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eye problems/seizures?

Hi,I would like to know if anyone else has problems with their eyes before a seizure?The problem I have is that before a seizure,my eyes feel very heavy and if I am awoke from it then I see double for just a short time.I remember everything that has happened and can hear during it.Just can't move or open my eyes or talk.I have been diagnosed with epilepsy.    Thanks for any info., Maggie



I have the same problem and usually have know I am about to have a seizure. Mine got really active in August 2005 about a month before my grandmother died. I was having several daily. My eyes get so heavy they close, especially on the left side. After it is over I get a pain through my left eye and pain up my left arm into my shoulder. I have been having problems with the muscles in my arm from the spasms. It is like when your foot goes to sleep and then "it wakes up" and you get that wierd sensation, only I get the pain. For a few years I was waking up in the middle of the night sometimes out of a sound sleep with wierd dreams and pain in my arm and my head, now I think I was probably having these things in my sleep. I have always sort of stared off into space as a kid for brief periods. As a teenager working at the Y, a lady once asked me if anybody ever tested me for epilepsy. I thought she was just kidding me. She told me that I stared a lot. Here at work I was working at my computer and my head dropped and hit the keyboard one day. My eegs are all normal MRIs and CAT scans are all normal. I am supposedly going to the best neurologist in the greater Cincinnati area. He doesn't understand what is happening, he says. I am still having spells at least once a week. I take topamax 100 mg, twice daily; keppra 500mg, twice daily even though I am normal. Yet, he put down on my chart the diagnosis of partial onset epilepsy. I am so confused. Terri

hi. yes i have an eye problem with all this too. but my left eye gets like alot, i mean alot, of pressure behind it. it feels like its swollen and about to be pushed out. just like terri, above comment, if the eegs are so normal. why am i having these daily. cold, frozen like arm, numb, and my left side of face numb. i dont get it. but i guess the eye thing is all related. hang in there. take care...

hi 2life i suffer with this too but not only my eyes but my ears to they all become sensetive.But just recently i visited a proffer at institue of neurolgy.Dont get excited he wasnt that good but he told me to where a patch over my eye as it blocks alot of the pressure so i tried it and it does work. so give it a go u never know.apart from that i have no answers as my epilepsy has become un controlled and the epilim that has alkways been the best drug for me is know working against me as im 29 nand hormones and all that so maybe you can help me x think this sight has been my life line

This is exactly the same thing as i had over 8 years ago! GET THIS. It all stopped i was treated with epelin and everything was fine until on tuesday i went dizzy and had funny sensations in my left arm and leg, my eyes felt heavy and like somebody had poked them and as i fell i bumped my head, i remember hearing my husband call my name, he saw it all happen, i wanted to ansewr but it was like my spech was paralised as well as my body, then it went all fuzzy with a ringing in my ears like a 'tuning fork' sound , i dont remember what happened after that, then the paramedics were talking to me, that was the next thing i was aware of. SHOCKED oh yes, after 8 years it has come back 2 ruin mylife again, dam i was just thinking of trying my driving test again. anyone had anthing like this??? would love to hear about it, i'm confussed, and i feel like i'm on my own with this, feel a bit silly, i hate people fussing and everyone is fussing, like i'm a cripple and they need to wrap me in cotton wool, it's doing my head in!!!

Hi, I have an 11 year old daughter.. She within the last year started fluttering her eyelids, her eyes will role back and her eyelids will flutter.. I took her to a eye dr. he told me i should go to a nuro dr.  When this happens she stops whatever it is she is doing and goes through this motion, and then comes out of it saying "what??"   Nothing else happens to her, she doesn't faint or pass out... I  am trying to figure this out .. I am calling a nuro tomorrow... She does this troughout the day.. not once or twice... constantly. ANy input...?  thank you, TIna

My 7 year old son is experiencing the same thing. They just increased his tegretol from 400 mg to 600 mg per day but he has been experiencing a lot of double vision, blurred vision and he describes his eyes are going up, and up and up and then blurry and a headache precedes.

I'm not sure if this has to do with the medication increase or seizures but it is happening every day. He was diagnosed with left temporal lobe epilepsy in September 2011 so we are fairly new to this. We've only met with a neurologist once and are still in the early stages of diagnosis.

Hi, i was wondering if you have had any solution to this problem?

My daughter is 11, she was diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy in 2006, but the problem with her eyes is relatively new.  Usually a sleep helps to clear it, however for the past 3 days she has been in a constant state of almost blindness. She describes it exactly as your son, with double and blurred vision and her eyes are going up and up and up, just without the headache.

She is currently taking Oxcarbazepine and Clobozam and had medication increase in past 2 months, so was wondering if you found any answers??

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 1995. Around 2006 I started getting headaches and my vision has suffered when I am in the thick of the headache then my vision feels like one eye is stronger than the other (heavy pressure in and around my eyes like I have a sinus infection but I know I don't). I get really dizzy and have sick to my stomach. I feel like I have to hold myself up on the wall to walk. I feel like I am walking like a drunk person. Some times when I am trying to focus on a point in front of me then I feel like my eyes keep flicking up like an old movie.
I've had MRI's and EEG's and they all look "normal". I have recently just went to a new neuro and he had me do a VNG test for my off balance/dizziness. I go to another EEG on Friday. Honestly I hope that I feel like crap when I am having the test. I feel like if something shows up then it will at least validate how I have been feeling. Currently I am taking Carbatrol XR 600mg 2xday and Lamictal 150mg 2xday. I also propranolol 20mg 3xday and Replax 40mg tabs only on the onset of headache. My old neuro says that it sounds like migraines. I don't know I just hope it helps out. I do know that since I've added propranolol then it has not been as bad just slight pressure in front of head and eyes.

Any ways, that's for listening........Marianne

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