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November is Epilepsy Awarness Month..are you doing your part???

November is Epilepsy Awarness Month are you doing your part? I think
if we all ban together and write big television stations and large news
shows MAYBE just MAYBE we could get a part in there show. Please do
your part in this and help us get air time to give some Awarness for
Epilepsy here are some ideas:

1.) Contact your local T.V. Stations

2.) Contact the Today Show - Contact info.-

3.) Contact Good Morning America ~ Contact Info -

4.) Contact Oprah ~  Contact Info -

5.) Live w/ Regis and Kelly ~

Contact Kelly at

These are just 5 ways to contact people!!! There are so many more, this
is just a start!!! And I have even written a little text for you to
send in the email if you don't want to  put your personal story!

November Is Epilepsy Awareness Month

Facts on Epilepsy:
More than 3 million people in the U.S. have some form of epilepsy.
About 200,000 new cases of seizure disorders and epilepsy are diagnosed
each year.
•    Approximately 180,000 cases of epilepsy are newly diagnosed each year in the United States (about 493 new cases per day).
•    Seizures result in up to 42,000 deaths in the United States each year -- more than the number of deaths from breast cancer!
•    Epilepsy  is more wide spread than diabetes according to Dr. Taleman of the World Health Organization

What is Epilepsy????
Epilepsy is a neurological condition. It is the term for more than 20
different types of seizure disorders produced by brief, temporary
changes in the brain's electrical system. These brief malfunctions mean
that more the usual amount of electrical energy passes between cells.
These changes are manifested in what we call seizures. Seizures are a
major national health problem.

Epilepsy can affect anyone, at any age, at any time. Epilepsy is a
chronic neurological disorder which creates medical, economic,
educational, and emotional and social problems of such dimensions that
it is imperative that services provided by the Epilepsy Foundation be
available to children, teens, adults, and the elderly in our community.

When do people develop epilepsy?

30% of cases develop before the age of five. 70% of cases develop
before the age of 18. However, the incidence of seizure disorders is
growing rapidly in older adults. While medical technology has enabled
people to survive heart attacks, strokes, brain tumors, and other such
conditions, people often develop seizure disorders following such
medical emergencies. In fact, there are now as many cases of epilepsy
in those over the age of 60 as in those under the age of 10.

Moreover, while newer medical treatments can significantly control
many types of epilepsy, 40-50% of cases remain medically uncontrolled.

Okay so when you copy and paste you may have to change it up a
little but it still is a little info on Epilepsy that helps them learn
a little more. 

Please do your part and help get the word out there. We can make a diffrence. 




Way to go Sassy! What great information.

Coming soon. . . more information on the homepage and in our November newsletter about how to support our cause for epilepsy.

Keep up the good work!

:o) Karen webmaster

peace R.C.


    Hi I,m still having siezures in public sometimes  doing my part to make them aware does that count ?  lol.

    Just joking but that is a valuable tool in this process.

   My daughter did a report last yr. 4th grd. on E and got the phamlets and posters to post in school along with the report with pictures that is now posted in the office so we thought that was a big step in awareness. also her teacher then has E and did a class awareness skit for E also thought that cool .  I have told so many people over the years ,in such a matterof fact and smiling joking way that the ones that are not scared are put at ease and go away with a different veiw of what a sz may be that I am sure the person they see have one will not scare them ,or at least they will know it is not "killing "them . Please be at Ease...Rick

I'm writing the Oprah show...keep your fingers crossed for me!  I'm mentioning Greg Grunberg as an advocate...maybe when she does her Dr. Oz series she could slip in a segment about epilepsy.  Thanks for the links!  It made it a lot easier. Wish me luck!


I was also thinking of writing Oprah and that Dr. Oz might help explain it. Interesting - 2 minds think alike.  

Go for it!  It helps to have more than one person telling her staff that this is an important issue!  I sent a message full of the facts and not as full of the thoughts/feelings/emotions.  The more people the better!  Good luck!  :o)


I think it’s very important to get airtime on major TV shows in order to get info about e out there in the public sphere. If Oprah says it, if Diane Sawyer says it, if Regis says it, then a lot of people will listen. I think I just might email GMA.

I also believe it’s also important to get the word out about e on a personal level, too – to be one of millions of ambassadors who reach people in person. Graham Greene wrote in his autobiography that, “Epilepsy, cancer and leprosy—these are the three medical terms which rouse the greatest fear in the untutored.” So be a tutor and like Rick said – put people at ease. (Sometimes easier said than done, I know – my seizures, although partial, often start out with a sudden howl, which can scare the pants off people, even if they know me well. Dang you, frontal lobe!)  

It seems like what you can do on a personal level depends on you and your environment. What I’m doing is wearing a clip-on lavender hair extension – I stole this idea from my buddy who is a breast cancer survivor and died a shock of her hair pink last month. (I was too chicken to dye a part of my hair lavender, so I settled for the hair extension.) Earlier this semester I dedicated a whole class talking about epilepsy – I’m teaching a course on Dostoevsky. I had the kids read excerpts from “The Idiot” as well as some articles written by neurologists. I talked about the different kinds of epilepsies, and the different parts of the brain where seizures can originate. This month I also have a link to in my syllabus. And yes ….I had a couple seizures in later classes that made the lessons more, well, personal.   Embarrassing, but heck, somehow appropriate.

So my two kopecks’ worth this: absolutely contact TV networks and shows! So many people watch them and take note of what they say. But also be a personal ambassador – even a small gesture will help, because those small gestures can be multiplied by millions of people and a lot of good can be done. (Sry – that last bit is actually Dostoevsky’s idea from “Brothers Karamazov.” It’s a lofty idea, but a correct one, I think.)


yes i am doing my part wearing purple through november made ribbion usen paint shop program wearing it and sent ribbions to others requesting they wear it and a brief reason why i requested it.

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