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hello,does anyone get episodes of heartbeat/pulsating in the head and has anything youve taken made it go away?
I get heartbeat/pulsating in my feet,stomach,throat,temple and head and sometimes even in my fingertips and lower back.


What is the normal rate of heart beat of human?How it varries with health problem?

I have episodes of "hearing" my heartbeat... each beat... clearly within my ears.  I also have episodes of my head pulsating to the point that it does nod to and fro just slightly when I'm completely still.

I also, at those same times, can feel ever literal pound of my heart within my chest walls and my body also nods to and fro.  At times, I become nauseaus (?sp) and lightheaded.

It happens many times in the dead of sleep, in the dead of night, and I actually awaken because of the sensation along with nausea and dizziness - laying in the bed.

It also happens while I'm just sitting regardless of what I'm actually doing; ie., tv, reading a book, etc...

I've had echocardiograms and dopplers and whatnot and all they found was degenerative mitral valve disease and my left ventricle thickening with a low ejection function rating BUT still within the normal range. 

My PCP says, that I'm perfectly OK - won't refer me to a cardiologist - and I have no insurance or money to see a cardiologist on my own at the moment.

Sometimes I feel my heartbeat in my stomach. Its weird.

All the best, Christine

This may be unrelated to your experience, but I went through a period recently of hearing my heartbeat maddeningly loud in my own head/ ears/ temple. I had never experienced it before. It turns out I was severely anemic due to a GI bleed and had to have a blood transfusion. Completely unrelated to seizures, but it might be worth getting your blood levels checked.

Stacey M.

When I was having a seizure my brain was telling me that if my heart beat hit 100 i was going to die. It reached 99 (in my brain)-then I had a panic attack. Now after being on seizure meds i can "feel" my heartbeat in different parts of my body. I don't know if this is the meds or my brain. I breathe deeply - breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. I do this about 6 times or how ever  long it takes to get the heartbeat thing under control.

Yep - I get it too.  Seems to happen more at night than any other time of day.  I was diagnosed with Epilepsy a year and a half ago, however, until reading this, I've never made the connection.  Like others have said...I have never mentioned it to anyone but my husband because I figured they'd think I was crazy! 

Has your neuro suggested anything about high blood pressure? Or having a cardiologist check on your heart? The reason i ask is because i used to have that too. I've had grand mal seizures since i was 13, i'm 48 now and have cardiovascular disease ( 3 stents in my heart), and lupus. I'm doing just fine now, and can finally walk from the car to the store without stopping to take a breath. Now i walk so fast my husband can't keep up with me. Just a thought for you. Hope you feel better. Mary

Thanks for replying Mary
Sometimes i have high blood pressure but sometimes its normal.
I had an echocardiogram which showed some small leaky valves but the technician said it wouldnt cause this?
It also said mild displacement of the tricuspid valve(Ebstein's anomaly) with no functional abnormality-so i dont know?
Were you able to take some medication to make it stop?

Me too, last night as a matter of fact too. From what I'm told, I had a nocturnal seizure last night, and did 'feel' my heartbeat in my ear when I was trying to fall asleep. I had already taken my meds for the evening, so I did not 'need' to take any meds(According to my Neuro) Luckily, I was able to fall asleep but think I had a nocturnal seizure.

has anybody found anything to make this stop?

Wow, I have had that before I had my first seizure. still have it sometimes and never linked the two.

With me its definately linked,because during or after i have all my strange symptoms i always have heartbeat in head and/or stomach back,toes,throat etc.I dont know if i have epilepsy though because keppra,lamictal,sodium valproate and neurontin havnt helped me-in fact no medication from any classeg-antidepressants,antipsychotics have helped so i dont know whats wrong with me.I have non-stop episodes of tingling,pins and needles,uncontrollable rage or crying hyterically,tremors,noise sensitivity,chills,confusion,poor memory,pulsating mentioned above and now i have pain going down my hands /arms,etc.

Hello, this is just a shot in the dark for me but I am a 21 year old Female and I have been sick for over a year and a half now.  I have very strange symptoms, including a CONSTANT sensation of my pulse in my head and body.  As a matter of fact, it is so strong that sometimes my head rocks up and down with the beat or my body twitches with it.  I was diagnosed with lyme disease this past september but none of my tests have been 100% positive.  I have been on anti-biotics for over 6 months now with little-to-no improvement.  I do get seizure-like episodes after my body goes through a lot of stress or in reaction to alcohol.  I have been to every kind of doctor you can think of and have had everything from a spinal tap and MRI's to a colonoscopy and echocardiograms.  If anyone can please respond to me I would greatly appreciate it...I'm desperate.  Thanks :(

I have had seizures for the last 17 years or so. I have had grand mal seizures,  abcence seizures, but mostly I have complex partial seizures. I have tried 5 different seizure meds with no relief. I am currently taking Keppra and lamictal. I feel anxious for days at a time like I am waiting for something realy awful to happen. I also cry hysterically for hours on end for some unknown reason and have headaches that never seem to go away. I have evan started having tremors the last few months. I too have felt my heartbeat in my head which is a first. I blame alot of the symptoms on either the Keppra or lamictal I'm not sure which since I starting taking them about the same time. They may also be break through seizures because during these episodes I feel so weird my sense of smell and taste are off. I have a very understanding husband but it is nice to hear that it is not just me.    

i get that to in different places, and it drives me crazy. i have a leaky heart valve but normal blood preassure and good resting pulse. the thing is when we go into seizure mode our blood preassure automaticaly raises. but it does drop rater quickly again, i get those sensations just sitting sometime, but i have constant seizure activity in my brain.


I get that in my thigh, a right had (alot of places on the right) never mentioned it to anybody cause I thought maybe they'd think I was crazy. Glad to see I am not the only one.

I had an echocardiogram before and got told there was a few small leaky valves but the technician said that alot of people have that and it wouldnt cause any symptoms-do you know if thats true?
Does having constant seizure activity in your brain mean that it shows a certain type of pattern on an eeg?i mean does it show eeg pattern for you because ive always got some activity too but when i had an eeg one said slow waves over the right temporal lobe and when it was repeated it was normal so noone really knows what i have.

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