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How exactly do aura's feel

How exactly do aura's feel? Can you have aura's and not have an actual seizure? I think I had some this weekend. I went off into like a "spacy" feeling. Like I was tingling and I couldn't make myself snap out of it for a few seconds. I have had a headache since I has these feelings. I have had E a long time, but I am new to all the terminology and so forth. Thanks.


I have had epilespsy on and off for the last 22 years. My auras started off with just headaches or visual disturbances. Then they changed again in my early 20s to different tastes, no again in my 30s they have changed. They new ones are different then anything I ever experienced aside of the headaches. No I get visual & hearing disturbances, nausea, dizziness, limb movement. It's so draining!!!


I had several nocturnal tonic-clonic seizures before I had my first aura. I was at work sitting at my desk and looking at my computer when all the sudden, my whole brain and vision started to vibrate like somebody had an electric massager pushed to the side of my head. I also instantly had this feeling that I had to get up and walk, which I did. After taking a few steps, I stopped and realized that I had no idea why I got up. I sat back down at my desk and talked about it with my coworkers.

Now, later when I had a daytime tonic clonic, it was much different. First of all , the day that I had my first daytime tonic-clonic, I had a nocturnal seizure and woke up with a purple tongue, headache and a sick feeling in my belly.

As the day progressed, I would feel these rushes or surges come up my body with a deep rush like a strong wind in my ears, and with those surges a feeling of uneasiness that something wasn't right... almost a primitive fear. I would immediately freeze whatever I was doing and just stare at something. I might also get a little nervous and just figit with stuff for no reason just to keep busy. I found that if I held something in my hand and just looked at it (and nothing else), I could regain my connection to the environment around me.

Eventually though, I began to feel that rush and everything around me began to feel separate from me. I would become very nervous and filled with anxiety. At this point, I would close my eyes and ...... gone. I'd wake up not knowing the who, what, when, where and why of what happened.

On occassion, I do get a sort of lost balance in my head, like I'm sitting on a boat, rocking back and forth. Also a tingly feeling at the top of my brain like I've had too much caffeine. But the worst are these 'rushes' in my body from the bottom to the top as they make me feel warm and my heart races. All I can do then is close my eyes and breath slowly. People try to talk to me and I get this angry discomfort and I won't answer or I'll anwer very simply, "YES", "NO".

I don't know why I fear seizures so much? I wake up and I feel much better in comparison to before. I sleep it off and I'm back to normal. I guess the what I hate about it is that these aura's come at the most inconvenient times and they remind me that I have this disorder. The good news is that I've been seizure free since I've been taking Dilantin.


I feel like the world is rushing past me and I'm in a dream. I can walk and do whatever I like, but a fear takes over (either from the aura or because I'm scared I'll have a seizure). If I'm in town, I try and walk to a bus or taxi so I can get home, and I feel nauseous. I can't sit still or else something bad will happen. I feel weak and dizzy if I stand up and like I might collapse and go into a tonic-clonic (I have only had one tonic-clonic to date). I usually have complex partials and absences as far as I know. I believe that there are parts I don't remember. I have to take some medication to protect myself from the seizures when I feel an aura coming on. I don't know if it works because I'm usually by myself in the middle of town.

I wonder sometimes if I'm having auras. I smell things that aren't there. I don't have the sz afterwards, but I'm still tired afterwards just like I am after a sz. The smells aren't always the same. And luckily they're not all that bad like some I've read about on here.  I usually smell flowers, popcorn, hotdogs, tomatoes & the bad one, something electrical burning. These smells have me confused. Anyone have any thoughts on them? Thanks!


i usually get a headache in the back of the neck on the right side. Then I know i am getting ready to have a seizure.

the auras... i refer to that as 'the feeling'. i guess there are variations but it is weird, really. when the feeling hits me, i could feel it in the back of my head. like my brain is floating or something, then i'd feel a little dizzy and i'd stop for a couple of seconds or more. that's usually what happens before the seizure. but sometimes i get the feeling but not the seizure. so whenever i feel that way. i stop whatever i do and try to relax.


 i've had E for almost 16 yrs and i've had the same problem.well it's not really a problem. i have auras too but dont have the seizure sometimes also.auras can be ANYTHING.for me it's clear as day when im gonna have a seizure.I taste silver, i see colors, everything im listening to (music, walking past a crowd of people talking, teacher, blah blah blah) it sort of drifts off and my ears pop, i get headaches also, i get naseaus, i get a feeling in my stomach, i get realllly hot instantly i go from normal temperature to "i have to sit down or im gonna passout dripping sweat" hot.for the past 2 days my auras have been getting worse but nothing has happened and i can't describe what my aura is like cuz this ONE is new and it's the only one i've had so far and if i go to the dr i dont know what to tell him.i haven' t had a seizure because i know when it's coming because of auras so we're very lucky that we even have them.granted they are VERRRYY annoying not a lot of epileptics have auras.they'll be in a conversation and that's it they just fall out on the flooor.with auras however we atleast get to go somewhere and take something and lay down.



