Question about Fainting or Seizures. My history..

My first seizure was when I was 16, I was rushed to the hospital which I was told it was a seizure. Abnormal EEG. I had a second Seizure when I was 18 and no EEG was taken immediatly, but had a 72 hour EEG and was told it was abnormal.

I am 26 now have been seizure free for 8 years with a low dose of topamax (100mg 2x a day). In recent development, I always thought my grandpa and aunt had seizures and I got it from them. But I found out, they faint. They did a tilt table test and there heart beat actually stops for 30s-1min long.

I don't believe they ever had EEG's, but this prooved that what they were having was not seizures. My aunt and grandfather lived there entire lives thinking this was a seizure.

This leads me to believe, what I am having is not a seizure. However, I had my 2 episodes and the EEG came back abnormal. Is this something that would happen with a fainting episode similar to my relatives?

Thank you.