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does anyone know anything about kepra?


I don't know a whole lot about Keppra, but I have been taking it for about 9yrs now. It seems to do the trick. I was up to taking 6000mg/day
for a long time prior to my having my Right Temporal Surgery in Oct/07 and now I am only taking 4000/mg. I have no side effects that I can see. I was taking Lamictal along with it up until just recently when we stopped that. As far as my opinion, I couldn't have done without it.

I've been on Keppra now for about 2 weeks. Really nothing negative other than it seems I'm a lot more depressed, but with all the reading, I can't tell if it's from Keppra or from the epilepsy.

I was losing my hair a bit on the Metformin, so no difference so far with adding Keppra. Been using Nioxin, and that seems to have at least stopped the loss. Expensive yes, but I use it every other day and it works fine. I think they say everyday to make you buy the stuff.

Anyhow, waiting to talk to the neuro about changing doses. It seems that about 1-2 hours BEFORE I'm due for my next dose I'm getting auras and/or seizures, so maybe I need to be raised up on the dose.

But so far other than that doing well on it.

I'm on Keppra too, and when you first begin the medication reigment you do tend to experience mood swings. Depression and elevated annoyance are common durning the first few weeks. Other than that, there are no serious side effects of Keppra. If you are on it long enough, the mood swings will gradually fade, as you get used to the medication. Hope things go well for you! Best of Luck!

Hello, I've been on Keppra a week, and will begin withdrawing Dilantin by 50 mgs per day next week.
Since beginning Keppra, my balance has been WAY off. I spoke with my Dr. Today and we both agree to give it a bit more time. Has anyone else experienced a change in walking, balance, coordination? My upper arm muscles and thighs feel very weak.

"...Only God never changes." St. Theresa of Avila


Hi, I am mother of 2yr old boy, who just has his first dose of keppra, and i already notice, short temper, and change in walk, and balance coordination. My son does not talk or express da side effect, so i can't stop worrying (and crying) about what other effects he is having.


Please contact me, if u experience anyworse, i am planning on talking to his doctor to put stop to this medicine, but i don't know if it is right thing to do, or if it will hurt him. I feel so lost,since he is litle and can't describe his symptoms:(


I am currently taking dilatin and am in the process of switching to keppra, how did keppra work out for you as apposed to the dilantin?

I was on Dilantin for several years before being switched to Keppra. While on Dilantin my doctor kept having to raise my dosage because of break-through seizures. Finally I was sent to an epileptologist who decided that the Dilantin was not working for me, as I was on an exceptionally high dose, but still having break-through seizures. I was then placed on Keppra, starting with 500mg twice a day, starting about 3 years ago. My levels were raised slowly, and I now take 1250mg twice a day. I have had 2 break-through seizures in 3 years, as opposed to the 3 or 4 per year that I had before the Keppra. I will say that the side effects of the Keppra have been much more intense than the few I ever had on Dilantin, such as extreme mood swings, intense rage, etc. But after talking to my Primary Care Physician I was put on anti-depressants also, which did curb those greatly. Most of the side effects, such as dizziness, confusion and such did pass a few weeks after each increase in my dosage, and the worst of it with mood swings and such, came around over a year after I started taking it. I hope this info helps you. If you have any more questions definitely feel free to ask!

Hello I have been on Keppra for several years at a 3000mg a day dose.My balance and coordination have changed,for myself the side effects have not really gone away.Dizziness and drowsiness are the major side effects.

Hi Anna, my daugter Samantha is 16. She is also autistic. No speech to express her feelings. We noticed that after 2 months on Keppra ( replacing Epilim) she started to have what doctor described as myoclonic seizures. Mostly her arm shakes, and she is losing balance when she walks. This new Neurologist denied any possible relation between the Keppra and the new symptoms. When we suggested of the possible side effects of Keppra ( they are exactly what you described), she said that " depends on your sources of information". I feel at peace now after reading your message. This Doctor tried to take me into a new trip of fears that I refused to dive in: degeneration of nerve system. God help us all. Regards, Joseph

Good Morning Joseph,
I should let you know that the reason I am coming off 40 years of Dilantin and beginning Keppra is in part because I now have Peripheral Neuropathy. Nerve degeneration is a very serious matter, and while I applaud your resolve to not become overly fearful of this possibly, I encourage you to not to dismiss whatever information/warnings you receive in this department. If motor complications are due to a particular medication, the neuropathy information sites all seem to suggest that removal of the medication is the necessary step that must be taken to prevent any further nerve damage.(Of course, this should only be done under a doctor's supervision) Watch carefully. Take notes to document time periods.
I wish Samantha well! Your task as a parent to a child who is unable to express her feelings is certainly challenging. As a teacher who has had students with various forms of autism I understand how difficult it can be to discern precisely what the child is thinking/experiencing. Keep up the good work.
God bless,

"...Only God never changes." St. Theresa of Avila

Thank you for the reply and for your advise. I shall watch and get informed about Nerve degeneration. I started reading after I received your reply. On the other hand, we started today to roll back Epilim ( blood tests did not show any damage to the liver). It is uncomfortable period for us. But hopefully, that will eliminate the doubts about the side effects of Keppra first, and if they continue, we shall be prepared to deal with a new situation. I will keep updating. Again thank you for you kind words. Joseph

Dear Anna,
Hope this message finds well. I wanted to update you on Samantha's condition. We have been rolling back to Epilim for the last 3 weeks and we still have one week to go with Kepra. So far, Samantha is going back to her old routine. Better nights and better days. This week she went back to school and she seems happy when she comes back home. No seizures for the last 2 weeks. I pray that she contiue this way. Hopefully her moods will be better after Kepra is out of her system.

