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I'm epileptic and I drink?

I was diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago while I was in college. When i had my first seizure, I never drank or did any drugs. It really came out of nowhere. However, I may have been in denial at the time about how serious my illness was. I wasn't really expicitly warned that people with epilepsy shouldn't drink. After about a year of living with my epilepsy I really got into the bar scene. I really enjoyed drinking with my friends, and I didn't expereience any unusual symptoms and it didn't really agrivate my condition so I thought it was ok. I would get drunk every weekend. I didn't want to be held back and I wanted to be like every other college student. I know I acted stupidly.

Anyway, since I graduated I think I developed sort of a dependance on alcohol. I've decreased my intake but I still drink. I drink about 3-4 times a week and the most i drink is about 3 drinks at a time (not every night.) I've tried to stop drinking but I get cravings. I still don't seem to experience any seizure symptoms when I drink or afterwards and it doesn't seem to interact with my meds at all. I take 150 miligrams of lamictal twice a day. I'm pretty sure that I still drink too much.

Anyway, I recently heard that drinking alcohol while taking lamictal makes the liver damage worse. Is that true? Can epileptics ever drink? Is it ok to drink if I've never had symptoms connected to my drinking? If I decide to give it up, is it ok to ever get drunk even once in a while? I feel like I should but I really don't want to give up alcohol entirely.

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