Fatigue, weakness, tiredness...all part of TLE?


I'm still waiting for my EEG next week to confirm the diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy (however, I'm convinced the EEG will come back normal because my seizures have been so widely spread out over the past year). 

I'm just wondering, for those of you who have TLE, have you found fatigue, muscle weakness, being tired all the time (in other words, 'feeling like crap') to be symptoms as well? Since my grand mal over a month ago I have not been myself. I'm always tired and feel very weak. I find it very difficult going to work in the morning and getting through the day. It's frustrating, but I'm hoping once I'm put on meds they will help? 

Also, I'd never had a problem with my memory before the grand mal seizure a month ago. Now I found that I'm forgetting a lot. For instance, I forgot my social insurance number about a week ago and again a few days ago, something I had memorized since my first year of university (6 years ago). I'm also remembering stories people have told me days before, but cannot for the life of me remember who told them to me. That's been happening a lot actually. 

I'm starting to get worried and wonder if what is going on is something more than TLE...I'm not convinced that's all that is wrong. But I'm probably being paranoid. 


Re: Fatigue, weakness, tiredness...all part of TLE?


ME TOO!  What you're feeling, from my experience, is totally "normal" for a TLE. 

For a summary of TLE after effects, (The Aftermath of a Seizure) click on: http://my.epilepsy.com/node/984715

"For the following two days after that seizure, I just kinda feel out of it, although physically I continue with my daily duties. I cannot, for those two days, remember to call friends, to do things like I normally would, and I just kinda stay at home and perform things at home. The ideas don't come in as fast as they normally would to do things. Energy level during those two days is way down. My mood is kind of just down and I kinda enjoy being by myself. "

Postictal thinking problems come on suddenly and resolve over time. In the immediate aftermath of a seizure, a person may not be able to speak, recognize his/her own name or follow instructions. Fortunately, this severe disability usually lasts only minutes. Then the person seems to be mentally recovered. But are they? A less obvious impairment of thinking may in fact continue for days. The head seems "fuzzy," words are elusive, level of absent-mindedness is high. Some patients have likened it to having a hangover. For those who have prolonged postictal impairment of thinking, it must take a great effort to function well.

There's a good section on Thinking and Memory here: http://my.epilepsy.com/node/105  where they talk about the  relationship between epilepsy, thinking, and memory as well as diagnostic and treatment issues.

Hope this helps!    Phylis Feiner Johnson   www.epilepsytalk.com


Re: Fatigue, weakness, tiredness...all part of TLE?





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Stress builds! Living with constant
family and social pressures may cause fatigue. If this is happening, you must
look inward, examining yourself and your life style. Evaluate what is occurring
in your life and how you can deal with it. Maintaining
a well-balanced diet and exercise program that embraces the physical
limitations of the person is another coping skill one must initiate. If a
person is not already familiar with these life-skills, it may take some
professional counseling or attendance at workshops offered by the many
community outreach programs sponsored by local medical centers. There are many
facets in the physiology of fatigue as well as degrees of fatigue. Until you
evaluate the circumstances in which you have fatigue, you will not be able to
assist your doctors or counselors in developing a holistic view and approach to
your health and life situations. homework

Re: Fatigue, weakness, tiredness...all part of TLE?

Fatigue, weakness, tiredness...all part of TLE? - Assorted comments, ideas. Fatigue, weakness, and tiredness vs energy, strength/stamina/endurance, and feeling refreshed can be tough words to define (my view). Some grand mals can have enormous impacts for some persons on memory - that's my understanding. Why? My guess is that the excessive electrical activity can modify engrams in the brain. If a grand mal is coupled with a fall along the lines of a head concussion, it is possible that aspects of memory can disappear/whatever. Words: Sports concussions, repeated sports concussions, brain injuries, Krebs Citric Acid Cycle (energy), the word - hemiparesis (weakness) - etc. Regarding meds which help some persons a little with fatigue, weakness, and tiredness, from what I have read, it does not seem that epilepsy meds help that much for those symptoms. The meds which help are the ADHD meds or narcolepsy meds (meds like coffee, caffeine, caffeine compounds, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall, Provigil - no cures). It can be challenging to find a webpage which even discusses the idea of fatigue clearly (my view). Here is a webpage which addresses aspects of the topic: http://www.ott.zynet.co.uk/polio/lincolnshire/library/harvest/nyas.html