I wish you the same peace. Blessings. Joseph

Dear Joseph,
Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how your precious daughter is doing. I am pleased to hear that Samantha has returned to school and seems happy. No seizures in 2 weeks is certainly something to celebrate! I too shall pray that Samantha continues to rest easily at night and that her seizures remain under control.
I am doing well. We are still in the process of adjusting medications. So far, so good. The osteoarthritis in my joints and peripheral neuropathy are troublesome, but thankfully, I'm finding ways to deal with both conditions. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.
God bless you and your family. Please give Samantha a big hug for me.
"...Only God never changes." St. Theresa of Avila

Dear Anna,

Thank you for your kind toughts and prayers. I believed in prayers to gain my strength and guide me through all this. Please look into self-healing by connecting to the energy in you and around you. Reiki is one them. It is free to learn and simple to use and will never hurt you. If you need to know more about it let me know. There are few free guides on the internet.
My email is Best regards,

Joseph Chamoun

i HATE HATE HATE keppra. after i was diagnosed with e my doctor put me on lamictal, but because lamictal can cause a life-threatening rash, you have to get put on it ever so slowly. thus, my doc wanted to make sure i was protected by the keppra while he carefully upped my lamictal. for two weeks i was an EMOTIONAL WRECK. i've suffered from bouts of depression my whole life, but this was a drug-induced horror show. if you have a generalized, manageable case of epilepsy like mine, there's no reason you should be subjecting yourself to such agony. also, if you've never suffered from depression before, don't think that this is just one of those things that you have to go through. it's not. depression is hell, and i wouldn't wish it on anyone unless they were a really horrible person.
if you're going through torment on keppra, maybe you should consider another drug. depression destroys lives, it really does.

best wishes, guys

gratefulmouse---in my life i had major derpession and anxiety disorder.....I went through it 3 times and my last time was on an antidperessant...I had nver taken an antidepressant until I had a hysterectomy and the idiot drs at the time..back in 1988---I was put on estrogen drug touted to be the most natural...yea right...NATURAL TO HORSES..AS THAT IS WHAT IT WAS MADE FROM.... the drs said I was depressed and t hat is why I was having horrible symptoms after my hysterectomy....but that was not the case...I went to a shrink who said ok if they think your depressed maybe I have something to help you sleep and eat..I wasnt doing she gave me  some desipramine..

 its an antidpressant did help the sleep and eat probem...but not the hotflashes and depression that I did have but not the same as my major depression...well, I got upset with all that and went to a female specialist..she ran a blood test and the rest is history ....she said i was allergic to PREMARIN THE HORSE ESTROGEN... and to get off it was causing my body to reject my own did and felt a lot better and she put me on another estrogen which really fixed me up..

 so if my idiot drs had just noticed that something was wrong with premarin and just tried me on a different estrogen I would have been ok....well, after 10 yrs of taking desipramine the antidepressant..I decided to get off I told my dr and i did it very slowly....well,  half way off bang..I had my first seizure...I was 47 when that happened...I therefore consider myself blessed because Id didnt have it as a child..

 I was rushed to emergency becuz no one knew what had happened to me I was at work and dilantin was pushed through my body and within 7 days I broke out in a rash...then neurontin was tried and my stomach was goign round adn round....they had taken me off desipramine the last 100...I was on 200 total and I got myself down to the 100...well, they diidnt taper me of they just jerked me off ...which is not suppose to happen and that threw my stomach and guts into such a turmoil....

 i thought it was the nuerontin and got off it and got back on the antidepressant...I took it another 10 yrs never having another seizure....and then I said ...i want to do a body cleanse so I started off again with a drs help...and bang...half way off another seizure my second...I was put on keppra then....I was half way off the antidepresant and stayed there that time....and when i got on the keppra I had no mood problems at all...

well, while oin the keppra I decided to just get off teh desipramine as it has many side i did and felt ok actually.....I was also on the estrogen and decided to get off it as everyone was yelling about taking it...I did that and then I said ok now I will get off keppra...i did that and it was at that time I noticed the awful mood swings that it brings with exaserbated my anxiety disorder....and my depression.....but once I was off clears up..however, I had more energy while on keppra....

 well, 4-6 wks later bang...another third..I was 56 yrs home alone..scaredme but i have to say..without taking anything else for 4 days I didnt have another at all...I felt ok...I was scared abit to be alone...then i went to an awful dr in houston...he started me back on the keppra ...andthen I noticed the nightmare of mood swings on that ...but once you get to where you are suppose to be stops..

 so when getting on keppra as you change amounts that you take causes about 2 to 3 days of mood swings...then it slowly stops and you are normal...after awhile your body adjusts to it and no more mood things at all....well, my dr said not good enough I had to go up to 2000  a day...I had only taken 1000 a day  500 in the morning and 500 at night....before...anyway he said 2000 a day was theraputic...

so I did that and was so sick I began wasting away...I lost tons of weight...25 lobs in three weeks..and had bone wasting and muscle wasting and other side affects..i called the dr over and over and h e began to not pay attention to i had my husband carry my body into his office and he realized at that point he put me of fto long..

