How exactly do aura's feel

How exactly do aura's feel? Can you have aura's and not have an actual seizure? I think I had some this weekend. I went off into like a "spacy" feeling. Like I was tingling and I couldn't make myself snap out of it for a few seconds. I have had a headache since I has these feelings. I have had E a long time, but I am new to all the terminology and so forth. Thanks.


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I'm only another patient. There are a number of patient assistance programs available. The first place to go would probably be your prescribing doctor. Sometimes they can get the medication for for free. I know nothing of these sites or numbers on the following list. I hope it could be of some help. Best of luck! - T

Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs
• Many pharmaceutical companies offer Patient Assistance Programs to those who cannot afford the cost of their medications but are ineligible for Medicaid due to their income. Following is a list of each company’s contact information…
• Banzel—Eisai Neurology Patient Assistance Program (1-866-694-2550)
• Carbatrol—Shire Pharmaceuticals Carbatrol Patient Assistance Program (1-908-203-0657)
• Depakene—Abbott Patient Assistance (1-800-222-6885)
• Depakote, Depakote ER—Abbott Patient Assistance (1-800-222-6885)
• Diastat Acudial Rectal Gel—Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Patient Assistance Program (1-800-511-2120)
• Dilantin—Pfizer, Inc. — Connection to Care (1-800-707-8990)
• Felbatol—Meda Pharmaceuticals Patient Assistance Program (1-800-678-4657)
• Gabitral—CephalonCares Foundation Patient Assistance Program (1-877-237-4881)
• HP Acthar Gel—Questcor Pharmaceuticals Acthar Gel Patient Assistance Program (1-888-435-2284)
• Keppra, Keppra XR—UCB Patient Assistance Program (1-866-395-8366)
• Lamictal, Lamictal XR—GlaxoSmithKline Bridges To Access (1-866-728-4368) *Advocate must pre-enroll patient
• Lyrica—Pfizer, Inc. — Connection to Care (1-800-707-8990)
• Mysoline—Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Patient Assistance Program (1-800-511-2120)
• Neurontin—Pfizer, Inc. — Connection to Care (1-800-707-8990)
• Phenobarbital—Xubex Patient Assistance Program (1-866-699-8239)
• Sabril—Lundbeck’s SHARE Call Center 1-888-45-SHARE (1-888-457-4273)
• Tegretol, Tegretol XR—Novartis Patient Assistance Program (1-800-277-2254)
• Topamax—Janssen Ortho Patient Assistance Foundation (1-800-652-6227)
• Tranxene—Lundbeck’s SHARE 1-888-45-SHARE (1-888-457-4273)
• Trileptal—Novartis Patient Assistance Program (1-800-277-2254)
• Vagus Nerve Stimulator—Cyberonics (1-800-332-1375 ext. 7493) or BJ Wilder Therapy Program
• Vimpat—UCB Patient Assistance Program (1-866-395-8366)
• Zarontin—Pfizer, Inc. –Connection to Care (1-800-707-8990)
• Zonegran—Eisai Neurology Patient Assistance Program (1-866-694-2550)
• Needy Meds—This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication. Go to
• Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services Rx Outreach Medications—This provides discounts for some generic medications. (1-800-769-3880)
• Xubex Pharmaceuticals Xubex Patient Assistance Program—This provides discounts for some generic medications. (1-866-699-8239) or
• RX Hope—This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication. Go to
• PHRMA—This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication. Go to
• Together RX—This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication. Go to
• Veteran’s Affairs Veteran’s Benefits—This website provides information about benefits for veterans. Go to
• Eli Lilly & Co—This website provides information about their patient assistance program and its eligibility requirements. Go to

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That was very kind of you to share, tcameron!


Blessings to you!

I could be wrong.

The efect of an aura is sometimes similar to me, but in all, the fact of an aura was explained to me as the start of a seizure, be it small, or grand maul, still a seizure. that is why you still feel tired, your mind was just as stressed as the rest of your body in a full out session.

My auras are usualy a faint whiteish light just out of view in my upper right, yet i can never truely see it because it stays in my periferial (SP?) and if I try to look at it I get nasue and black out. I wake from a nice seizure, and have a throbbing Migraine to boot. another type of 'aura' I have is more of seeing the face of a word, like eyes and nose and so forth, but that I can't see it just feel it, yet i can see my feeling. funny stuff. even without the violent part i am still having a seizure.

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TheBanker,  You see your feeling, wow, that is messed up Wiggle. Really weird. I don't know if I've had that yet. Not that I can remember anyway. Sorry you have that. Yikes


TheBanker.... Yes, yes, yes. I know what you are talking about. Ihave this type of sensation sometimes. It happened prior to all 3 grand mal seizures I had. My first seizure was 4 years ago at age 37. Since then I've been on meds and they've worked well enough to ward off a grand mal, but I've been having a new type of auditory seizure where I don't know what people are saying or what I'm hearing for a period of time, or even reading. It lasts about 30 seconds to a minute, I think.  I am undergoing a change in meds right now and last week a I had the worst one of these auras like you had in a long time. I heard multiple songs playing, voices, all of that stuff. There was a darkness about it this time and I fought as I hard as I could not to lose consciousness. My wife was with me, I felt it starting, yelled for help and just laid down on the floor. The only safe thing to do. 

I'm not glad you or anyone else has this, but I am glad to know I'm not alone. It freaks me out bad. WHY do we have to have this condition. I know people have much worse diseases and things, much worse, BUT..there is something especially frustrating about epilepsy that people just don't understand and nobody cares.




The dejavues are actually a seizure in themselves and not just auras (or maybe they can be both, what do I know... They're partial seizures. And my primary seizure type. I have temporal lobe epilepsy