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I have seizures and they affect my speech

Hi, I am 33 years old and I have been having seizures now for about 3 years. It happened shortly after a toxic reaction to topomax. I was in the hospital for a week then and every since then I have had minor seizures off and on. When I do it affects my speech and I stutter bably and lose my thoughts and words. I feel so weird when this happens. I don't know anyone else like this. I have bipolar and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality). I heard people with these illnesses can have seizures, I just don't know what type. I hate being like this. It makes me more depressed. I am getting so frustrated. I have two young boys and they don't understand why all of a sudden I loose my words or thoughts or I sound funny as they call it. My oldest one is 7 and he does ok. He helps me with my words and he answers the phone for me when I am having trouble talking. I just don't know what to do. My therapist wants to know more information about why it affects my speech but I have nothing to offer because I have been struggling to find information myself. Does anyone have suggestions? Kym


Hi Kym,If it offers any comfort...I stutter after a szr too and have problems remembering/losing words. My H says that i start stuttering right before a szr as well. This is actually an improvement for me. When I first started szing almost 6 yrs ago (I'm 39) I started stuttering after a cluster episode and stuttered CONSTANTLY up until about 6-8 mos ago (sorry, I have lousy time sense). In increase in my doseage of trileptal seemed to nip the stuttering 24/7 in the bud.As to WHY i stuttered? The doctors were/are clueless other than it was related to my epilepsy some how. It definitely isn't common. My first neuro was convinced it was psychological but this was later disproved by 2 psychologist, a speech pathologist and the current neuro I have now. "The brain is a funny thing" is their best explanation :-)Regrds,Zoo

Hi Zoo,thank you for the information. The doctors didn't know why I stutter with the seizures either. They say that it maay be because the seizures are near my speech center in my brain. Makes sense but I just don't know why it continues to happen. The dosage of meds are ok, it doesn't stop the seizures totally but it makes them less frequent.  I just hate people not being able to understand me. The other day I was so hard to understand so I figured if I talked slower it would help. Boy does that take too long. One lady in the grocery store spoke louder to me because of me talking so slow, I guess she thought I couldn't hear her. I heard her fine just couldn't get my words out.  I just wish there were more information about this type of thing. My therapist is driving me nuts about it because my sessions aren't very productive with my speech like this. I guess maybe the stuttering isn't what is making it so difficult, it is that with the combination of me trying to hold on to the word and not forget what I am trying to say. I seem to loose my words in addition. I just don't know what to do. I am so frustrated.Kym

Kym,  I am new to this site and I to studder.   I am diagnosed with Complex Partial Siezures in 6th grade.  I am 30 now and I am being tested for my second brain operation (right temporal lobectomy)  on my right temporal lobe.  My dad told me that something happened to me when I was 3 years old, not sure if it was a siezure or not, but I turned blue.  After that I started to studder.  Prior to that, I spoke very clear and complete sentences.  I still studder when nervous, but I do a pretty good job with general discusion.Hope your neurologists can narrow the situation down.Jerry

You are having Simple Partial Seizures that might also be going into Complex Partial Seizures. There is a lot of information you can get to your therapist on the Internet. Look on -- and also search under Seizures and look for Simple Partial and Complex PartialYour speach is being affected because your seizures are in the temporal lobes of your brain that controls speach, emotions, etc. Your Bi-polar symptoms could actually be seizures themselves. Do you have a GOOD neurologist that specializes in Epilepsy? If you don't I would advise you to get one-- NOT ALL NEUROLOGISTS AND DOCTORS KNOW ABOUT EPILEPSY and its effects on your life-- do not be taken in by that myth. You have to find a doctor that deals with epilepsy either exclusively or he is VERY knowlegeable about it.  YOU HAVE TO ASK because they will not tell you.I have speach problems and I do just what you do and sometimes I cannot even talk for hours after a seizure. God be with you. PS: as a side point TELL YOUR CHILDREN everything that is happening to you-- tell them Mommy has an illness that she cannot help and this is what happens to her. I made the mistake of not doing that and my children grew up with a lot of resentment and hurt. Tell them you do not want to be the way you are and that you wish anything that you could change it and you are trying everything you know to get help. Tell them that you love them so much and that it is not contagious and that just because you have this problem they will not get as they are afraid of that. Tell them that you love them with all your heart and sometimes people get sick and they cannot help it but that you are trying to do everything to make it easier for them.  Tell them Tell them tell them

