Question and solution needed

Hi guys, im a guy who is 19 this year, my problem is this.


When i was 13, started my high school life, so basically most of the time i sleep really late at night like 4-5A.M and just sleep like few hours and wake up.

When i was 14, This happens - while i was playing computer in the 2-3a.m ( only occur in the midnight), my body will have like some uncondition movement which not i can control. I thought nothing is wrong with it. I m awake, just slight shaking of a my body and do not lose consciousness.

When i was 15, At one night, i sleep at around 4-5A.M, and woke up on 7-8A.M, there, i woke up, and play computer games, while playing, my body is slightly shaking again and the next moment, when i woke up, my head is reallly pain and im having fever. My family told me that while i playing the computer games, suddenly i fall off the chair and my head is continously banging the table and computer. So we went for check up, doctor cant find the reason ( seriously not sure why) so i went for eastern doctor. So yeah, he told me i got this problem - seizure.

When i was 16-18, All the time, when i sleep late like 12A.M - 1A.M, and if i touch or use computer in the morning, my body will shake unconditionly. And within this, i blacken out for 3 time exclude when i was 15.

First time - Sleep late , woke and up and play computer > body start shacking > continue > Black out.

Second Time ( Not really black out ) - Sleep around 12-1A.M, not really late. But maybe i keep woke up in the night because sleep patterns problem, the next day, while i was walking, suddenly i falled down, i cant control, so i went to take a shover to refresh myself, but after i take a bath, came out from toilet. Walk and i falled down again.

Third Time - Around 1 month seizure dint happen, so when i come back from my hometown, i went cybercafes with my friend and DINT SLEEP AT ALL. Nothing happen maybe because i dint sleep and my body feels nth wrong. So i went back home and prepare myself before going for an outing. So when ther's few more hour left, i decided to took a nap. There, this is the last time i ever blacken up. after i wake up, i went toilet, and the next moment i woke up, my cheecks is bleeding really really bad.


And after that, within this time, i will still have problems like body shacking , but most likely it will happen when i sleep late. And a few times my body even shake while sleeping in the night.


So what type of seizure or eiplepsy do i have?

What can i do without taking medication?

What i shouldn't do?

What i should do?