I was put on lamictal and taken off keppra ..while going on one I had to suffer the side affects of it and the side affects of getting off what a nightmare...the lamictal caused my brain not to go into would j ump as i lay there...I was depressed as crazy and no sleep which wore me the already wasted woman to almost nothing...i began to stay in bed and was in bed wasting away for 5 months..the next drug  was wore off in 6 hrs and I began to cramp and intead of taking it twice a day I began taking it 4 times a day.....and it nearly destroyed my kidneys....because when i got ahold of emergency one night just to ask them what to do ..they said contact my dr I told them I tried but he wont answer my calls and they said to change drs and told me what they could..

i went in agin to the dr and he put me on xanax in the between time while taking trileptal....paaaaleeeassseee

to go from bad to worse...i got off trileptal and told that way...that he would do what I wanted from now on and that would be to put me back on keppra but at a lower dose...i knew I was suppose to be on keppra because even though I did get some awful depression and anxeity wasnt bad when it wore he did what i asked and I got back on my antidepressant...

I had ideas to get on the keppra and then get on the antidepressant and then get off keppra and just stay on the antidepressant even though i didnt need it for depression but because it helped me not to have siezure as it was the reason I had seizures...getting off desipramine caused me to have one seizure when I did that..

no one bothered to look into the matter...I also found out that the last seizure i hd as a result of getting off desipramine teh antidepressant even though I hd been off for took it when I was taking keppra...I took them together....I found out from the pharmacist that if you take keppra with certain other drugs..that keppra binds to that when I was getting off keppra in the end I was really getting off of my that is why the seizure...

my new nuerologist said that she wouldnt treat me if i decided to get off keppra and stay on the antidepressant..well, I knew that I should be taking the keppra I decided once again to get off the antidepressant and stay on the keppra...well, I had just gotten up to 200 on the antidepressant and was feeling awful...what a nightmare it I went onto the antidepressant..I felt so awful i cant describe teh dying actually...i was moving at the time ...from houston to san angelo tx...

I fell in the move and broke 3 ribs and then a door fell on my head....nearly killing me..then my husband decides he is having a heart attack ...I take his blood pressure and its normal..but he insists on going in and I tell him he must be just axious beause I told him to quit his job that was killing hm ..having to drive over an hour to get to work and the same coming home....and knowing I was at home bedridden and alone trying seizzure drugs...

so he quit and we checked out san angelo where his mom was and she was wasting away but she is 80 yrs old....from her coumadin....well, he spent 6  days in the hospital...I had to pack everything in our apt and also get trucks and people to help us pack up the trucks....and get my son in college along with his things...while the old husband was in the hspital..come to find out I was right...he wasnt having a heart attack..he has slick arteries..and ..his heart was fine....I on the other hand ..had had a heart check adn one of my valves is thick and empacted and the other part of the heart was lazy from not having much blood coming in to make the heart move like it should..I was told to see a  heart dr but put it off because of the move and at the same time having broken ribs and banged up  head but still had to pack and get trucks and people and get my son into college...I guess his so calle dheart attack came at the right time...

I am amazed at how things work old seizure brain ...having to take care of all those things while a healthy man except for his diabetes ...gets a break like that....well,, i guess you can tell my anger is still there..I have forgiven him but still feel put upon beause it wasnt appreciated at all..  husband got a job there in san angelo before we even moved there..we were blessed and in that I find joy...we found an apt right away...i guess the Lord saw my predicament and said enough is enough .....soemthing has got to go right...

anyway..Im still going off the desipramine...half way off and will go down another 25mgs when i get a thing that has happened to me now...i went to help out my babysit while a son who came back from afghansitan goes on a cruise with his wife...I babysat 4 kids ...the first night I didnt sleep as I got some weird thing like a hot poker going through my back ...then when I sat up it was going t hrough my left front under my coudlnt bend I went to emergency...they took a simple xray and said I was gave me a laxative and it only aggravated the situation.....i went back in and they gave me pain killer...

I took it but the hosp where i was...didnt want to care for me cuz i wasnt from there...dont blame i went through it for 2 wks hoping to get home and get it taken care of ..over time it got smaller...well, I had to fly back and that is when it got more inflamed ...when i got home I was miserable..but then it started to calm felt like a huge thing under my rib on the left could be my pancreas which is on the left side and then...or my gut ..or one knew..i saw my dr the next day as I had an apt.

he took another xray and saw an impaction..I had no problems with that but he said take mineral oil and reglan...a bowel mover and reflux acid reducer...i dotn like taking acid reducers because when getting off teh acid comes back in with a vengence...well, I took his stuff and it clogged me up for 3 days ...i went the entire week feeling worse..I ask why doesnt someone at least a hard can that be..

or do an mri so we can tell what this huge thing is on teh upper right side...what cavity its help me if I find out its something that should have been treated and not ignored ..look out...that is why law suits I see the dr again this next friday...Im suppose to see a gastro dr and a skin dr ...I never had this problem at a hosp I use to go to in houston...they took care of things pronto..

they dont realize that goiong to see a dr a  hundred times for the same thing costs more money then doing one simpple mri and bang you know what it is....

well, i will let you guys know how the keppra works when Im off the desipramine....when a person takes it for a long time ..the symptoms go away....i get energy from it...when i first ever took it did make me drowsy the morning and in the evening but in the middle of the day...I was was fine...once the mood things wore off....and then after all that you arent drowsy any feel fine....and more normal than any other drug....