My Aura story....

Its Shopping time, Summer 2007, Staurday morning 11am, kuala lumpur-Malaysia . . . . . .

After a 45mins train ride, i drop off at Bank Negara station,

Half-way on an escalator, suddenly, i hv been taken over by d the best feeling
ever, i know people around me are not sharing similar feeling but one thing is clear, am having a nice nd good feeling. But then i feel like someone at a distant was smiling at me and i was smilling
back. i feel as if he is d one transmitting this estatic feelin. But wen i look ahead to concentrate and see if i can capture a memory of d face; there was
none but only a BIG black circle.

As soon as i step off the
escalator, almst Like a time bomb, i am seized by a heavy blow that
knocks me down and without contesting i fall on my right side. . . .That
was my third seizure episode. I am 24 nw and bin having episodes since 2005.

I agree with you absolutely. . . Auras feel so good and makes you have
this extreme joy. If i were 2 be a marijuana smoker, mayb i'll say 'i
feel high'. But the issue is knowing dat after dis celebrated feeling
comes the opposite, whc we expect of course, THE TONIC-CLONIC ATTACK.

Weneva i try to explain this, people think am a psycho freak. So i keep it to myself.

I never know before a seizure hits me...or at least I don't remember the aura. But I do get really graphic, detailed deja vus every now and then that feel like real events from sometime or something dreamed - my partner keeps a record of these deja vus...and looks like I get them more often on days when my pills are mistimed or when I'm tired, stressed or haven't slept enough....probably memories of other times when my seizure threshold was low. As for the grand mal seizures themselves...I don't even know where I am right remembering what happened right before is not something I've been able to do.

And of course, like many of you - I've been able to fit past deja vus to real events later...but twice you could call them intuitive in a wierd way. Illogical as it seems to me. When I read back each of my comment before hitting "Post"  - makes me really wonder about my own sanity. ANd control. 

My aura's feel different every time. The worst aura is when I feel numb tingles moving up my body. It can start in my toes, fingers, legs and moves up into my tongue (I loose speech) finally stops in my head, then I have massive migraines. I was just diagnosed with epilepsy this month. After all these years I thought it was migraines. The aura makes my vision blur or double. Sounds are extremely loud, and sometimes my heart races or I feel lost.

I have tonic clonic seizures but before I do it will always be after a round of auras, which in some cases I feel lucky that I actually get a warning. I always sit down into a more comfortable position before anything dramatic happens so yes very lucky. Im so glad I found this page as having a medical condition can isolate you at times and make you feel "less able" even when in your mind you are ready for anything. So yes, even tho it is nice to hear things I can relate to I give deepest condolensces too.

My auras as Mr Toni Munson mentioned, make me feel like ive missed a breath and that something bad has happened "or is going to happen". I dont know where I am or what I'm doing... I've been in a situation at work once where I've been painting someones nails in a salon and just stopped and blinked and had no idea who she was or who I was or what I was doing there, and in such instances I try not to make a fuss so I tried to paint the ladies nails ... and whilst having a conscession of these auras i just couldnt work out how to get the brush into the paint pot and onto the nail. simple things that my mind cant work out. I also notice that when having these events I absolutely cannot make peoples sentences into anything that makes sense. My mind jumbles it up. And it doesnt mean anything in my head. it works the other way round too. I couldnt get through to my mum once that i needed a drink of water. I knew what i wanted to say but my mind couldnt express it so i had to sign it.

I also know that i tend to fiddle with buttons and collars to calm myself. I try to focus on my breathing because my mind starts to lose the plot and i panic breathe. I try never to shut myself in a room or be on my own when having an aura beacuse i once went to the ladies room and i got locked in! my mind "whilst having one of these episodes just couldnt work out where the door was and when i found it i couldnt get my hand on the lock and open it.

