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flying with epilepsy

Has anyone had troubles when flying? I'm going to be flying to Los Angeles soon and this is the first time since I've had E. I'm wondering if anyone has noticed problems happening like due to the altitude or oxygen change in the cabin. I'm hoping not to fall asleep on the plane which could bring on a seize. That wouldn't be good.
Where do you get those bracelets anyway. Maybe I'll carry one in my bag just in case. Do people really wear those now? Maybe I'll just get a big red E tatoo on my wrist instead.


I actually just got back from a trip. Not sure if it has anything to do or not because I still haven't had a chance to talk to my doctor yet, but I took a red eye on my way out and I saw light trails the entire flight - and I never see them normally at night at a normal altitude. I was sick for two days after, had a small seizure the 2nd day. I got back last night and didn't feel very good for a short time but right now I'm feeling fine. I would ask your doctor before you fly. I'm going to let him know what happened when I go in on Tuesday. Hope my post isn't too late for you.

Get this, I'm a travel agent. Travel is my life, my love, the thing that makes me me. AND I'M NOT SURE I CAN EVER FLY SEIZURE FREE AGAIN!! I'm so very angry. Last three flights, little short two and three hour flights, I seizured on them all. The motion, the altitude, the smell of turkey jerky now being sold on flights(we got to get together and put a stop to that). Be careful. Yes, get a bracelet which is available at any pharmacy. Order it in enough time to get it in before your trip. If you have an aura, tell the flight attendent you feel you may seizure. Believe me, I know you don't want to bring attention to yourself but reality is reality. We have to live our lives and must do what we can for our own safety. Good luck, I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you. And live, don't let this stop you!!!

I've been epileptic since I was 5, really. Got a break from meds age 12-16, back on meds since age 16.
Thing is, I've been a few different places by flight & never had any problems with seizures. Feeling absolutely horrible from the turbulence on the flight a couple times, sure but that was nothing that carrying kids gravol in my purse didn't cure.
When I was about 15 I flew from Toronto - Columbia, South America
When I was about 21 (and this is the one where I felt rough) via rail went on strike, so I got a plane ticket instead of a train ticket. My flight from Windsor, Ontario - Ottawa, Ontario stopped at a few airports & felt like a wicked roller coaster! Windsor-Chatham (I think, if not it was London), Chatham-Hamilton, Hamilton-Toronto, New Plane - Toronto-Somewhere...There-Ottawa..each little flight was less than 1/2 hour!! Felt horrible most of my time in Ottawa!!
When I was 22 Toronto - Dominican Republic
When I was about 25 drove to Florida with family for Christmas flew home to get to work sooner -- nasty snowstorm into Toronto, nasty flight.
Weather & short flights make me feel rough, other than that, not a problem. Everyone is different though. My doctor always tells me, just go with it & take some kids gravol or pepto stuff before a flight & I'll be okay, but do what you think is right for you.
Good Luck.

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