Dear Mary,
Thank you and good luck to you too. Tomorrow is Samantha's last encounter with Keppra. We do not know what to expect after it is gone and for how long it will take to totally clear from her body.

Best regards,

beware I was one of those that broke out from the RASH it was the reaction that you can get from lamictal. we must all be very careful of all the cocktails these docs like to put together. I was taking Keppra 1500 mg. and lamictal at the max dose at the same time and woke up one morning from head to two in a rash (they say it can turn into Johnsons sundrome) be care ful and follow warnings

Yep, experianced dizziness, double vision and off-balance. Just wondering, but why no more Dilantin? I took it for a short while and my gums swelled. We said goodbye:)


For you guys out there on Keppra for me it is a wonderful drug.....however I was told to take one more tablet in the am and that is what caused me to have vision problems once I went off the extra tablet in the am I was fine and have been for at least 1 year. However even though I'm doing fine now I'm considering the surgery anyone out there that has been there with any comments?????

Hello Dee-
Keppra has it's downfalls I will admit that, it does help on the other hand. I also am thinking about surgery, going through the testing now what kind of surgery are you looking at???


Dilantin was horrible for me. I had every symptom you can think of. It made things worse rather than better. Keppra has done the trick however. I have been siezure free for almost three years!

I have been on Keppra for about four years and for the most part have no negative side affects. I had surgery because the seizures were not controlled by the meds I take. I am still on the medications but overall am as satisfied as a person taking a medication can be; drowsy and all for a couple hours, but no double vision or dizziness, etc. I also take trileptal and that makes me a lot drowsier than the Keppra. Maybe Keppra alone if that is enough would really be a great meds. Hope I answered your question.


Hi to all!
I have been in Trileptal also for 10 years. But in the last year my seizures become bigger and bigger. So my Doc proposed to add Kepra. He told me that is a new and very good medicine, but usually comes as a second medicine.I am afraid of doing that, but it seems that I don't have any other choice... What are you saying???

I'm 39 and have had about 12 or so grand mal seizures since I was 18. My neurologist suggested I add 1000mg of Keppra XR to my 1200mg of Carbatrol a day. I then had a grand mal seizure back in March 09 at the office.

Neurologist suggested we double the Keppra to 2000mg daily in addition to the 1200mg carbatrol. I've had 2 grand mal within the last 3 weeks. For me, Keppra doesn't seem to be helping me worth a dang at all.


hi brian,
i started kepra a month ago and i was hesitant to do so with the lists of side effects. however in my case those side effects were not that intense and they lasted til my body got use to the drug. as for seizure control, i can say kepra has decreased the activity as well as the intensity of a seizure. i started out with 500 ywice a day and now i take 750 twice a doesnt make me tired at all. i function on less sleep now than beforre and i am more alert too. goood luck hope it works for you

Keppra is a dream come true. I have had epilepsy since my brain surgury in 2000. Since they put me on Keppra I have been siezure free for almost three years!

How I WISH I could be siezure free for 3 years. I can't even go a month without an aura or anything else. I started having siezures at the age of 27 and have now had them for 30 years. I have tried every medication under the sun but nothing can control them. Right now I am on Keppra, Depakote ER, Lamictal, Topamax and Ativan PRN. At one time I was on Dilantin but I lost all my teeth. I went to the Cleveland Clinic for testing hoping to receive brain surgury but the siezures were happening so fast that they could not be pin pointed down. One thing I forgot to mention is that I frontal lobe, absence siezuers. I have now turned my driver's lisence in and will no longer drive for the rest of my life. I'm sure everyone feels the same as I do right now, when they first told that they had epilepsy they never cried so hard in their life and said "WHY ME GOD". The  only one that truly understands what it's like to have epilepsy is someone that has it themselves, so don't you dare tell me you  " UNDERSTAND CAUSE YOU ARE FULL OF ****!"

I have been on Keppra since 2001 and seizure free from tonic clonic until July of last year. Coincidentally I started an anti depressant last year in July also. I decided to take myself off of the a/d recently to see if that decreases the episodes. Keppra has been pretty good compared to dilantin which was horrible.