My doctor said an aura is a partial seizure so you may feel tired after you have these and headachey. The only difference with these is that it is part of your brain being aware of the seizure and part of your brain in it. They are so scary tho Id rather my brain not be aware!! :)  

hi i have very simliar auras to what others are saying i hate them soo much i somtimes have more then 1 a day and may not even have a seziure. i find them so bad that i think i would rather have a sezuire to get it over with. i somtimes have auras 1 after the other i find them so horriable and hard to deal with, dose any1 have a similar expercine and how do you deal with them like this

Yes! Finally someone that has aura's pretty close to mine.  When I have an aura or so I think, I feel like I all of a sudden can't keep up with everything going on around me.  It is like I just slow way down, also get little pains in my head that are very fast and then go away, what IS that? Then it progresses to where my physical movements are extremely slow and I can't talk very well or gather my thoughts correctly. 

Thanks for explaining what yours is like.  I wish I could have an EEG right when I feel all of this just to be sure, you know?

Wendy, I've had auras all my life.  They've evolved over the years and I've experienced everything from feeling spacy to feeling extreme fear to a feeling of euphoria.  I'm grateful for auras because though they are small seizures, they're a warning to us to sit down and make yourself as safe as possible.

Yes, you can have auras without them developing into a tonic clonic or grand mal seizure.  I hope that helps, let your doctor know what you were experiencing.




I have a few auras myself I have had epilepsy for 15 years my auras would change when my medication did. the first type of aura was that I would see a small rainbow flashing pass my left eye when it got to acertin spot it would go back up and start again it would happen about 3 times & I would then lose my vision for about 3 minutes. Another type I would be sitting down or walking and feel like I was falling into a hole the feeling would last about 2 min after it stop I was a bit grogy. I would be doing anything and my brain would go numb & my hearing went crap like I had ear plugs in and my vision went blury  this would last for about 2 to 3 min 7 was worned out for a while after. Now I get a dejavu feeling, fast heartbeat & my whole body goes numb & a funny taste in my mouth. Most os the time that is all that happens but they do keep going & become a tonic colonic

Auras are great, for 37 years I'd never had one, I've always had complex-partial
seizures that happened instantly w/o any warning. Then after I regained consciousness I became aware of having had a seizure. Since 1/11 my seizures have changed to simple partials, at first I thought that it was an aura that would quickly progress into a complex-partial but it didn't and stayed still, as just that an aura/simple partial. All auras are always simple partial seizures. Since that one in January I've have two which were simple partials, nothing else. I wonder if one will progress one day, I hope I don't become unconscious again.
Timothy Baldwin


Having lived with epilepsy for 40 years, that's how I'd describe an oncoming aura. Like something's about to happen, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Wandering down street, but not knowing why. Or having images come toward me without cause. Or figuring that I possibly missed something. Not realizing that possibly I'd come through a seizure, but that I'm still unsure of what might or might not have occurred. Of course, having a friend near me does help, for I'll so often be told, "Nothing happened, my friend!". Yes, an aura is a mild form of a seizure. But so often they just feel like a few moments of utter confusion. Show me fast-moving colorful images, and I'm into an aura. Or wake me up too quickly, and I'll have the same "Where am I, who am I?" sense. Sure, we all differ, but even getting the same definition of an aura among all of us is virtually impossible. Oh well, so much about epilepsy is hard to pin down, right?

it's nice to hear about people who know just how it is when i have an 'episode' like a really strong memory of somewhere i've never been, with a feeling of comfort and safety. i can feel the dimensions of the space around me. i reckon whoever came up with the concept of a parallel universe had temporal lobe epilepsy! i can also relate mine to the sensation of an orgasm, in that you can feel it building but don't know when it will peak and finish, anyone know what i mean? that might sound a bit odd, but its just a way of verbalising what i feel, i don't know anyone else who understands my descriptions.

For me:  Only for a split second, it's always the same:  I see myself as if I'm in a dungeon like perhaps the 1500's.  A bunch of people are standing outside laughing at me.  They say, "I'll bet you thought...I'll bet you thought...didn't you?didn't you?  Ha! Ha!"   feel frightened, gasp for air....then I'm okay.  That's the end or I start having a complex partial seizure.

