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Has anyone experienced issues with barometric pressure dropping?

Hello everyone,

Has anyone ever experienced aura increase (especially in the Mid West) due to the weather being over active? Case and point, I am in an area where tornadoes are active. We have had a few close calls. We're also getting a lot of heavy thunderstorms.

We had a bad storm end of June and shortly before the pressure drop, I had a really nasty aura and caught it with the device. Two weeks prior, we had a severe thunderstorm which I had three auras in a row, after the third one I went right into a seizure. I got slammed with a severe migraine which I never thought I was going to get rid of as it took almost half a bottle of Migranol that time. 

Now here we are tonight due for nasty storms and I got a heavy aura then went right into a seizure with a migraine afterwards. I checked and our barometric pressure is dropping again because we're due for storms Sunday and Monday. *sigh*




My son gets really agitated during storms and seems extra scared of them. I am not sure but it could be his epilepsy making him more scared than a 10 year old should be possibly.

Very intersting. please keep in touch.


Hey Curt,

I just started tracking migraines and the seizure activity along with the barometric pressure dropping to see if there actually is a reference point or we need to look at another area. I will be in touch for sure. Hope things go well with your son too!



Yes I have tracked barometric pressure droppings to my migraines, auras and siezures. My worst
seizure where I went into a coma started with a barometric shear that day. I went to
an aiport print out later -- my seizure started as the drop and then the shear occurred. I was
in a tall building.

Since then I have tracked and yes it still happens. Before the worst seizure I grew up with it
happing before storms but I did not know what was the trigger.

I have a primary metabolic disorder (urea cycle disorder) that affects the nitrogen and oxygen
in the blood. Low barometric pressure raises my nitrogen which then triggers problems with the
brain and oxygen. I have found articles written about it for military personnel.

So we are not nutz. However I am now very afraid to fly because of all this. By chance the
last time I flew, I happened to be with my medical group going to a conference.

I am afraid flying will trigger the auras, headaches and seizures.


I am a nurse, I care for a 6 year old severly handicapped child and we notice he is extremely agitated and showes hyper activity in stormy weather.  For him being hyperactive leads him temp to increase and bring on seizures, but he will have seizures without a temp too.  So I'm looking on the web to see who else has this issue and what we could do to help prevent his bad days.  He can't talk so we are going strictly on what we observe.  I'm interested in you post, Ive never heard of Urea Cycle Disorder and I will be going online to search about it.  When you said an increase in nitrogen triggers problems iwth the brain and oxygen, does that mean your O2 saturation goes up or down?  I'm assuming it means your oxygen level drops in the brain, so I'm wondering if you are on supplemental oxygen and if turning if up during low barometric pressure helps you feel better or avoid siezures?  I see your post is old, I hope you get this.

PS I live along the Gulf Coast


The company I started is doing research on this. It might be worth taking a look at... and we would love for you to submit your data and join our google group.


John Coyle (Shake That Seizure)

Hi, I do not live in the main area of Torn. But have had a few run through in the last few years. I get headaches an hour or so before the alerts. My main trouble is snow. Friends say, that I know when we will get some, before the weatherman knows. I will have sz when the snow is coming and Dr. thinks it is do to changing in pressure. Kat 

YES!  And I only finally put this together recently.  Of course I have many other triggers of seizures, but I also live in the mid-west where there is lots of tornado action and I was recently running errands in town (fortunately I can still drive, I have very good warning auras) all of a sudden it it went from bright sunny day to a dark storm rolling in in a snap.  I was having a really good E day and feeling great, but right before the storm in the sky came my brain had its own storm!  As I sat in the fast food parking lot that I had pulled into to ride out my aura and the storm I was thinking back and put together that this seems to happen a lot when storms come in, especially summer storms. 

I thought I may be crazy and told a friend about it.  She didn't think it was so far fetched though, and told me that when she was younger she would always get migraines when storms would come in.  So, barometric obviously messes with the head, it would make since that it could be a seizure trigger. 

Another trigger to add to the list!         


Tiffany K.

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