Neurologists in South Africa that specialise in Epilepsy

Dear All,

I am from South Africa and living with epilepsy for over 10 years but battling to find a neurologists in South Africa that specializes in treatment patients with epilepsy. When I go to see the neurologist they advise me that it is difficult to control epilepsy and they will just increase my medication dosages until they are under control it but after 10 years they are still not under control... I would really appreciate the names of Doctor in SA that specialize in epilepsy.......  

Thanks / Shelley 




Re: Neurologists in South Africa that specialise in Epilepsy

Hi Shelley

I used to see a very good Eplilepsy Specialist - Nirupa Shah - she used to practice out of Milpark Hospital but unfortunately she's left and appears she may be in the USA now..... (Seattle ?

When she left she refered me to :

Doctor: Dr. D.G Anderson
Address:Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Center 17 Eton Road Parktown Johannesburg
Telephone Number:011 726 874
Fax Number:011 726 5167

Haven't been to him yet though.... 

Regards and good luck - fortunately my epilepsy is controlled (I was diagnosed about 25yrs ago in my mid 20s) - I am on quite a high dosage of Convulex 600mg twice a day though


Re: Neurologists in South Africa that specialise in Epilepsy

My partner is with Dr James Butler in Cape Town. Tel: 021 797 2099. As far as I know, he's the only neurologist specializing in epilepsy in South Africa.

 Tel: 0217972099  Fax no: 0217979960 Email address: