Frisium/Clobazam + other issues

So I am likely going to be starting Frisium after an EMU stay sometime soon. My doctor said he has to get approval for the drug first. They are hoping to taper my Depakote in the unit, but I hate the stuff anyway. It's caused me to gain a lot of weight. Does anyone have any experience with the drug? I know it wasn't really available here in the U.S. for a while, but my doctor feels confident it will work. 

(I also have a VNS.)

About 10 days ago, I had my normal partial-seizure experience. Apparently, I also had two generalized, full-body seizures in between. They lasted anywhere from five to 20 seconds (fiancee, who was there to see it, can't really remember the accurate time). I don't remember them, of course. My seizures are mostly partial.

I guess I am just wondering about a) the Frisium, and how it works for people; and b) how people deal with having generalized seizures they don't remember. They were very short, but I also feel bad that my fiancee had to see them. She is a rock, though, and I love her dearly. :D