I too would suggest that you should get a second opinion on your bi-polar disorder.  I hope it relieves you to hear that I have had exactly the same challenges and my doc labels them simple partial and complex partial.  I learned more to relieve my stress on this site than ever before.  But I have had the same speach problems and have even done weird stuff during seizures that my doc says some docs would have hospitalized me for. Such as leaving my house and walking down Main St...trying to "run away" at 30 years old.  Trying to give my dog away, give my car way, all things that would parlay into very half hearted suicide attempts.  DURING ALL OF THIS....I could hardly speak to my family. Anything spoken was complete mish-mash and I don't remember most of it today.My point....a lot of this would be labled as bi-polar.  But my doc. spent a lot of time with me....added Lexapro as an anti-depressant and Ambien to sleep.  He has spoken to me from home on several occasions and I know that what is happening are seizures after all the reading.  I AM FINALLY NOT FEELING CRAZY!!!   It's amazing to learn that you aren't the only one.Despite having seizures for years....this just started getting bad the last little while...after 8 years.  But it can be handled...Thank God!-Brandon

Hi, and thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I have been talking to my psychiatrist because she seems to know more about what is happening than my nuerologist. She is wonderful. She calls me at night because she knows my husband works at night just to check in and that she doesn't have to do. I am very thankful for that though.The seizures are coming on more rapidly and they are mostly when I am sleeping now or when I first wake up. My speech clears some but then goes back to pot again. My husband says that is how he knows I have had one.  Sometimes that is how I know too. Some people say I am having psuedoseizures, to me that is saying they are in my mind or that I am lying. I just don't know psuedoseizures that affect me like these do. I am trying so hard to stay positive and not get depressed about it but I do.The doctor said to expect a wave of different emotions with this and because my bipolar is out of control also. I have been crying a lot and feeling suicidal. I don't want to go into the hospital for the suicidal thoughts because all they will do is drug me and they won't help with the seizures. I am confused and don't know what to do. Seems like the more upset I get the more the seizures happen. I guess I need to learn to channel the emotions else where.I just don't understand a lot of the seizure stuff and it scares me to think I am going to be talking like this and feeling like this for awhile. I was talking real slow the other day in the grocery store so my sons who are 7 and 6 and don't understand what has happened to me, and the lady beside me thought I was deaf so she was using all these sign motions so I would understand. My oldest which can be a real smart alleck, said "Lady my mom can't talk she ain't deaf!" I was so embarassed but it felt good for him to stick up for me. He is a real trooper. He practices words with me most every day.My 6 year old he just reminds me every so often he loves me. Which is enough. This confuses him but I have taught both of them 911 and Jacob has call my nuerologist before when I had a bad seizure and I couldn't. The nuerologist didn't like a 6 year old calling him in the night and trying to find out whose mommy he was calling about but he was call I taught him well. Well enough about that, I just want to find some relief with all of this. I don't hardly believe these seizures are psuedoseizures. My psychiatrist don't think so either. Who do you believe?Kym

I have seizures that affect my speech as well. When they are simple partials, I almost immediately lose my speech or will only be able to make strange noises that my wife only describes as "wailing." When I come out of it, sometimes the only word I can say is her name. Before some of the seizures, my voice will change or I will have trouble speaking clearly. My wife has described my voice during these periods as sounding something like Jimmy Stewart. I have a VNS but this does not coincide with stimulation (e.g., beocming better and worse in alternating cycles).My wife, who also has epilepsy, has seizures that presumably arise from the area around her left frontal lobe tumor. It's benign, thank the Lord. The neurosurgeons have said that it's too close to her speech center to remove without some morbidity. It is thought that my seizures come from my right temporal lobe. There has been some conflicting information on EEGs but in the latest review of one of them, an epileptologist noted there were possible sharp waves or spikes in that area (and, interestingly, focal slowing in the other temporal lobe). ...Know that you are not alone.Labspanielmix