Hello Brian and everyone,
I was on Keppra for about 3 years. I have intractable complex partial seizures, and I hoped, when I started Keppra, that it might be the "magical drug" which would finally control my seizures, but no such luck. Although some people have positive experiences with the drug. I must warn anyone taking the drug of a rare but very possible horrific rash. If you have very sensitive or fair skin, the drug can sensitize your skin, and give you a rash which is just awful. It is a rare (and thus not discussed) but possible side effect. Just to let anyone know, if they are experiencing such a side effect. It gets worse with time, if you stay on the drug. By the way, I just saw that the person who last wrote found dilantin to be horrible. Is there anything one should really look out for, if you're just on the drug for "short term?" I've been on it for about 8 months, and am now preparing for surgery. Wish me luck.
Thanks, and good luck to all,

Hey Brian,

I have been on Keppra about 8 months. I was on Dilantin before and all it did was make my lamictal level drop and cause more seizures. I have had good side effects from Keppra and Lamictal. The only problem is that I stay tired ALLLLLLLLLLLLl the time. There are times at work that I would like to lay my head down and go to sleep. The lamictal and keppra have not controlled my seizures completely (that could be the fact I take 1000 mg lamictal a day and 1500 mg keppra a day). I now have one partial seizure about every three to four months (before it was one every month), but it still has not controlled. I do go for tests to see if I am a candidate for temporal lobe resection (which I hope I am). Other than that Keppra is a good drug (other than the fact that lamictal and keppra are expensive) =(

well, i hope you do good with keppra. it has helped me, but it does cause tiredness for me (24 hrs a day and 7 days a week).


You can always apply for free meds with the makers of Lamictal Smith Kline (1-866-728-4368) and Keppra is made by  UCB, you can contact them. I could not find their number so go to I really do hope this information helps you. I know that the prices are very high. Lamictal cost me $700 for a 3 month supply but I get it free of charge from Smith Kline so please please give it a try! 

Hello Brian

I started on keppra 1,500 twice aday with lamotrigine 3 in moring 2 at night 100 mg each . Everything was going fine did not have a large sezuires for 10 years but had the petit'mal . When i went on the keppra and lamotrigine i had 2 big seizures 2 weeks ago i ended up staying in hospital for 3 days in a sizurer . The doctor want's to send me to hospital
to change my drugs to epilim but change it fast has anyone been on epilim and how good is it

take care sk

I have 17 1/2 year old daughter who had absence seizure since she was 3. At age 9 she was seizure free. Unfortunately the seizure came back 2 years later. She was put back on valporic acid until early this year and was switched to Lamictal because of the vomiting. On 3/07 she had a breakthrough seizure (Grand Mal( which was the first one in her life. Her doc put her on Keppra 1500 mg twice a day. She is now seizure free except the space out that she continues to have. Any one knows about Keppra for absence seizure?


I had my 1st seizure at 47. I consider myself lucky. I was put on dilantin and within 7 days broke out in a rash and was taken off. I then took nothing. I was trying to get off desepramine an antidepressant I was put on after a hysterectomy because I was allergic to premarin. When dr's cant figure what to do they stick you on an antidepressant. I was on it from 1989..the 1st time I tried to get off..down the road I had a seizure at work. then I got back on my antidepressant and was fine. then later in 2006 I was trying again and had another seizure but this time I was determined to get off anyway. I was then put on keppra. I had no side affects that I noticed. I took 500mgs in the morning and at night. I was told to get off when I was off my antidepressant. it took me awhile to get off the antidepressant and I just got off my last keppra last night. I waited awhile for the antidepressant to get out of my system and Im not sure its all out yet..but I had to start getting off keppra. I got off one of the pills morning two weeks ago or 3--dont remember..and then the last pill last Im getting off 500mgs at a time...I think smaller doses would be better but I dont think your suppose to cut them in half. I did have a bout with depression while getting off the 1st pill and itching like crazy. but I was getting off an antidepressant as well. There is dizziness and ticks in getting off. I just hope I can ride this out. I have gotten off other meds before, like zanax, timed released, which was a nightmare. I was taking it for an extreme case of IBS. I was bed ridden for each drop on that and it affected everything. I pray to God as I get off this last thing. I will be meds free except for taking supplements for type II diabetes which seems to be working. Whatever you take wether it be natural supplements and herbs or reg medicine..they all can have sideaffects because we are all different. I guess we are guinea pigs trying to find what works. God bless...

gratefulmouse---got to say I have noticed one thing about keppra...if you are having stomach problems...I looked up the content of keppra and it has iron oxide in it...the  500 mgs have iron oxide yellow and the 750mgs  have iron oxide red...iron ...enough of it can mess up your stomach...even eating foods wont help...I am suffering with my stomach blowing up with gass and it just wont stop and causes me diahrea....its su ppose to cause constipation...not diahrea...but if the iron is in it like I read...then it causes the reverse...also Im not sleeping..hello..............I would love to least that would go away after awhile...I finally get to sleep at night...and then wake up with an awful feeling..moody as heck....I had the usual...weak feelings and dizziness and moodiness....depression and crying....and was talkative....bfore all that started...actualy I wasnt too bad until i got up to 2000mgs....before that I was ok...crying and moody...but then when I upped my meds to the two thousand that is when depression set I went back down and it took awhile but it went down and then Im upping it slower....I was depressed all yesterday and I took my pills tonight abt 1800mgs....and my stomach blew up and gas came out..its smell...its the iron oxide...I will ask for the other ones that dont have it...probably the 250 or the 1000 as it is white...I hate that but I have always been sensitive to iron...anything anyone having problems with the stomach its the iron....Im not having seizures all the first as I said was when I was 47 then at 54 and then recently at 56 almost 57.....I was getting off decepramine when all this took place and had just finished this time what a pain...I will take this meds if it suits my intestines and moods for at least maybe 1-2 yrs then get off and see what happens..if I have another seizure then....I will get back on...yuk...I hate that but at least I will know that the  iron oxide messes one up...God bless you with your trials and remember the savior suffered during the attonement for everything we are going through now....the Holy Spirit will help you get through your trials....I hope this helps with any stomach problems.....see if you change your pills without the iron oxide....and remember its the 500 and the 750.......maybe they can take that out..I might write to them about it....thanks gratefulmouse

