I think I may of had a seizure. Is this a seizure?


I really don't know how to start this post so I guess I'll start with some background info. I'm 20 years old and for the last 2-3 months I've been having strange symptoms which consist of memory loss, visual disturbances (usually foggy vision) and slurred speech which can also be tied in with dizziness episodes. But I do sometimes experience dizziness without the above symptoms. I have no warning when these occur and my blood tests came back normal today (thank god).

But something very strange just happened to me about one hour ago. I do not have Epilepsy that I know of but Im wondering now based on what I remember and what my mum told me happened.

It first started with a strange disorientated feeling, similar to a Deja Vu feeling but confused as well. I felt my concentration slipping and my awareness of my surrounding so I got up and walked into the kitchen and thought I'd get myself some soda. I then proceeded to have a strange pressure building up from my feet, up my legs and abdomonen and into my chest. I don't know what made me think this but I just "knew" that when the pressure reached my head something would happen. I tried to have a drink and my right hand was shaking so I put the cup on the table and leaned my head in my hands saying "please go away" because it was very scary. But it didn't end there. I then became very confused and didn't know where I was and my mum said I kept looking around at my surroundings. My arms felt heavy then within a few seconds very light.I also felt like electricity going through my arms and hands and then I started shaking (like when your freezing cold). I remember nothing after this. I only know what my mum told me. She said I stumbled over to the Fridge and rested my back against it and then I slid down to the floor (still sitting up). She spoke to me but I didn't answer and my eyes were wide and staring. Mum said I kept staring for a few minutes then I would shake my head and say something to her with slurred speech then resume staring again. All of this must of lasted 10-15 minutes.

I can remember getting up off the floor and going into the living room. I continued to feel confused and muddled for 5-6 minutes then it went off. I feel fine now apart from very tired.

Im sorry for this long post but I wanted to give as much info as possible. Does this sound like a seizure? I don't know if this is related but I did feel slightly nauseous afterwards.

Thank you.

PS: Mum just told me that when I had my head in my hands I was shaking in both my arms and my back and one of my legs looked like it was shaking as well (lasted 2 minutes max). She also said she put her hand on my right shoulder and shook me to get my attention because I wasn't talking to her and I turned my head to look at her but I stared through her blankly for a few seconds.


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Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am 26yrs old and have partial seizures. I been epileptic for about 12 years now. I have them controlled right now with my medication. Well I had all this symptoms your talking about, it did turn out it was seizures what i was having. I used to have many auras which felt like electricity going through all my body. I will recomend you to go to a neurologist and ask to have an EGG done or an MRI. There they will know what is causing the feelings you get.  Wish you the best.

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Deffinetly a mild siezure.

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It sounds like you had a seizure.  My daughter had her first seizure at 19, a few months after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.  She is now on anti-seizure medications and her seizures are well managed.  I know it can be very scary.

Have you had the Gardasil vaccine within the last year and did you faint, get dizzy, nauseated or light headed when you had any of the injections?  If so....you may be having a adverse reaction to the vaccine.  There are literally thousands of girls experiencing the exact same thing.  Please contact the National Vaccine Information Center to report the incident if you did have the vaccine.  You can also find Blogs at www.health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Lets_Talk_About_Gardasil/  and www.kkrasnowwaterman.com


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Hi Hon. I think that this does sound like you may have had a seizure. However, I was told that just because you have a seizure, does not mean you have Epilepsy. However, I would definatley talk to your doctor about this, and see if he suggests an EEG or something. I was told that Epilepsy was a condition where you have seizures periodically and consistantly, so therefore if you have one, you may not have another. However, I was told by a neurologist that I was referred to after my first seizure, that once the brain learns how to have a seizure, there is still the risk of having another one, which is why it is extremely importan that you talk to  a proffessional and possibly get some medicatins to  prevent that from happening.  I am still new to all of this Epilepsy thing as well.

