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My introduction.

Hi, my name is David Barban. I had two aneurysms/strokes in 1969 in Burbank, California. I now live in Israel. My grand mall ceisures are under control now. I take Mysoline and Tegretol.If the dosage is important to you, here it is: Tegretol cr/ morning: 700 mg cr and evening: 700 mg cr. I also take 3* 250 mg: prysoline.

 I do have a problem though: I went to see my neurologist here, got admitted in the neurology dept, here in Israel by my neurologist.After tests,he told me I had epilepsy on my hand (I thaught they were spasms). Anyway, I was givven a treatment of a pill that I was to take every day in the hospital. They lowered it until the number was:0. I still have these epilpsies on my hand (handicapped of course).

My question is as follows: before you tell me: ask your neurologist, (which I will do anyway), could you tell me if my "hand epilepsy" that is going on since at least 30 years (I just didn't know it was epilepsy, and never had it when I was at my neurologists) will stop one day, or is this a "permanent thing" that I have to live with all my life?

                           Thanks for answering,

                                         David Barban

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