NC DMV Epilipsy Dirvers License problem

I recentley had a seizure in july of 2006 and recived a letter in august from the NC DMV informing me a review of my medical file indicated that i should be medically evaluated to determine if i could safley operate a motor vehicle i did the evaluation and now hey want me to send them a admin discharge summary for the date i went to the hospitial just wanted to know if any of you have had any dealing with your department of motor vehicles and what the outcome was nc says they require a 6 month suspension or seizure free period with exceptions who knows what they are i guess it's time to get an attorney what do you think. any comments welcome need advice thanks



LOL.. you asked for this

LOL.. you asked for this comment!

In many US states, Canada & in England they require one year of TOTAL seizure control (assuming they aren't nightime seizures) before regranting an ability to drive.

I'd rather drive where there is more control time as IMO roads are safer. In fact, some people with epilepsy (typically) only have one seizure a year.

I'm one who's lost decades of driving due to uncontrolled E.

Don't quote me on this but

Don't quote me on this but from what I'm aware of the majority (if not all) of the states' DMV request a follow up from the registered driver's medical physician stating they are able to control a motor vehicle. I'm not sure how it is in your state however in some there are certain forms that need to be filled out from the physician (neurologist) that are returned to DMV and placed into your file for record.

Also. In some states they have a policy with all drivers who do have a seizure disorder to be re-examined by their residing physician every year or every other year, etc. That is up to each state's own discretion. As far as getting legal consult, is this something you need to be concerned with legally?

I apologize if I sound cold hearted but I've seen and heard of issues like this happening. There are driver's still with a seizure disorder who still continue to drive with suspended licenses because of a seizure occurence. That's disturbing to me, so again I apologize if I tap on a nerve however this is how I view things with this issue.

If you have been misinformed or not given fair treatment that would be cause to talk to someone however if you have had a seizure and are required to wait for a certain period of time before getting your driver's rights back again that would be something to arrange for within whatever the time period is stated.

The state has this rule in place for the reason as they cannot run the risk of a driver possibly having another seizure on road while driving. It may be unfair to you as a driver however it's either safety now or the option of you causing harm to another person and being sued for their bodily harm or worse. Take your choice.

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i pretty much figured that but thanks for the advice i contacted my doc and he said if my meication level was right he would right them a letter stating my seizure disorder was controlled hope that helps i dont no what i would do if i coudn't drive for 6 months you no the bills still come i also live in a rural county so there is not any public transportation

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Oh ya. I live in a rural area too so I can relate. I'm only 5 to 10 minutes from the large metro area but it's still a small inconvenience just the same. My husband works great hours so I'm looking for something that goes along with his but it's a debatable issue right now until we figure out what's happening here with my issues. We're doing okay but it surely wouldn't help having the 2nd income, I can totally agree with you there.

Hope you get things figured out and things are back on track again!

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In Kansas anyway, Doctors are not required to report. However if your seiz are reported (having one while driving, and waking up to a cop tapping on the window. Dont ask, long story :-) ) You are requied to provide an affidavit signed by a doctor saying you have been seiz free for six months before you can get your DL back. After that, the DMV will send out a letter once a year for 3-5 years requiring your Doctor to sign saying that your seiz are still under control. This is how it works in my state. I know this as a fact. I am actually getting ready to leave right now for the doctors appointment to continue driving.

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Interesting. I live in Iowa. I found out after moving here from MD (I think MD had a 2 yr seiz free thing, can't remember) they have a driving law where it's like seiz free for 6 months then you can get the license, that just blew me away. I think it's like the first year you have to get a dr's check up then it's like every 2 yrs after that I'm thinking. I was looking into it then had a lower back injury that has everything has put things on hold. It's always something in cases of getting a driver's license it seems isn't it?

Really weird how states have the laws set up on this issue that's for sure.

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I was looking over the NC driving law for epilepsy and it is the most complicated law I have ever seen in my life. but you can see for your self on this handy little tool that the epilepsy foundation has.

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thanks that web site is very informative although im still trying to figure out when the seizure free period starts from the day you have the seizure or the day they suspend your license nc is so complicated i cant figure it out i guess i figure it out though what do you guys think

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Connecticut's law says you have to be six months seizure free and medicated before you can drive after having a seizure. If you're not medicated it's a year. Doctors aren't required to report, but if you drive in that six month period and get into an accident the car insurance isn't required to cover the accident. Becomes a big mess basically. I'm stuck with being unable to drive till next april now. I'm not in a rural area but there's no public transportation and it makes a mess of my working life. But it's better then going out and having another seizure while driving and possibly killing someone or owing thousands of dollars that I can't afford to pay.

Good luck

thanks they havent taken

thanks they havent taken them yet still going through the hoops i guess if they keep asking for diffrent thing by the time thay actually suspend them 6 months will already have passed jan 13 07 will be six months so i guess will see what happens

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Hi Sweetie,
when I was living in Charlotte before coming here, as best I remember all I needed to keep my DL was for my MD to write NCDMV a letter stating I was under his care, my sz were under control, and that in his medical opinion it was safe for me to drive. Hard for the State Troopers to contest a doctor's word, eh? Could be different in my case though since all my sz are nocturnal. Don't risk causing harm to yourself and others, but do ask your doc. Best of luck- cc

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Hey I have a question for you. I just found out that my homestate of WI is requiring me to get a license in NC because we are military and I had a seizure here in june 2006. Basically WI cancelled my license there and I had to get it reinstated not a fun process but the good thing is that I have a valid drivers license. Also it has been over 6 months since the last seizure I had. Is it required to give them the last updated paperwork when I go in tomorrow to get my license in NC? Where do you get that form? My seizures are now well controlled and I have been seizure free for close to 8 months so that is a plus.

Most states require

Most states require authorization from your neurologist that your seizures are well under control, and you are ok to drive. I know in NY and Florida they require at least one year seizure free.