I'm starting to do things that I have no memory of doing.

Up until this week, I was always aware that I was having a seizure while I was having one. This allowed me to sit down and safely wait for my confusion to clear-up.

But, this week I had a new type of seizure. I had just finished a normal run. I felt good, but because exercise increases my chance of seizures, I decided to stop.  Rather than go directly home, I started walking to a drugstore to get some Gatorade and a little more excerise. My next memory is my being in bed 6 hours later.... I remember absolutely nothing about those 6 hours.

 part of the forensic evidence is:

- I somehow convinced a stranger to let me use his mobile. His voice could be heard in the background when I called and left messages for my brother and father.

- The messages I left were perfectly natural. I explained that I had had a seizure. I told them exactly where I was and that I would begin walking home (which would take about 45-minutes). If they had the time, I asked them to come pick me up.

- They could not pick me up, so I ended up walking all the way home. I had to cross 3 busy streets to do this.

- I got home, unlocked the door, took off my running gear, took a shower, changed into t-shirt and shorts, got in bed, and then slept for 6 hours.

- I wake-up at midnight and am like "why am I in bed? wtf just happened?" I remember walking to the drugstore, and then nothing. Based on forensics, I conclude I must have had a new seizure.


The evidence suggests that for several hours, I was a walking / talking / thinking normal person. What has happened to me? Why do I have such complete memory loss?