how epilepsy saved my life .

I read so much negative with peoples with epilepsy , I like to share how epilepsy has changed my life for the better , my first seizure , I broke the stove in our leaving quater , which got me fired , my first official epileptic seizure happen in the middle of a rose garden , there was not a part of me that was not bleeding , I still remember the former soldier from the French Foreign Legion who pick me up ..... in these days I was 17 , as Chef apprentice I was working 16 hours a day , my first day off was 7 month later..... among those I did several shift or 40 hours , we proud ourselves in making everything , it was a high end hotel . that was 46 years ago.

My family physician at the time gave me this simple advice , stay away from alcohol or by 30 you will be dead , eat fatty food it should help you , when you finish and graduate look for places with almost normal hours , and I basically spend the rest of my life working only 12 to 14 hours , I achieved the absolute best in my industry in manny Countries , taking my medication and still do, like a ritual.

By keeping alcohol away , I was able to avoid the countless other related diseases we had in the profession , all deadly , I do not believe I have more than a handfull of my friends alive in a class of 450 , I kept a clean diet they did not , all went due to alcohol , smoking , drug and or accident caused by the above . I do not exercise yet my heart rate is as good as a 20 years old , so is my blood pressure .70/120

Epilepsy does not need to be always a dead end , did I have seizure , you bet and we all know it is not pretty , I have practice manny of acitities forbiden , most of the time alone , mountain climbing , deep sea diving , Deep sea swimer 10K , flew and yes even pass all the FAA test for private pilot , I simply did not have the money to pay for the flight hours .... and countless other activities . I do not miss disco , dance club and the like , I slept while they simply commited suicide thinking their body was impervious to anything . However when I was overworked I relaxed . One has simply to acknoledge their limitations . Follow Your MD advice do not try to regulate your own medication , Hey and yes that meant from time to time I do not drive , hell of a saving . 

I am no longer working in the hotel and restaurants , as my wife of 28 years said it was too demanding , well my last real vacation was 10 years ago , working 2 jobs .  

Not a single case of epilepsy is the same , MD are the very first one by putting a blanket statement on it , pushing pills right and left , without much knowledge of their effect {they are going to hate me for saying this} as far as SUDEP , none ever told me in 46 years and I am like many epileptic still going .

I like to talk about my brain surgery later .