Hi Brian
My husband just started Keppra with his Trileptal recently because he was having break thru seizures. Hes only been on it a lil less then two weks and we will up the dose come friday then lower the trileptal a little bit. He is also on antidepressant Lexapro. I was concerned about him starting the Keppra because of the horrible things I keep reading about it. But Doc said he should be ok because of the antidepressant Lexapro. I hope Doc is right. SO far, so good...he seems ok...his normal self. We will see when the dose gets up'ed. He hasnt had anymore breakthrus for two weeks so I think its helping that at least. He is ALOT more tired though...not sure if its the Keppra or the high doses of Trileptal (2400mg) plus the Lexapro plus the now added Keppra (500mg). He just falls asleep whereever he is, no matter what time it is. I feel bad for him.
I wish you luck. I hope it works for you. Ill keep fingers crossed for ya ok?

Hi, I am new here. and I am on Keppra 2500 mg a day.  and I take b6 100 mg in am with it and it helps with the side effects.  Just wanted to let you know that. 


Blessings, Smeek

hi, i have been on keppra for two years and it has made my life just a little crazy. i have lost some of my hair and my nails grow like wild flowers. my moods sometime suck. i cry sometimes and m doctor has had to put me in the hospital twice for bowel problems. but, it has had it good times too, i have not had a seizure since march of 06 and i am happy.


Just curious about the bowel problems?  I just started Keppra about 2wks ago and have noticed stomach pains and nausea can this be related to the meds.  I too am very irritable and cant sleep at night.  I get frequent vibration sensations in both arms and  legs its driving me crazy any suggestions?  Is the hair loss common? I certainitly hope not yikes?  thanks Mary Beth

gratefulmouse---hey mary beth.....two weeks ago huh....hmmm...well, some of my side affects didnt happen until later actuallly.....I felt lots of energy when I first started and no sleep ...I was a little more acertive as well. I spoke my mind. then slowly I began to feel emotional...crying, depression, anxeity. I think all this came about as I had to raise my millograms and the first thing I did notice was my stomach literallly blowing out with gas and explosive diahrea.....well, I decided to research and find that keppra 500mgs and 750mgs both have iron oxide on the outside of the pill...its the covering...500 is iron oxide yellow and the other is iron oxide red....but iron oxide is ...iron....and a lot of women esp older ones cant handle iron or are sensitive to iron ...I have been for a long gave me cramps and gas and I looked at the other millograms which is 250mgs and 1000mgs.....the 250mgs has fd&c blue 9 and some other blue color....which I dont know if its safe...but it isnt iron and doesnt cause the explosion the minute the pill hits your stomach....however, I do still have problems with my bowels taking I have loose bowels but not diahrea....I have since gotten over the that does go away....and I do have however, depression and anxiety....I find that this happens after I eat.....why that is I dont almost makes me dread eating...but by evening it isnt so doesnt stay...but if you drink a lot of water then it helps....I noted I had to stay away from green tea with caffiene....I dont drink anything or eat anything with caffiene in it as I was told not to do when i was young because of breast my religion has health reasons not to do I normally dont do caffiene but I was drinking the green tea and caused some I quit that and got with my water adn drink plenty of it which helps with the depression and the stomach upset.....I find that when you go up or down in the millograms you go through the side have to wait it out....but it puts your life on hold...thank God I have raised my kids already ...all 5 of them....but....I am praying to feel normal one day....I have only had 3 seizures in my one knows why.......but that is a whole other story..right now Im only on 1750mgs....Im suppose to go to 2000mgs...I dont kn ow if i can...the side affects are awful...depression and anxiety to me are the worst....the rest can be dealt with.....I am praying that it all is temporary and goes and I can stay on it and it works....however, my stomach no longer explodes on impact of the pills.....I take 3 and a half of the blue 250mgs in the morning and head is clear and my visiion is ok now...the nausea is a little there.....the depression is off and on and the anxiety is off and on....i dont do much around my house....hopefully this will all go away and I can get back to normal first I was my usual being busy cleaning house and making super.....I have to go up again to the 2000 and that will start the entire thing all over again....I am also trying to get over the pain and the injury from the fall...I was and am blessed to be alive as I fell forward and was breathing.....I was alone when my third one happened.....I felt that God was watching over me and wants me here otherwise I wou ldnt be.....I just want the depression and anxiety to go...its not always there but when it is it isnt fun.....I dont want to take an antidepressant....I got off one and it was the reason I was having seizures...getting off it caused it ....I figured once off it wouldnt happen was exactly 6 mos when this last one Im hoping that it just wasnt out of my system is the reason it happened. I was put on an antidepressant beause I was allergic to premarin an estrogen after a hysterectomy...and I couldnt sleep or eat so they put me on that and I stayed and was ok...then I tried to get off three times and had seizures from getting first eeg showed spiking but i just had the seizure...and after that none showed and my mri's are all ok.....actually really good......who hysterectomy took 8 hrs instead of makes me wonder about them giving me breathing stuff who knows....God bless you and keep you....I pray constantly for relief....I know when one has to go through hard things in life we stay close to God ...however, I do anyway....I pray constantly....Trust in God and pray and He will give you answers and one answer I got was to drink a lot of helps with the depression and it doesnt doesnt actually......walk around some.....when your bowels are emptied out by the end of the day you feel a lift in mood and.....the medicine is excreted or leaves the body through the kidneys.....God bless you... more is said to cause hairloss.....I took it before....500mgs in the morning and evening with my antidepressant that I was trying to get off...and I think I might have lost some hair....I havent so far as I just got back on it.....I have been on it since feb your hair and stimulate your scalp.....see if it comes off a lot on your pillow.....maybe down the road they might come up with something better that doesnt have so many side affects...esp the depression and anxiety....if you dont have that you have hope .....but if you do have it hang in there..hold on and trust in God he will get you through.....


