Had one while I was driving today...

I've had 4 grand mals so far. Today I decided to take a drive to visit a friend. I had my license back and had waited the full six months since my last seizure. I missed some turns and got lost. Driving always makes me anxious and I think the stress caused it. 

anyway my face started to get numb and tingly. My first symptom is usually an inability to comprehend language or speak. I tried to say something just to test it and I couldn't form any words. There was a turn by me but I couldn't get over. Was forced to put on my emergency flashers and stop in the middle of the road until the next lane was clear. 


I parked in a residential neighborhood and blacked out. I had a partial complex seizure. I woke up several times wandering random streets. Then I woke up back in my car having just had a grand mal. 


Anyway im in really shaken up by this. I feel like I narrowly escaped a wreck and I'm very lucky to be alive. Has this ever happened to anyone here? How did you handle it? Anyway I've decided to give up driving. It probably happened because I missed a dose earlier today and tried to make up for it by taking extra two hours before driving. I might be able to drive again if I was more careful with my meds but it's not worth the risk.

I was wondering how many people here had to give up driving. How did you deal with the sudden loss of independence? Do most people just give it up for the rest of their lives of do you think there's hope that I could drive again if I can go a couple years without a seizure?