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question about NES ?
does anyone know if NES is always treated with antidepressants / anxiety meds, I am really hesitant to take any meds at all at the moment lets say concerned individuals are noticing certain aspects of my "seizures" jibing at my mental stability.
Since my latest stint summer 13 in the bin of broken toys.( excuse) language. Were in my pnes equals a stigmatized metal illness. Anyone else being treated with antipsychotic's hence noncom with meds. Looking for alternatives that don't include professional help.

I have read various articles and I am not sure if you can have them at night or not. If so is there a way to treat them your self.
exp :I will be half awake or wake up, it happens so fast my head goes right and my left hand comes up and they jerk and shake and i grind my teeth sometimes and i feel wired out of it. Occasionally I may stare blankly and black out I think it progress further.
second why don't. These episodes happen during day or in stressful situations or when I physically excert myself or other things of the same nature. Serious I am staring to think I subconsciously fake these episodes.

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