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My wife had her first tonic clonic seizure in 2013 at age 26. Ever since then, the frequency and types of seizures has increased. For the first few months she would only have maybe 1 tonic clonic a month, but around February, she started having what I assume are absent seizures and myoclonic jerks. Every few hours she would just stop whatever she was doing and just stare. It's odd because she could be bending over or squating and still maintain her balance. Around the same time as the onset of the absent seizures, she started having these jerk seizures where she would repeadedly jerk her head only to the right. These started off slow then progressed to a rapid motion enough to where she recently tore a neck muscle and hurt her jaw from slamming it off of her shoulder. During both of these seizures she is unaware and does not respond. Eventually this became more frequent, happening now about every 30 minutes or so. The tonic clonic seizure frequency has also increased to once every 2 weeks. We have been to 3 nueros and she has been on multiple meds including Topiramate, Lamictal, Keppra, and Clonazapam and none have worked. She has had MRIs, two 24 hour EEGs, and was in Shand's hospital for 5 days for an EEG but nothing showed up. Apparently the little seizures didn't show up but we weren't there long enough for her to have the tonic clonic. One last thing, she has a great aunt that recently suffered an epilepsy related death at age 70 but cannot get any information from her daughter about symptoms her mom experienced due to family tension. Would genetic testing be an option? Any help or ideas appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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