Neurologists Specializing in Seizure Disorders--where can I find the specific specialist?


           I have previously seen neurologists in my area for my condition. However, I would like to try to find a neurologist who is specifically trained and educated in seizures as their main focus. Where can I find this specific type of speciailist? Are there any websites that anyone here can suggest?




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One website that should be helpful

Bruce (I'm not a doctor, but instead, an epilepsy support group leader, epilepsy advocate, who has epilepsy.)

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i believe what your looking for is an epileptoligist.  which ive been told is a neurologists who specializes in seizure disorders


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There's a Newly Updated Comprehensive List of GOOD Neurologists…Epileptologists…Neurosurgeons…and Pediatric Doctors based upon eforum members' positive personal experiences with their docs.

Hope this is helpful!

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Neurologists Specializing in Seizure Disorders

Hi Gina,

I commend you for seeking out an epilepsy specialist (epileptologist).  I dealt with so many incompetent neurologists before being properly diagnosed by an epileptologist.  Check out and you'll find a listing of epilepsy centers in the U.S. that have epileptologist on staff.  I see my epileptologist at the UC San Francisco epilepsy center.

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