Insomnia and Epilepsy

Hi, I'm new here and was recently diagnosed with temperal lobe epilepsy.  For many years (as long as I can remember), I've had issues with insomnia and it gets so bad that I'm immune to every sort of sleeping pill and am always so desperate for sleep.  I've heard that epilepsy can cause insomnia and I'm wondering if that's the reason why I can't sleep.  I haven't found the right meds yet for my seizures and sometimes I only sleep every other day and it's always broken up.  I'm always so tired during the day and never have any energy to do anything.  Anyone else deal with this?  I'm losing my witts end here and it's so frustrating and if this is caused by seizures is it merely a simple matter of finding the right meds to fix it?

I feel like I'm going delirious from not sleeping! Please tell me this can be fixed and that I'm not going crazy!



Re: Insomnia and Epilepsy

Not sure if the epilepsy causes it but it takes me atleast 3 hours to fall asleep.I've been up til 5 am alot and had sleepless nights.I feel tired but my body says no not falling asleep tonight.Theres been times i wish my walls were sound proof because any noise didn't help and my brother plays the guitar I'd be in tears.I'd try everything to block it out from covering my head with a pillow to ear plugs with no luck.I struggle every night but know if I said anything every time I got frustrated either family would get mad at me cause they were sick of hearing it or they would get no sleep.Nobody seems to understand it.he earlier I go to bed the harder it is to fall asleep.I usually fall asleep around 5 am get up at 9 am have trouble getting back to sleep then set my alarm for 1 pm to get just 7 hours of sleep.I've given up on even the chance of things getting better and just had to accept it or I'd be going nuts.

Re: Insomnia and Epilepsy

It seems epilepsy and insomnia go hand in hand. About 20 years ago when I was on depakene, my neurologist prescribed the dreaded attivan to me, assuming that it would calm me down and  I would fall asleep easier. My seizures continued despite these measures. And my sleep was no better. However, today I only take 400 mg / day of tegretol and my sleep while not following a consistent pattern still allows me to function well without seizures. I try to exercise lightly despite being tired some days.  I also take a magnesium supplement to relax prior to bed. I think a person should try to talk to their neuro and try to focus on the ultimate goal: seizure freedom with as few side-effects as possible. Sleep is important for seizure prevention and it is not considered a minor side effect in my opinion.

Re: Insomnia and Epilepsy

I have both TLE and insomnia.  They seem to go together.  Two other members of my family have TLE and all of us also have insomnia.  There seems to be a direct relationship to the insomnia and seizure activity.  When I have fewer seizures, I sleep better.  The same goes for my son.  When you find the right therapy for your TLE, you probable won't need sleeping pills.  The insomnia will taper off as the seizure activity drops. 

When you can't sleep, meditate or listen to a recording of nature sounds while lying in bed in the dark.  This can help you feel better in the morning.  Warm milk or hot tea before bed can be helpful too.  Use valerian tea or any tea blend that is label "sleepy" or "relaxing."  Those work better for me.  I don't know why.

I also try to go to bed at least two hours before I really need to.  I'll read or do something similiar for the first hour.  After that, I turn on my CD of ocean sounds and turn off the light.  Then I just concentrate on the sound of the ocean for the rest of the night.  Sometimes I fall asleep.  Sometimes I don't.  But, when I do that I don't feel so dragged out and tired in the morning, even when I don't sleep very well.

Maybe something like that will work for you.  With TLE developing a regular routine is very key to managing the seizures.