Hello--I've been on Keppra for 3 years and I now take 1500mg in the AM and 2000mg in the PM. I also take Topamax and Lamictal. The next step is surgery but I have to get things squared away job-wsie to get ready for it. As far as side effects, my biggest struggle has been with severe mood swings. I also have problems with my appetite. I can go an entire day without eating because I'm just not hungry. So my metabolism is ZERO and that's no good. I have had problems with hair loss but I have a stylist that has started doing scalp massages and it seems to be helping. Feel free to ask your partner/spouse to do it for you on a regular basis because it will help after a stressful day.

If I can help out with anything else, I'm only a reply away :-)

Hi, I'm glad that I came upon this topic. Started keppra  about 21/2 weeks ago. 500mg twice daily. Have been drowsy, groggy, out-of-sync & sluggish. After 1st week felt the change of mood--was not my usual sunny self; was impatient, snappy and easily irritated. At night it kind of knocked me out after an hour or two.That was great --i was sleeping thru the night. Still making me very sleepy at night, but the A.M's are not as brisk and fresh as I used to be.  Have been reading all the comments here and alternating between, 'Oh, good' and 'Oh No! Will relay all to my Dr. next visit.

Peace & Harmony

I started Keppra as soon as it came on the market (I do not know what year).  I now take 1000 MGs (three times a day) and have had VNS.  I have not had mood swings, but APPETITE SUPPRESSION.  I have one small lunch each day for four days in-a-row, the other three days I do not eat, I'm just not hungry.  I do drink lots of water each day to prevent kidney stones from re-occuring.  I have been too lazy to clean house and/or cook, infact I rarely do anything.  The only hair loss I have had is when I comb my hair - not when I shampoo it.  It seems the hair loss is because of Keppra for they started about the same time. 

FYI, the other meds. I take are Lamictal (200 MG three times a day) and Diamox (125 MG three times a day).  I asked my doctor to make each of them three times per day so I can take the same amount each time. 

I have been on kepra for about 4 months and have the same symptoms but worse.  I have been to the emergency room 20 times for anxiety attacks, breathing problems and bowel problems because of the kepra. I would call your doctor and have him or her put you on dilantin. If you continue on kepra the symptoms will get worse.  I called my doctor and had him take me off of kepra and put me on dilantin.  Kepra also made my potassium level real low. 

 I Started KEPPRA the day before HALLOWEEN of 2012 and Have'nt Had a Sezuire Since , where I use to have up to 40 gran-mal attacks a day. I have had 2 Brain Surgeries (One in 1987 and another in 1993) to slow my "Epilepsy" , niether have worked. I was on most meds while they where still in the makeing or before they were released to the PUBLIC in Canada. Some People LIKE to be Stoned, but I was So STONED from my meds that I HATED IT..., as I use to slide down walls and could'nt see Right because of all the meds I was on.(up to 12 diff meds 3x a day. I had a Sezuire Once and drove over a Car and Truck with a Dozer. I was retired by the end of the week at only 40yrs Old.  I was on 300mg x 3 of Dilantin,300mg x 3 of Lamotrine, 300mg x 3 of Gabapentin & 1,0000mg of CLOAZAM (Frisium) a-day and was STILL Haveing Up to 40 gran-Mal Sezuires a-day and over 500 Auras a-day.

