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Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy - Mood and Speech Issues

I have JME. My brain in the forehead area between my eyes always feels irritated. It is kind of like a constant mild headache. I always feel like I'm in bad mood, and my brain just feels tired all the time. I am wondering if anybody with JME experiences something similar to this. I've tried different anti-depressants and TMS but nothing has helped so far.

I also have issues with my speech. Speech does not seem to come naturally for me, both the word retrieval and producing the sounds with my mouth. I do not like talking at all and my speech gets worse the more tired I am. I feel like I slur my words and just have trouble expressing myself verbally in a coherent and natural way.

Does anybody with JME have these kind of issues?
I assume they are related to JME.

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