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ice pick headaches and seizures

I started having these extremely sharp pains in my head as if I was being stabbed. I was concerned at the time because the were starting to be more painful and more frequent over several weeks and I all I could think of was that I might have a blood clot in the brain. I eventually had several grand-mal seizures back-to-back that hospitalized me and I have no memory of half that day. After testing by my neuro. (CT scan, MRI, Eeg, act.) I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I was on Dilantin for about 2 years that kept everything under control except abscent seizures and bad balance issues. My neuro now has me on keppra (750 mg, twice a day) to help control my balance problems because it was getting out of control, some people even asked if I was drunk while I was at work.

Now these ice pick headaches are occurring again I eventually had a small seizure which I blacked out and had memory loss. I really don,t have any warning signs that I am going to have a seizure other than these painful stabs in my head, once I start having them frequently I will have the calm before the storm cliche. I won't have any for 2-3 days and they will hit me with a vengeance for a day or 2 then I will have seizure.
From what I have read these ice pick headaches are not associated with epilepsy at all but they are my extremely painful sign that I will be having a seizure soon. Every time I have them a seizure follows once they are very frequent. I don't get these headaches except when I start this 2-3 week cycle that ends up in a seizure.

My question is there anybody else experiencing these icepick headaches like me that leads up to seizures or know of any good articlesto follow up on this matter?



I think I understand what you are saying and questioning.

Not all seizures are teh same. There are a number of people here that have say absence seizures.the seizures may be the same type but they are different to everybody.

I sugggest you get the My Epilepsy Diary and note your events such as the spiking head aches your seizures. Loss of memory

Understand too that if you have a seizure where you black out the time you are out will have no information in it and that loss is like a space in time with no input. The diary can be sent to your doctr or downloaded and printed so it can be carried to him/her. It will help because the more information the you and your doctor can work with.

migraines ... today's migraine came after the seizure. feels like ice pick running diagnally thru my brain, and left side of scalp has a burning sensation as well.

i took up running in my late 40's 53yrs young now, it helps lessen the migraine pain more fish omega 3s help too.before i ran oxycontin,imetrex barely took the edge off from the pain,it made me vomit.brain freeze may help you too,drink something cold,put an ice cube in your mouth or eat ice cream and see if it stops the searing pain.

and like joe wrote document it for your doc the better info the more help they may provide. this site has stuff, the epilepsy foundation has text for control to help document seizure events and meds it even graphs it for you, apple has iCal. 

I can relate; I think I know what headaches you're talking about, not sure if I'm correct.  I have experienced a strange, different type of headache, which would feel sharp yet light in a way.  I also would worry about a blood clot or something when it would happen.  It has been very little total time that I had this problem; in my case, it happened particularly when I was restarting medication after being without it for several days, rather than before a seizure; it seemed like getting back on the medicine was causing it briefly/temporarily.  I have had several seizures, without this preceding.

These sound like auras before the seizures. Some doc may tell you they are migraines. I have had the similar stabbing headach pain plus a very sensitive scalp tingling; a day later came the simple partial seizure. I have had epilepsy since 1969. Various headach pain relievers help just some; the best thing when it gets to being 48 hours is to avoid any mental stimulation, coffee and rest in  a dark room.
Actually I have had one now for about two days. My family notices I am out of it but trying to take a nap is difficult.

Prayer does help.

Best wishes on getting better.


I have them also, but they only last a second or 2. Pain is so bad that I can't even think of what it would be like if it lasted any longer. I had a frontal lobe brain tumor removed in 2007 always thought it was because of that. Truth is I really don't know why I get them.

Dr.Sanjay Gupta did a report on migraines for cnn. the ice pick headaches made me vomit and i would see blinding bright lites/couldn't see and was afraid of going blind.i discovered running helps keep em to a minimum as for  the epilepsy run in the zone watch your breathing don't hyperventilate and watch your sodium level-if that drops too low it'll trigger a seizure.sounds like you know their frequency level mine are monthly.have you checked what you eat.msg makes me sick. msg free is easier diet to follow than gluten free.

i hope it helps you and that you feel better soon.there's lots of help here on this site.epilepsy is just a challenge don't let it eat you alive.

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