First grand mal in over 2 years - question

I'm 25 years old - I've had seizures every year or so since I was a little kid. I've been on sodium valproate (epilim, depakote etc) for the last 4 years, and been seizure-free for the last 2.5 with the exception of myoclonic jerks/brain 'zaps' (generally in times of stress). I had a breakthrough seizure last week (grand mal) during a very stressful period (I was also physically unwell), but the doctor thinks it was extremely circumstantial and is cautious not to increase meds particularly as I've been doing well for so long on that dose. That said - I've been having these jerks/zaps a fair bit since the grand mal, and it's making it difficult to concentrate on my work. I'm a PhD student, so it's difficult to get time away from mental exertion. I suppose my question is - has anybody experienced significantly increased zaps/jerks etc post-breakthrough-grand-mal? And if so, how long did they last? Was it just a transitional period while your brain recovered from the grand mal, or were increased meds necessary/effective? Would appreciate any input! :)