 I am a 26 year old female and had my first seizure in August 2005, right after my 24th birthday. The one I had however, was a grand mal, and I went into convulsions while I was at work. I had never had any seizures or have any family members  who have seizures and that was the first thing like that that has ever happened to me. I am still having seizures and have been battling them  for the last 3 years (I will be 27 August 2). I am on several medications right now and have not had any convulsions since November 2007. However, I do have these very small ones where I wake up with my lip chewed and swollen where I have bit myself at night, and I have been told that I even loose consiousness for a minute or two. When I have  these episodes, I pick at my clothing, chew my lips, and my eyes and lips will twich. I loose all awareness of my suroundings, and my BF has  even told me that I forget things like my birthdate and my SS# when he asks my what they are. As soon  as I "snap out of it" I am perfeclty fine as if nothing happened, I myself, get that weird "deja vu" felling as well.. Last summer 2007 after all kinds of EEGs, MRIs, PET and CAT scans, and memory tests, I found out that I have an abnormalcy in my Left Temporal Lobe,  where all of my seizures have been coming from. Do you get like this right before your period? Mine have been and it is because of how your hormones change during that time of the month. A woman  fom my  church told me she had the same problen when she was my age (shes in her late 40's or early 50's) and hers alway occured a few days before her period as well. My neuologist told me that it is very common for women are age to experience this because of the change in our hormone levels.  I am trying not to scare you or anything, but from my experience, and the people I have talked to it is something that needs to be looked at. There are all kinds of websites that offer all kinds of information on seizures (this one is one of the best). Seizures come in all forms, from simple "staring spells" to  the violent convulsive ones where your whole body shakes and jerks and can last anywhere from  30 secs. to a few hours.

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Hi Shadow, its ahardway again, the 26 year old that sent you the last commet. I sighed up on this site a couple of months ago, and the people I have met on here are very nice and are willing to share all of thier stories and help you out in anyway they can. If you want to, you can E-mail me at ahardway81@msn.com and I will help you out with any questions you have. Like I said, I am not a proffessional and I still have a lot to learn (even about my own problems), but I can send you some websites and their addresses of all of my favorite sites. They range from, first-aid prosedures, to recognizing the types, to information about all of the latest anti-convulsive medications available.

Take care and God Bless

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You are getting some good advice here, call the doctor. And make sure that they do all the tests necessary. and a referral to a neuro.

Folks here are pretty experienced and open to advising you. Call the docs or advice center. They might tell you to come right in.

Hope all goes well keep us updated.


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sounds like a simple seizure to me. (because u were still conscious) go to the doctor and ask to get an EEG. that will tell you for sure. it will show up on the EEG if you did. if nothing shows up they may ask u to take one while u are sleeping. the brain waves show up more when u are asleep.

when this happens to u try to take deep breaths and concentrate (i know this will be hard but try) it might take away the scary feeling. thats what i do. it doesn't always work but it does help u not to panic. which is what u do not want to do.

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Hiya Jacky and thank you for your reply. I had another seizure again this morning (2am) Same thing as before and I only again found myself on the floor. My mum was a witness again luckily and she said I was shaking my head and one of my arms. She kept talking to me but I didn't respond or talk to her and my eyes were blank and staring. She said when I came round I was slurring my words and didn't recognize her. I dont remember any of it - apart from feeling this strange sensation building up and becomming very confused. I do remember seeing a blue light though and then one flashing yellow light that seemed far off - but after this I remember nothing.

When it happens Im not aware of anything so I cant take deep breaths but if I ever do become aware I will do it. Thanks again :)

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so are you conscious during this?

i hope that it works out for you. but talk to your doctor!

This definitely sounds like

This definitely sounds like a Simple Partial seizure. I have the disoriented, deja vu feeling with mine. An EEG will only read a Simple Partial Seizure if you are hooked up while you are having the seizure. If you have an EEG after a Simple Partial, chances are it will come back normal. Now, a Grand Mal is another story. I had one Grand Mal, and it showed up on an EEG 24 hours later.

The best advice I can give you is to consult your doctor immediately, and ask for a recommendation for a neuroligist consultation. You never know when a Simple Partial will generalize into a Grand Mal. I brushed off my SP's, because I didn't know they were seizures. I was always fully conscious and lucid when I was having them. Then one day I was washing dishes, felt that weird deja vu feeling, then WHAM! I woke up on the kitchen floor, water still running, a welt under my eye where I hit my face on the counter, and a very frightened 5 year old daughter who witnessed the whole thing. I spent several days in the hospital finally getting diagnosed. Thank God I wasn't driving when it happened. Please go see your doctor right away.

40 years old, dx'd with simple partial seizures from scar tissue on 9/26/06. Married 16 years, mother to Connor, 12 (Asperger's, ADD, Learning Disabilities) and Raymie, 5, bossy little princess.