Living with seizures

I started having seizures at the age of 5 but luckily they disappeared until the age of 16. I've been having them ever since, and am now 42 yrs. old. I used to drive, but had to stop, because I had a seizure at the wheel, and woke up about 2 inches from a tree. I had to stop working, because I kept having seizures at work, and lost many jobs because of that. My seizures are pretty much caused by early menopause, and pms symptoms. I do also have seizures that are caused by stress and anxiety. I still have seizures to this day, in fact I've been having them straight for about the last 3 or 4 days, and am finally getting bad to what I call "normal" today. When I have seizures continuously for days in a row, I don't know what has happened. Sometimes I feel so alone, and was told by my neurologist that all he knows to do is maybe have brain surgery, but there's no guarantee that will work. I just pray to God that someday a miracle would come, and these will stop, but It's truly a dream!