An aura is a simple partial (S.P.) seizure that always feels the same.  We often call auras a period of de ja vu; where we feel like we remember something that never really happend before.  Auras are extremely valuable because they give us a second to sit down before losing conciousness.  A simple partial seizure (petite mal) doesn't cause a loss of conciousness.  Conciouness is lost in both complex partial (C.P.) and generalized (grand mal) seizures.  A complex partial seizure looks like a generalized seizure, but it starts at one part of the brain, then moves to to the rest.  The only way to tell the difference is through EEG testing.

I don't have my auras anymore, so I don't have my "warning" of an oncoming seizure.  I need to wear a helmet because I instantly fall when standing.  I'd love to get my auras back!





I see like pools of water out of the corner of my eye and sometimes I will lose vision to the right. Like a wall is next to me. I have in the past, mostly under control now, gotten strobe lights. That is when I know it is bad.

The feeling you described sounds more like an actual seizure, kind of like mine I use to have simple partial seizures.  Auras feel different for people, mine feel floaty but I'm still there, then I'm gone.  My simples developed and changed into complex partials where I'd black out.  I don't know if one can just have an aura, mine have always been followed by a seizure, but the seizure eventually developed where it came on too fast.

Recently my neuro asked me what my auras felt like. I explained to him that I had panic/nervous attacks. He then dismissed that as being an aura and asked me if I had any hallucinations. I said I did not and went back to my original story. My neurologist said that sounded strange.
Coming home, I thought through this and then I thought about a time when I actually did have a type of hallucination in one of my eyes, not both, it was just like some liquid was moving quickly through the light, that happened the night before the panic attack occurred. I'm going to watch for this more closely in the future.

Thanks for bringing this up.

I have epilepsy and I would describe an aura as a distortion in my perception of everything I normally perceive. 

For example I know how I make Ice tea and what it tastes like normally. However when I enter into an aura, the same glass of ice tea will have a wierd taste.

The deja vue feeling is that same type of distortion. How you normally perceieve something like standing in your bedroom aand looking around the room you recognize the room and know you've been there, but you feel like you've never been there before because it feels different, but you know for a fact that you've been thee in the room before. It's because the state of contious perception is being distorted. This may or may not be accompanied by a headache at the beginning. Usually afterwards you do experience a headache, especially if you

What I understand is going on is a brain cell or several brain cells which are damaged in our brain are misfiring electrical charges. In the aura stage, the misfiring cells have put enough charge across the brain to reach the area of the senses. This extra electrical charge distorts what we perceieve.  Most of us will have an aura that lasts 30 seconds to a minute before we go into some varity of seizure.

I have discovered is that some people classified as having Bipolar manic depression will describe these same feelings of distortions. They will describe it as being detached, spacey, zoned out, they get scared because things don't feel right. They will describe that these episodes can last for hours, days and weeks at a time.

Imagine if you would if you stayed in an aura for a day instead of a few minutes!

It causes depression and loss of interest in things because those things don't feel right. In the psychiatric world this would be called a mood disorder. Because of the depression, and because of the constant electrical wear on the brain they will often sleep alot.

When we come out of a seizure, we are usually exausted and have to sleep for sometimes for hours!. We may even still have minor remnances of the aura, like for me, the ice tea will still taste funny.

Some of the individuals classified with Bipolar will do things and feel its like a dream that they are having. 

From experience with a friend who is classified with Bipolar disorder, I have found that what the psychiatrists use to treat this problem, because it's the only thing that seems to work and they don't know how or why, is epilepsy medications used for partial seizures such as depakote, Lamictal, Klonopin, Valium ect...

Though I am not a medical professional, my amature opinion is that these individuals who are experiencing this are experiencing an aura which never realizes into a seizure. Instead of the electrical impulses discharging across the brain till they are all gone after a large buildup which is the end result is a seizure, I speculate that the damage which they have in their brain in minor and close to the area of the brain where our senses are. Since it's not enough to cause a seizure, it only distorts their perception of reality. In otherwords, they experience an aura that lasts a long time from hours to days to weeks and even months.

There is an epilepsy diagnosis called Epilepsy Aura Continua which I believes supports my belief. It's like a status epileptic seizure which is a continuious seizure.  Only this is a continus Aura.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


I used to have epilepsy after a head injury, and I am now studying aura's and epilepsy. I have two on-line questionnaires that anyone can complete no matter where you live. I have another questionnaire for people in the UK [please email me for this one:] I will be happy to post it out.

