Help is Keppra a good drug

My Brother is having a hard time. He had a partial labectomy over 20 yrs ago, now very over medicated , was taken to hospital last nite , very unresponsive. Docs have him on anti phcotic meds, plus lithium, for behavior control. Obviously the surgery left him w/severe loss

Best described behavoir as Autistic person, 49 yrs old. Come to find from hosp, that his lithium levels were tocix, so hospitalized to adjust meds, not even sure what all he's on, alot of meds. My sisiter, who lives nearby him, heard of Keppra.

Has Keppra helped anyone? What are the side effects. As my brother has 24 hr care at his assisted living apt. He has low level functioning, he watches tv, eats when directed, no social life, except his sitters, and fam. I know this is not the norm for epileptics, but that is his life , since the partial labectomy 20 yrs ago! We accept him, as he is! He is on many mood stabilizers. Seizures are a few a week. Thinking Keppra may be a good switch with less side effects,he has double vision often, bad balance. Sleeps alot, no motivation. I know some is depression which he is on anti depressants also.

Curious, is Keppra a good med for anyone? What are the real side effects?

Thanks Steph


Re: Help is Keppra a good drug

Jeffrey purdy      hi Steph  it all depends on what kind of sezures he has so the best thing is to talk to his epilespy doctor he can decide if it would help him best of luck