>> just don't understand a lot of the seizure stuff and it scares me to think I am going to be talking like this and feeling like this for awhile. I was talking real slow the other day in the grocery store so my sons who are 7 and 6 and don't understand what has happened to me, and the lady beside me thought I was deaf so she was using all these sign motions so I would understand. My oldest which can be a real smart alleck, said "Lady my mom can't talk she ain't deaf!" I was so embarassed but it felt good for him to stick up for me. He is a real trooper. He practices words with me most every day.>>I was at a grocery store once a few years back, ordering a sandwich from the deli. My speech was horrible but the clerk understood what I wanted. ... Maybe God put him in my way ... because he was obviously delayed and had some problems too. So he didn't judge me at all. I have had people make jokes. Not fun. That is great what your oldest child stood up for you. If only other people (and I mean adults here) could do the same. The whole psychiatry-epilepsy mess is just that, a mess. So many neurologists want to "throw patients in the psych pile" and get on with their other business. Many of these patients simply have more complex cases. They take time. It is possible to have both pseudoseizures or psychogenic seizures and epileptic seizures in your presentation. In fact, this is the case in up to 40 percent (or maybe even more) of people with epilepsy. Anyone who truly has psychogenic seizures is not a liar or a fake. The seizures are simply an outward display of something with which your brain -- or your mind -- cannot cope. At least that's what I've been told. The situation is complicated even more because so much epilepsy junk can cause psychiatric symptoms -- anxiety, fear, depression, the hearing of voices, hallucinations, etc. Just remember that medical professionals are "practicing medicine." That's what my wife says. She has epilepsy too and gave me the courage to fight for the right medications. ... We actually take the same ones, except I take them at higher doses. I also have a VNS (vagus nerve stimulator).It's easy for me to tell you to be strong but it looks like your children are giving you strength. May the Lord lift you up as well, for He is the great physician.Labspanielmix 

Picking up on what someone else said, there are a lot of patients with epilepsy who are mistakenly diagnosed with bipolar disorder. ... This is especially true for those with TLE (temporal lobe epilepsy). The temporal lobe controls speech, emotions and hearing, among other functions. I think finding a good neurologist or epileptologist is worth the work. People with some types of seizures have a prodrome, meaning that they feel a certain way long before they have a seizure. In some patients, this presents as agitation and anger. In others, it manifests itself as a hyperexcitable, manic state. Of course, after the seizure, some people feel depressed or in a "low" state. Still others feel "just fine." To them, it feels like the seizure has done a hard reboot on their brain, resetting it to a normal operating state (for the time being).Labspanielmix

Hi I am also having trouble with my speach,I started having my seizures in October. My family called them episodes before this last week because I wasn't diagnosed as having seizures until then. But my darling 12 year old daughter can always tell when ever I am going into a partial sz because of my speach. I start speaking slower. It has happened so many times in a store that she can just tell by looking at me... and she just grabs hold of my hand and heads to somewhere to sit quietly. Because she doesn't know if it is going to be just an aura or if we are going to go into a full t/c sz. We both(as well as my husband) have our cell phones on us at all times. She just says my Mom is not feeling well and needs some privacy please to any rude people...and when I am unable to speak correctly and people look at me? She glares at them until they look away. Lets just say with her Red hair and Green eyes most people give up the stare before she does.I am still looking for the answers as to what is causing my seizures. I was just hospitalized for 2 days at UCLA- Not quite sure what was happening there. I was sitting there in a wheelchair(due to chance of sz) waiting to be admitted for some tests, next thing I know I am naked on a table in the xray room with some nurse named Romeo putting a gown on me. I couldn't speak for about 5-10 more minutes. A little later another nurse came up and asked me "aren't you the one we just brought back here "status"?" , I was was sitting there as if nothing had ever happened. she was amazed. They did a portable EEG in my Hospital room and it came back normal as did the CT scan. Now they want me to talk to a Psychiatrist.Dayna

The doctors also took me off of my medications Effexor and are tapering me off of the Topamax. Pretty soon the only Med I will be taking is my Blood Pressure med. And My Head feels like it is going to explode.

HiWhen I was on topomax I had my first seizure and I was hospitalized for a week and they did numerous test and finally said that the topomax had gotten toxic in my system because it wasn't being filtered through my liver right. I was soon taken off depekote because my liver functions declined so drastically. I am now on trileptal,kolonipin, gabitril and diamox for my seizures. I don't know what is going on but since the trileptal was added a week ago my head feels like it is about to explode. These headaches are so bad and the seizures are happening almost every night. I am so depressed I just want to go away and hide. I hate life right now, I feel like giving up. My speech is horrible. I talk so slow and it is stuttery. I don't know what to do. The doctor says it takes about two to three weeks before it will get in my system good. I don't know if I can wait that long.Kym

Oh Kym do not Give Up!,I am down to 25mg of Topamax a day, my head is still hurting but the have put me on Depakote, we are not sure how my body will handle this one...but we are going to try it.What I found that helps me when I am down and feel like I am about to spontaniously combust is...I go take a long bubble bath. I know I am supposed to take showers not baths...but I swear it is the only thing that helps my head sometimes. I can just barely float my head in the tub...for a couple minutes before someone is trying to make sure I didn't drown...but it does help,at least for me.

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