Please take a look at these, if you volunteer to take part your information is valuable to this research.

Seizure Aura’s, Behaviour and ThinkingThe aim of the research is to investigate the hidden difficulties of Epilepsy in people who have a lot of seizure aura’s, to see whether these seizure aura’s affect how people with epilepsy think and act. This research has previously been advertised (epilepsy-specific questionnaire) and I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this research so far, information from this study has been extremely useful, and I am still seeking volunteers who have seizure aura’s. An aura can be any symptom of your epilepsy which becomes worse affecting the way you think and feel, that is not part of the seizure itself, but can happen at any time. For some individuals, an aura can indicate the start of a seizure.You must be over 18 years to volunteer in this research, which has been given Ethical Approval by the University of Bath. If you have any questions please contact SallyAnn Wakeford on 01225 384349 or on, all enquiries will be handled confidentially. To take part in the seizure aura study:  Sleep and EpilepsyThe aim of the research is to investigate the potential relationship between sleep patterns and behaviour in individuals with Epilepsy. This questionnaire asks 24 questions relating to behaviours associated with seizures and then a similar number of questions relating to sleep cycle patterns. This research is part of an overall research project to improve the accuracy of measuring the way people with epilepsy think and behave. You must be over 18 years to volunteer in this research, which has been given Ethical Approval by the University of Bath. If you have any questions please contact SallyAnn Wakeford on 01225 384349 or on, all enquiries will be handled confidentially.To take part in the sleep questionnaire, go to:

 These questionnaires adhere to ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Society. There is no conflict of interest of this project which is privately funded by the researcher and there are no incentives for volunteering in this research. 



Hi, I used to have epilepsy after a head injury, I am now research aura's. If anyone would like to take part, here is a brief description:

Seizure Aura’s, Behaviour and ThinkingThe aim of the research is to investigate the hidden difficulties of Epilepsy in people who have a lot of seizure aura’s, to see whether these seizure aura’s affect how people with epilepsy think and act. This research has previously been advertised (epilepsy-specific questionnaire) and I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this research so far, information from this study has been extremely useful, and I am still seeking volunteers who have seizure aura’s. An aura can be any symptom of your epilepsy which becomes worse affecting the way you think and feel, that is not part of the seizure itself, but can happen at any time. For some individuals, an aura can indicate the start of a seizure.You must be over 18 years to volunteer in this research, which has been given Ethical Approval by the University of Bath in England, Europe. 

To take part in the seizure aura study: please email SallyAnn Wakeford on

Hi, I used to have epilepsy after a head injury, I am now research aura's. If anyone would like to take part, here is a brief description:

Seizure Aura’s, Behaviour and ThinkingThe aim of the research is to investigate the hidden difficulties of Epilepsy in people who have a lot of seizure aura’s, to see whether these seizure aura’s affect how people with epilepsy think and act. This research has previously been advertised (epilepsy-specific questionnaire) and I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this research so far, information from this study has been extremely useful, and I am still seeking volunteers who have seizure aura’s. An aura can be any symptom of your epilepsy which becomes worse affecting the way you think and feel, that is not part of the seizure itself, but can happen at any time. For some individuals, an aura can indicate the start of a seizure.You must be over 18 years to volunteer in this research, which has been given Ethical Approval by the University of Bath in England, Europe. 

To take part in the seizure aura study: please email SallyAnn Wakeford on

I am so glad that I found this website!  I've been putting my symptoms in Google for weeks.  Finally, BINGO!  This site came up.  I started getting (what I NOW know as) Aura's just 4 months ago.  I get them about once a month and experience the same symptoms as described on this website;

- Strange deja vu feelings. - a memory rush of past conversations, TV commercials, etc. - followed by queezy stomach and  salavating.  - Lasting anywhere from 15 to 40 seconds.   - I can almost feel when it' coming  and then bang, there it is.  - I try to remember the thoughts and sounds that happen during the episode but they leave my brain just as fast as they come in.

For the longest time, I thought these were panic attacks.  When I found this website and started reading what others posted about their episodes; I just said a big EXACTLY!

As I stated before, I experience these symptoms about 3 to 4 times in one day, about once a month.  The following days (roughly about 7 to 10 days after my "episode" day), I feel kind-of blue, out of it, maybe a little depressed-like.  Does anyone else experience this "low feeling" after their episodes?

Any feedback on what others are doing to deal with these auras would be appreciated!

