at the university, but that was no temptation for me, so my classmate was obligated to write total
balderdash, and spread it as truth in his paper, to satisfy American justice.

I hope my sampling a stressed grape isn't viewed as justification for the romance of toxicology, but life
with epilepsy is often a death-defying challenge, in addition to all the anti-epileptic drugs.

I totally disagree. mj is good because it calms you.  Are you forgetting that all the meds that people take are also drugs?  Just because they come in little pills doesn't stop them being drugs y'know.  mj has always worked great 4 me.  Luckily I stopped drinking 10 years before E and first szs just 'cos I didn't like what Alcohol did to me (zoned me out).  everyone's different. But anyone new to mj should start very very slowly in minuscule amounts, e.g. 1 tiny hit and wait an hour, etc.


I dont feel they were using this forum to discuss whether pot should be legalised or not, its what helps each other.  As I said in an earlier post to this, everyone's body is different and reacts differently.  But with all the prescriptions drugs we are on keeping our seizures down you dont think the side effects of them are criminal?  And if we think something naturally grown is better, keeps us calmer, less stress and reduces our seizures - then why not? 

Have you tried pot Johnny?  Or are you just coming from a moral standpoint and not realising that this forum is talking about what helps each other and not taking a polical view point?


Hi Lauren,

I read your post last night and cried. I have been searching for these forums for months now and finally found what I'm looking for, and though I seem to be maybe even more confused than when I started I have a filled a great hole in finding some other people who seem to actually care.

I am 25 and was 4 years ago found myself lying on the floor of my work with two paramedic teams around me and it went downhill from there. I have experienced a wide range of seizures (including sleepwalking) and tried a range of meds which my body reacted quite badly to.  I think this must have scared my friends a little bit aswell becasue my boyfriend didn't stick around and I've got only one mate who ever bothered to come to the hospital so I didn't have to get a taxi home - my family lives over 2 hrs away.

I don't think I took this whole thing seriously enough because I remember when I was told I'd have to take medications for the rest of my life I didn't care, I didn't care about the blood tests....or all the other tests or the fact I'd just been diagnosed with a medical condition I didn't even understand. But when the doctor told me I wasn't going to be able to drive until they got this under control I lost it. I left the room and didn't want to hear any more. I didn't want to hear what he said about being careful with my alcohol and my drugs.....he'd just taken my independence awIay. 

I've always been honest with my docs about my substances and what I consume and I thought I had this under control. I got my license back and in February this year brought myself a brand new car. In June after having lunch at the pub (2 beers), I was driving home only to wake up behind the wheel of my car with someone banging on my window and people standing around staring with faces agasp. The person banging on the window turned out to be my friend who I'd just had lunch with and was following me home in his car. I had gone into seizure just before a roundabout, hit two cars on the roundabout, straight through a fence, clipped the corner of the building and bounced back off a pole and and wedged head first into the building. My speedo was locked on 90km/hr. I came out of this with just bruises on my shins - If I had the same accident in my old car I would not have survived - Go Mazda!

I've now lost my license again and I'm not arguing this time. This time I'm asking myself what I could have done to change things. Was it the 2 beers I'd had at lunch? Was it the fact that I'd been drinking on consecutive days? Was it the lack of sleep I'd had the night before? Was it the pot that I'd smoked the night before to help me sleep? Was it the one dose of medication I'd missed that morning? Was it the stressful night I'd had the night before? Or was I simply going out in symapathy for my cat who was at the vet after having a seizure at 12.30 the night before? (Yes that's cat!).

Sorry for the long post but as I said, this is something I've been looking for for a while now. I'm not looking for anwers, I'm just a person who's a bit lost in their thoughts who after 4 years is realising that this is life changing.

Hi Missellie, I'm so sorry to hear about your unfortunate run in with this disease that has brought us all together. But listen, I wanted to just extend a hand if ya need someone to talk to I'm happy to discuss this with you and anything else. I'm not on here a lot anymore but you can e-mail me if you'd like. I hope all is well. feel better.

Love, Lauren

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