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Eye/ear pain related to seizures

Does anyone out there experience eye pain related to their seizures?

I have had an intermittant headache since this past Friday that consists of a sharp shooting pain through my right eye and into the back of my head.

It isn't a new pain, but I'm certainly not used to having it happen so quickly and so suddenly. It usually lasts for a little while, turns into a dull ache, and leaves after a few hours. The respite might be anywhere from an hour to a few hours at a time.

At the moment, the pain in my eye is gone, but I have a headache sitting in the temples on both sides. There is also a bit of a starfield in my peripheral vision when I turn my head.

I am trying to sort out if this is related to my seizures or if it is a migraine or what it might be.


I too have eye pain - at times I get a tone in my ear with increased head pain on the left which then indicates a drop is about to occur.
Other times I get a severe sharp eye pain that last less than a minute with or without a bang ing sharp pain to my temple at the same time. These I equate with my E.The ache in my head afterwards doesn't usually last more than a few minutes and rarely lasts up to an hour if at all.
However, I was diagnosed with migranes before E and recently my neuro gave me the dual diagnosis once again of both migrane and E. I take Depakote ER and now if I have the head pain with a lasting headache, he wants me to take a Depakote sprinkle.It seems to work okay. However, I am having more problems now that he has reduced the ER formula to prepare me for a new EEG. This makes it a bit more frustrating to determine what I am being hit with - a seizure from the temporal lobe or a migrane.
What I often have done in the past is to use ice.It often helps.Les

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