Thanks again for this website!


For me it's like the walls are closing in for me and I start breathing really hard and I almost feel dizzy, but I'm not.  I get auras sometimes, but don't have seizures.  I'm absolutely terrified when I get one because I'm always in a public place, my last one was on a public bus.  They happen alot when I'm tired.

Sounds like everyone here is a bit different from each other, for me it's like someone has started playing a random "movie" in my mind and I can't shut it off , but I can carry on with what ever it is I'm doing.  Creepy not being in control of my own body and it leaves me grumpy

pretty much everyone described it , out of this world spaced out ,

I went back in my medication collection and my neurologist at the time 1998 prescribe Lorazepan , they were to be chewed and dissolved under the tongue as it is the fastest and more efficient way to deliver the medication directly to the brain , in opposite to normal drug as they go thru your entire digestive system before going to the brain , pretty much useless if you have the privilege of onset , most get hit by the freight train of a seizure.  

My aura is always a confusing, frustrated feeling.

I can be just fine one moment, and then be totally out of it...  suddenly I have trouble reading easy words; if I am typing, I type the wrong letters; if I am having a conversation I can say the wrong words (and I know I totally confused someone on the phone the other day, I'm sure they thought I was drunk). I don't always realize that I am experiencing my aura, sometimes I only realize when someone asks if I am ok or gives me a funny look.

I often feel my aura and take extra meds and am fine. Usually the seizures just come out of nowhere, with only a few seconds of warning (an extremely loud rushing/ringing sound- by then its too late to tell someone what is coming.) And, some happen when I am sleeping.

When I would have a seizure(I think they were tonic-clonic or secondary generalized from what others observed), my auras would consist of a strong feeling of deja vu or jamis vu. But mostly deja vu. They were intense. I would also start hearing this line from a movie or TV show or part of the lyrics of a song repeat itslef over and over in my head. It would be after this I would finally go unconcious and have the seizure. The post-ictal state after coming too was just as a bad. My brain would feel like it was tingling and my muscles would be cramped or stiff. when I tried to walk my legs felt like they were made out of Jell-O. Sometimes I would be a little hostile feeling. I had a seizure at someone's house this one time(I think it was my first seizure) and an ambulance was summoned and surprise, surprise the police came as well. I was acting kind of hostile and half drunk, and cussing and everything. I was amazed that I wasn't arrested. Police must have agreed with the paramedics and the observers that I indeed had a seizure and didn't worry about it.

Reading some of these comments; I just had to lighten the load with a tale as I have many.  I myself have been recently diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 30.  I recall seeing my first neurologist, who was, well, let's just say I'd like to wack the idiot who gave him a degree.  Anyways I was trying to describe to him that these things were really actually happening as he was in utter disbelief, which, as all who suffer, know it is infuriating.  So I told him it sometimes felt like I was on the downswing of a rollercoaster.  He says to me "I see, so you think in feels exciting?"  I gave him a look that I think frightened him and invisioned myself taking off my Tony Lama boot and whacking him across the head saying "yeah, exciting kinda like that!"  Bugger all. 

Being an athlete all of my life, I mixed the feeling of an aura, with the feeling of a runners high-
my auras were definitely deja vu- then an all over good feeling, then a change in the taste- tongue going a bit white- and then lately followed by a little nausea.
I believe that these are hormonally related- my monthly periods were always like a clock- new moon- period- like a clock- and prior to every period, partial seizure, or deja vu.
Then menopause happened, then, like a clock, but without the period- had a nocturnal seizure, went on meds, then another nocturnal, same time next month- then went on different meds for 2 years and not wanting to be on medication for the rest of my life, tapered off the meds and had another nocturnal, then another- and am now considered epileptic. I guess I've always been, but it was mild.
So, that would be my only warning- if there's a major change in hormones;ie menopause, and you've experience aura- partial seizures for a long time prior- remember when they occur, if they're monthly, and keep an eye on your feelings with the changes in hormones.
just my 2 cents.

I wasn't familiar with the term "aura" so when I started reading this, I was surprised to hear people describing something close to what I experience just before I have a seizure.  Mine's just a bit different... no black hole, no smells or tastes.

First, I get this weird feeling, kind of dizzy and sometimes nauseous.  My vision kind of shifts like going into a tunnel and I feel very disconnected from my body.  Almost like I'm an observer taking in these feelings, but not like it's really happening to me.  It's a very floaty, pleasant feeling and I'm happy to see that other people like the feeling because I've always felt a bit guilty about that.

