Only had one seizure..been off keppra for 5 months

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time on this site and I thought I could receive some feedback from people with similar situations. I am 18 and I had my first seizure a little over 2 years ago. At the time that I had the seizure I was on monocycline for my acne. From what was decribed of the seizure from my friend who witnessed it, it seems that it was a grand mal. I do not remember how I felt before the seizure happened at all, I just remember waking up confused. I saw a neurologist the next week where I got an eeg done and the results showed a couple abnormal spikes in my brain. The neurologist put me on keppra and I was taking 2 1000 mg a day. After being seizure-free for 2 years, I had the option of getting off the medication. After talking about it with my family and the doctor, I decided to get weaned off. I truely believe the acne medication that I was on has something to do with the seizure, but my neurologist won't say. I am currently completly weaned off of Keppra and I feel fine but I still worry that I am going to have another seizure. I have been off of keppra for almost 5 months now with no seizures. I decided to get off the medication because I believe I will not have another one but the only way to see is to get off of the medication. My neurologist ordered an eeg that I got done yesterday, and I will find out the results in about a week. Has anyone experienced something similar like my case? I am getting anxiety of my results of my eeg. Please Help!