Since I started this LEVETIRACETAM (KEPPRA) the doctors cut my Dilantin back to 200mgs x 3, my Clobazam (Frisium) to 20mgs x 3 and the KEPPRA to 500mgs x 3 .(x3 = Morning , Noon and Night) Since they started me on KEPPRA , I have'nt had a SEZUIRE Since the day before HALLOWEEN of 2012., However., like you..., I  am Very Irritable and have'nt Slept since Jan.05/2013 because I CAN'T sleep anymore!! (I am SO Irritable Now that I HELD a Cop UP against a Wall in a BANK and TOOK his GUN.., But I was ONLY in the BANK looking after my Mothers ACCOUNTS as She was Placed in the Hospital and is not Epected to leave.) On Jan.09/2013 the AURAS returned with a Vengeance...., Now when I have a AURA., my Right Leg (From the Hip to the Toe) and Right Arm(From the SHOULDER to the FINGER TIPS) Begin to TINGLE (till it Hurts) then they go completely NUMB and I can FEEL a SHARP PAIN Leave My SHOULDER rush into my HEAD. This ALL lasts for about 2 Minutes., and up till 5 minutes. I have'nt Experienced the Hair Loss..., YET !!  


gratefulmouse----every meds has some kind of side affect for me...but over time some of those side affects go away...the first time I took keppra....I had yellow diahrea so bad it just came out...even when i got off and then went bk did it again....but it wore off....while taking the 500mg keppra caused so much stomach problems...I decided to research it and it had a coating of yellow iron oxide...and that causes severe gas and gut problems...yes it does cause hair loss but I was already having that...and my nails grew like crazy..great.....then over the years it slowly goes away...Im only taking 500mgs in the morning and the same at nite but...I take now the 250mgs which are blue...I tried the new generic and it caused me my dr had to fight for me to take the brand keppra blue 250mgs of wh ich I take 2 in the am and 2 in the pm...and yes it does cause emotional turmoil...sometimes I was crying over nothing and other times very aggressive..but not angry just verbally agressive and I had energy which was great....well, all that wears off....or actually I wound up taking paxil because I had a sleep study and they said I was having nocturnal panic attacks and there is no such thing...what was happening was I had severe sleep apnea as my soft pallet in the back of my throat was falling as I went to sleep..IM going on 62 and that is because they thought I was having nocturnal panic attacks of which there is no such thing..I was put on different meds for it and it messed me up till I went into the hospital and it was I take paxil...well, since they discovered I really had severe sleep apnea instead ...I decided to keep taking paxil which worked good for me helping to reduce the anxiety I was IM on a cpap machine for breathing at nite thank goodness that this was found....the severe sleep apnea caused me to have barretts metaplasia or esophagus...reflux disease and Im on two diff kinds of acid reducers...and then my allergies have always been bad and im on two diff kinds of allergy happens for me....I have normally IBS..irritable bowel of those with all that and a few more things....Im doing only problem now is I sleep too much...I take my paxil twice a day am and pm...and my allergy pills at nite sleep was mixed up sleeping days and not at Im trying melatonin....diff drs wantted to put me on antidepressants for it...and also for my allergies as antidepressants are used for different things....amazing...trazadone and doxipin....I am not on them though...IM useing the melatonin....for the sleep help...and boy did I sleep...I just have to take it earlier so I dont sleep through the day time....Im looking into doing something diff for my barretts esophagus....there is a new commercial on tv now for taking care of it....Im tired of taking the acid reducers..its been almost 2 yrs of me taking them and I know that its not good....

What type of bowel problems did you have? My 9 year old son has been really gassy and has had horrible stomach pains. He has had spells where he gets real red in the face and then thinks he is going to vomit or need to go to the restroom. This last for ten minutes and then he is fine again. He has an appointment with his pediatrician to have some blodd work done. He has been on Keppra for 1 year and the only problems he has had is being moody and irritated with his sisters more than usual. He did have loose bowel movements last week. We are not sure if he has had a touch of the flue or what?? email me at


gratefulmouse---I take the pill and instantly I get this huge belly..and I know its air or makes noise like something is living in there..and then if I wait a bit..I start passing this gas.....well, I decided to check it out...Im that kind of person and the keppra enhances it...sort of nervous and a little did a search online to see what keppra was made of...I dont understand any of the actual stuff it is made of but one thing I noticed and I know a lot about that..and that is ...iron oxide...I decided to ask my family doc during my well woman check up about it and what it was exactly..I think its a form of iron and its listed for the actual outside color of the makes up the coloring...and my doc did say yes that is a form of iron.....fe as it where from school....and i am sensitive to any kind of iron...always have bloats my stomach something awful and then sometimes it causes when I was pregnant a 100 yrs ago they use to give us ferrus sequals which is iron for pregnant women and it would cramp me so bad and give me lets say that I did more reserch and found that the 500mgs is the one will yellow iron oxide and the 750mgs is the ones with red iron called my neuro's office and told them my findings and then said since I am going up on my mgs I dont want the 1000mg pill as it doesnt have it I think wasnt described in detail like the rest but the 250mgs was and it didnt show as having any iron I asked them to get some for me and gave them my pharmacy phone number to call in a perscription for the 250gs ...which is a lot as Im on 1800mg for the entire that has to be broken up ...I did have extreme nausea as well and that may be part of the side affects...I had dizziness, weakness, anxiety and depression..mood swings crying jags...muscle pain but not extreme...Im trying to get through all this ...I took it before with other meds as it was given to me while I was on other medication for other stuff and that is why keppra is good you can take it with other things...but getting thru the side affects is awful...the moods are so never know what to expect...and if you have some kind of stomach upset and have diahrea it takes some of the medicine out of you and you might feel different...until it catches back up....well, I get the 250mgs tomroow I havent tried them out yet..I will let you know how it turns out...

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