Now that I'm properly medicated, at this point, I snap back into my body and everything is find.  I've always equated this with my meds kicking in and doing their thing.

Prior to medication, the next thing that would happen at this point was that I would be waking up from a seizure, but in a slow drifty way... very confused about where I was and why the room was tilted.  I would be absolutely exhausted and not even able to get up for a few minutes because I was still dizzy and nauseous. The fatigued feeling would last for hours.

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.  It helps so much to know that you are not alone in what you are going through.


My auras

Feels like something metal is expanding in my mouth

Feels like my head is floating away

A prickly, dizzy, disorienting sensation

A sense of intense fear

Sudden loss of awareness of my own limbs, seeing my limbs as warped or bent

Seeing a strange creepy man in the corner (only a few times)
has anyone seen any thing like this?

The feeling that the world is sliding off diagonally

When I have an aura I can't talk (sometimes I speak gibberish) or move purposefully (if I was doing something when it started I might keep doing it in a very sloppy disconnected way) and I sometimes make sounds 

I tend to get very sleepy too

Well if you want to be factual auras are seizures in themselves. They are different with everybody. Like all seizures be they are different with the person. My auras are just weird feeling in my head but sometimes they are in my right hand.

Hope this is what you are wanting

I have them every now and then, but what happens to me is that I get kinda twitchy and when I am talking to someone, I will just stop mid-sentence and then wonder what I was talking about. I have also heard that I act kinda ditzy. I never really thought about it before until my roommate told me that I did that like a minute or two right before I have a seizure. So if I start to do those things, I will either go and sit somewhere safe like a couch or the floor, or go crawl in to bed so that I don't hurt myself.

Hi all..  new to this site but not new to seizures.  Have Hx of grand mal epiplepsy starting with first Aura at age 16 (when started menses).  Am 58 now.

Someone else wrote that Auras ARE Seizures -- YES, they are simple partial seizures.  They can stay at that, or lead onto the complex partial seizure or to some people be a warning sign for a grand mal coming.

Auras need to be followed up on by a competent neurologist.  EEG & MRI are necessary. 

I didnt know what these auras were back then.  My friend & I figured I was just anemic.  Well --Bad news-->> from ignoring them, they became more frequent, especially with sleep deprivation & stress.  When I was in my 20's I had a grand mal without warning & had several more grand mals before I got my stubborn buns to a neurologist.

The neurologists I've had throughout all these yrs have told me "auras are a warning sign" & that I'm either getting too run-down, not eating right, too stressed out ---whatever my triggers are.  If you keep a journal, it will help you immensely over time.  Read on this site or google about what will trigger seizures?  Also good read from here:

When I feel the aura starting with the deja vu, I will hold up 1 finger to a friend or person I am with(kinda like, 'just a moment') & try to distract myself when the smell, taste, and auditory hallucinations start in.  Distraction seems to help me a lot.

I am not an expert. This sounds like some type of aura. I had auras for 47 years. Along with them were what were peti mal seizures. EVERY aura is as different as the people who have them!  Mine started with kind of weird feeling like I spaced out.  My brain told my body to turn my waist to the left and my right arm to raise while turning my neck and rolling my eyes.  That was a complete aura/seizure.

They do go hand in hand. Some people just experience the auras while others experience the partial complex ones along with the auras. If you have not done so get an epilepologist a neurologist that deals with just seizures! I know they will give you a lot of options. Keep your chin up and know there are a LOT of people pulling for you. Good luck and God Bless! 




8is it true that melling  a nonexistent unpleasant smell is a classic  pre sz symptom? Also can a seizure be predicted by "intensification" of things around you--not getting larger or smaller but , for example if you have a dresser of knotty pine  10 feet away ordinarily you dont see the knots in the wood but in aura you do like you were only one foot away and colors seem brighter ??

This is the first time I've heard about auras, but then again, my diagnosis of epilepsy is fairly recent.  There are days when I feel incredibly fuzzy.  I can't describe it any better than that.  It's just a weird feeling, and then I have moments where I black out.  Not all of these events have been witnessed, so I'm not sure if I would call them seizures, but I my husband is now especially protective when I tell him I just don't feel right.  I haven't had another partial seizure since January, but I've been on Lamictal since then.

Hi 4ever1,

I hope you found some answers since this post. I had the same thing when I was pregnant with my last son. It did get worse the more tired I was, but it always happened at night. I would wake up and see jellyfish-like shapes that were floating and I would try to touch them. One time I saw a dove fly out of my wall and disappear somewhere into the ceiling. I kept looking at it in disbelief until it was gone. I even woke my husband asking what was wrong with him because I believed that he was shaking.
Over the years, I would wake at night and see the stringy jelly fish things and sometimes even feel them and I would jump out of the bed screaming and a few times I ran. Once I ran and couldn't get my footing and fell down.
I've just come to accept over the years that if I get really tired, then I start to see strange things. I remember riding in the car a few times with different people and trying to stay awake. I would see bunnies running across the road. It sounds funny, but it's frightening when you see something that's not supposed to be there and it feels so real.

i have the exact symptoms... 2 years ago i was diagnosed with epilepsy! though i remember as a child i used to have these black out! and at home i usually just ran into the wall..all i remember is i woke up on the ground. first i saw all black then i found myself on the ground!

now they say i have some anxiety problem! some say panic attacks some say i do it just to avoid difficult situations! some say i have some childhood trauma i have to deal with

During the 'spell' i cannot move or talk, i kinda lose muscle tone i can hear them talk at first i just hear voices i can't understand a thing.. then i can hear them calling me.. but i can't respond.

the only difference is that sometimes i have like shocks of electricity in my whole body afterwards( and during the .. for about 5-10 minutes then they stop and the headache kicks in

I enjoyed reading your story, it was very interesting.  It's also proof that everyone's story is different, no two are the same.  Thanks for sharing your story & I hope you're doing well.  Take care!!!!!

Yeah, some of them are real balls of laughs. I asked mine one time, "So, Doctor, with everything you know about my medical record and my motorcycle racing (crashing, rather career. Five concussions in 3 years and three in the last year), what do you think is going on with all these seizures and auras?" He replies in his fine educated Pakistani, "Well, you know, you hit your head on the ground that many times, things happen." At that time I really didn't care if he was right. I still wanted to give him a beat down.

My auras are almost exactly as kruize has described...couldn't have said it better!  Once I was put on meds, the auras completely stopped.  I didn't always have a seizure with my auras, but I definitely, had an aura just prior to a seizure when I had the seizures.  The auras were happening so often, just prior to being put on meds, that I got to a point that I wouldn't tell my family, because they would go into panic mode, fearing I was about to have a seizure...which was always grand mal. 

My doc told me only about 20% of epileptics got auras, so I feel pretty lucky to even get them, since it's like a warning.  And the exhausted feeling after my seizures is the same I'm just drained emotionally and physically for hours.  


How wonderful to hear about the wonderful things that our heavenly father can do if only we asked.

you viking for sharing

Hi lkolb,

I can relate to you completely. On how my auras make me feel.
However I am epileptic. I've had epilepsy since I was 2 years old.
My seizures and my auras have changed a lot! throughout the years
and my triggers have also changed throughout the years as well.My
auras now feel like a jolt of energy comes over me. It almost feels
like a wave from me feet to my head. I get very stiff and have a fearfull
feeling come over me. As I brace myself for the seizure. I have a maximum
of 40 seconds to lie down. I am now 30. I'm used to the seizures. Although
everytime I experience a episode or one. Its never easy. I have petite-mal seizures. But have also suffered from suto seizures. The best and absolute way to prevent your seizures.

Reduce any stress in your life. *very important
Alcohol can be a trigger
Certain foods can be triggers
Get up to 8 hours of sleep. Being a night owl is no good.
Exercise but don't stress your body.

I hope these tips help you.

I also took dilantion as well. It didn't work for me.
I'm now taking Lamictal and Topamax. Topamax has made
me lose weight and lose my appetite. I recently have started Vimpat.
So far I'm experiencing horrible dizziness and memory problems.

Did anyone have success with Vimpat??

I have just started having seizures 3 weeks ago and my life has been tipped upside down.
I feel I am most often experiencing auras than not.
I often feel spacey, pins and needles in my hands,wrist and feet. I also have a heavy cold prickly feeling in my arms and back . This is so weird.
I seem to be having 2 to 6 seizures a day which affect my speech and movement.
DOES ANYONE feel strange more often than not?
My life is on hold... Seeing specialist this week. Really want to start meds but also afraid of side affects. So scarey and frustrating.

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